Weapons And The Law Of Armed Conflict

Author: William H. Boothby
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0198728506
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The evolution of the law of weaponry -- Components of the international law of weaponry -- The use of weapons and the law of targeting -- Customary principles-superfluous injury and unnecessary suffering -- Customary principles ...

Cultural Anthropology The Human Challenge

Author: William Haviland
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 0495810827
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Anthropology Today 4 (2), 6–9. “Gene study suggests Polynesians came from
Taiwan.” (2005, July 4). Reuters. Gero, J. M., & Conkey,M. W. (Eds.). (1991).
Engendering archaeology: Women and prehistory. New York: Wiley-Blackwell. ...
(Ed.), The sky in Mayan literature (pp. 274–291). New York: Oxford University
Press. Fraser, D. (Ed.). (1966). The many faces of primitive art: A critical
anthology. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall. Frayer, D. W. (1981). Body size,
weapon use, and ...

International Encyclopedia Of The Social Sciences

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Oxford Univ. Press. STONE, JULIUs (1954) 1959 Legal Controls of International
Conflict: A Treatise on the Dynamics of Disputes and War Law. 2d impression,
rev., with supplement 1953–1958. New York: Holt. STONE, JULIUS 1958 ... was
one of the founders of modern linguistic anthropology, a main contributor to the
development of formal descriptive linguistics, a leading figure in cultural
anthropology, and a chief stimulator of studies in the relations between
personality and culture.

Books In Series

ISBN: 9780835221092
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Vol. 33) 1764 Athenian Bronze Allotment Plates. John H. Kroll. Harvard U Pr. (
LOEB CLASSICAL MONOGRAPHS) 1636 Athenian Calendar in the 5th Century.
... John Boardman. Oxford University Press. (WORLD OF ART) 2887 Athenian
Secretaries. William C. Ferguson. Johnson Repr. (CORNELL UNIVERSITY.
Secretaries. William ...

Pacific Research

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... presented papers on developments in international environmental law and on
the question of the legality of nuclear weapons. Stephanie Lawson returned to
the Centre as a Visiting Fellow in October. She was recently awarded the Crisp
Medal for originality and intellectual contribution to political science by the
Australasian Political Studies Association, on the basis of her book The Failure of
Democratic Politics in Fiji, which was published last year by the Clarendon Press,

Anthropology Newsletter

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Applied Linguistics and Language Study. New York: Longman. 1991. 358 pp. np
(paper). ISBN 0- 582-06737-5. Language in Its Cultural Embedding: Explorations
in the Relativity of Signs and Sign Systems. Hurald Haurmann. Studies in
Anthropological Linguistics. 4. New York: Mouton de Gruyter. 1990. 292 pp. DM
148 (cloth). ISBN 0-89925-583-3. Law as Metaphor: From Islamic Courts to the
Palace of Justice. June Starr. Albany: State University of New York Press. 1992.
286 pp.

Britannica Book Of The Year

Author: Franklin Henry Hooper
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The most significant development in linguistics took place in Mexico, where the
Department of National Education and the National Polytechnical Institute
initiated a project for the study of native dialects under the direction of M. Swadish
, which ... and publications, are continuing, but anthropological research, which
had already been suffering from curtailment of funds and from the rapid
westernization of primitive peoples available for study, will, because of the war,
undoubtedly suffer ...

Irish Historical Studies

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Etymology becomes, then, one of [the] foremost weapons for marshalling and
controlling the ambiguities of language. By laying bare the origins of words, they [
Irenius and Eudoxus] uncover a nexus of meaning which seems to be
preordained by a linguistic system greater than themselves.7i The word is the
authoritative history, and the history is that of the word.72 The use of British
material had a further function in that it helped to elide political and territorial
distinctions which were not ...