Wild Grass On The Riverbank

Author: Hiromi Ito
ISBN: 9780989804844
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Set simultaneously in the California desert and her native Japan, tracking migrant children who may or may not be human, or alive, Hiromi Itō's WILD GRASS ON THE RIVERBANK will plunge you into dreamlike landscapes of volatile proliferation ...


Author: Barbara E. Thornbury
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 1498523684
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Wild Grass on the Riverbank, 2015) is a book-length narrative poem which
describes the life of a family hurtling back and forth across the Pacific, told from
the point of view of an adolescent female narrator. In it, Itō borrows lyrics of pop
songs, children's jump-rope songs, passages from books on plants, as well as
the run-on sentences, idiosyncratic turns of phrase, and Anglicisms heard in the
speech of her own bilingual children. Because it is filled with extended quotations
from ...


Author: Karen Thornber
Publisher: University of Michigan Press
ISBN: 0472118064
Size: 61.47 MB
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See Don DeLillo “Why Must We Talk about the Environment?” (2004), 545n28.
See also Han Shaogong Wilbur, Richard (1921-), “Epistemol0gY¥'538079 Wilde,
Oscar (1854-1900), 525n80 Wild Grass. See Lu Xun Wild Grass on the
Riverbank. See Ito Hiromi Wild Man. See Gao Xingjian A Wild Sheep Chase. See
Murakami Haruki Williams, Robyn (1944-), 2007 (2001), 478n171 Wilson, Diane
(1948-), An Unreasonable Woman (2005), 88, 130, Xin Yu (pen name of Mi
Shisen, 1933-), ...

In The House Of The Hangman Volume 8

Author: John Bloomberg-Rissman
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 0990776174
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Hiromi Ito's Wild Grass on the Riverbank came from Action Books in an envelope,
like a block of cocaine. How the “rushes”: a vegetal complex of grasses: might
start bleeding beneath their legs or from their seams. “... the grasses growing in
the wasteland bloomed with yellow flowers, but the flowers quickly wilted and
became red, the clusters of rushes on the riverbank still had not gone into heat ...”
Is the prairie a kind of monkey, exposing its rump to any passerby? I scan the trail
for ...

The Bosses Club

Author: Richard A. Gregory
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1456860291
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Everyone stopped playing to look for the ball lost in the tall grass and weeds that
lined the riverbank. Stephen and Henry went over to help, too. After about ten
minutes, the ball was found and the game resumed. Henry and Stephen
continued walking along the riverbank and, every so often, bent over to pick up a
stone to throw at something floating by in the river. At length, they arrived at the
town's cemetery. It was laid out with perfectly curved walkways and totaled over
an acre in size.

The Four Books

Author: Yan Lianke
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1446484742
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The sound of them eating and drinking slowed over to us like water. The
Physician looked and calmly remarked, “They are eating human flesh. Seven
days of sandstorms have buried all of the wild grass along the riverbank, to the
point that no one can find any roots to eat." As she was saying this, the Physician
added some kindling to the fire, and after placing her porcelain bowl over the
flames, she lay down and began fanning them, acting as though we weren't even
standing there.

Lost Stories From Hell

Author: Douglas Hensley
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 1411655192
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Clumps of weeds and wild grass dotted the muddy riverbank where the earth was
once a paradise green. Richard Broering, and his wife, Donna, sat on the barren
ground staring at their rods and reels. It would have been a perfect day for fishing
had they not brought their kids with them! At least that was Richard's thoughts.
The couple had a nine-year-old boy, Bobby, and a sevenyear-old girl, Janet. The
two children were running up and down the river bank, throwing rocks in the
water ...

The Indiana Companion To Traditional Chinese Literature

Author: William H. Nienhauser
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 9780253334565
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Also, the use of green grass covering the old riverbank reminds readers of the
poem "Yin-ma Ch'ang- ch'eng k'u hang" $XM,Mi&Wi7 (Lines on Letting My Horse
Drink at the Waterhole by the Great Wall) by Ts'ai Yung HSi (133-192)* of the
Eastern Han, which begins with: "Green is the grass by the riverbank, / Never
ending I think of the distant one." The parallel between the flourishing wild grass
and the never-ending thoughts of the loved one appears repeatedly in traditional

Child Of Mine

Author: Bonnie K. Winn
Publisher: Steeple Hill
ISBN: 9781459201323
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Then she remembered the path to the riverbank. Danny wasn't supposed to go
there alone. She'd gone there with him when Matt had been with them. Feeling
betrayed, angry, maybe rebellious...would he disobey his father? Acting on
instinct, she turned in that direction. The elevated riverbank was surrounded by
trees, wild grass and dense scrub brush. She could only drive the small rental car
to the edge of the vegetation. Then she set out on foot. And as she walked she