The Dvd Laser Disc Newsletter

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Sinatra ♢ Frank Sinatra + Count Basie ♢ Frank Sinatra A Man and His Music 2 ♢
Short 1:6 From WGBH Boston Video: Nova Everest The Death Zone From World
Vision: Happy Together Naked Killer From Xenon: Master with Cracked Fingers
... Play DVD Box Set — Suzaku Box (20 episodes) Ecstacy Deadbeat at Dawn (w/
extras) From THF Home The Mummy Entertainment: (1932) ♢The F Zone From
Trlmark: Night of the Warrior/An Occasional Hell/Family of Cops/Extreme Justice
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Schwann Spectrum

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Padmashree Avinash— *Amar Sadar Avinash 18/991 14 CD Box Set] Vyas,
Satish— Raga Marwa (1/97) s of Your Soul 12/97) IVyas/Malkauns/Sohim] Vyas/
Sehsi— Cascade-Raga Jog 110/98) Vysotsky. ... Waorani Waaponi 110/96) [
Import-UK] Ware's— Con Tanto Amor (6/99) Warna— Warda 17/97) [Hemisphere
Artists] Warfield, Derek Legacy 13/96) Liberte '98-Songs & Ballads of 1798 14/98)
Warriors— Drums of Silence 16/98) Warsaw 13/99) [Import-Hall -Singing WalB-
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Ab Bookman S Weekly

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Florence Fillet P.O. Box 576, St. Francisville, LA 70775 FLORIDIANA Emphasis
on History, Natural History & Literature Florida Book Store, Inc. 1614 W.
University Ave. ... R. Dawn Wind; Warrior Scarlet; Shield Ring Watters. ... 33-4, 35
-6, 37-8) XXe (Vol 1, #3, 1939); New Series, #8, 9, 10, 11, 14 (1957-60) All
scholarly works on Ancient Egyptian art, archaeology, arch're Catalogues
Raisonne (complete prints) of 20th century artists Casas Adobes Books 5045 N.
Via Condesa, Tucson, ...

The Illustrated London News

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Juat nblinhed, a new and bcautlful Set of Waittco, which will eventu y booomc II F
ular an tho celebrated Gnardn' Waltz, by the mo Componcr. r co in. muetratcd by
Lyuch.—Clilil'l'ltl.l. .... Morccau do Salon for tho Plauaforte. Price 31!. CHAPI'ILL
and C0.. 50. New Bond-mt. OVELLO'S STANDARD GLEE-BOOK. Volume 1.
Contain: Sixty Favourite Englieh Glcea by the bolt Alllllm. With Pianofortc
Accompaniment. Editul by . ... You promised to come with the dawn of day,"
Ballad ,_ 2', 5d.

Live Stock Journal

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Mr. Wynn has also several very gazed young horses by him at home now, one
named e A 1, of which he expects great things. ... Hants) soon weeded the
competitors down to four, viz. z—Mr. Matthew's Home Secretary, bay, three years,
by Windsor; Mr. D. Riddell's Clifton, a brown, by Darnley—Bar None, purchased
at the Londonderry sale in 1887 (the winner at Seaham in the same year); Mr.
McRobie's Pride of the Clan, a three-year-old bay, by Young Lorne; Mr.
McRobie's Mackerlie, ...

The Publishers Circular And Booksellers Record

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1-2 of year 1901 series to vol. 3-4 of year 1902 series Do. No. 78, June, 1907
Trelawney's Recollections of Last Davs Shelley, Byron. (Frowde.) n" Pauli's
Pictures of Old London. 1851 Creighlon's Historical Essays and Reviews, 1902
Traill's Social England. 6 vols. Moore's Loved but one. Story of Bryon and ... (
Kegan Paul.) Must be brown cloth Sepoys Daughter Emile's (Otto) French
Grammar Set of Balzac in French Science and Art of Nursing. Vols. 1 and 2
Cfickenden's John Fox, ...

New York Times Book Review And Magazine

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Seven words to a line. No display allowed. PEOPLE's NATURAL HISTORY... 6...
Y.C.'" umes, 54 morocco, colored plates, $5:, Balza'. 40 volumes, Little, Brown &
Co., limited edition, $30; Victor Hugo, 10 volumes. 22 m2. rocco, t?.50; Stevenson
, 10 volumes: *:: Smollett, 12 "volumes, $6; Spectator, 8 volumes, half calf, $8;
Shakespeare, 3 volumes, Oxford Edition, $2.50; Dumas, 13 volumes: hair
morocco, $14. Catalogue ready: Davis Book Store, 21 West 42d St. Tel. 439
Bryant. SETS, .

Books In Print

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3.99 osi (ISBN 0-517-65589-6). Crown. Black Beauty, Anna Sewell (Classic Pop-
Up Ser). 1990, 3.98 op. (ISBN 0-8317-1482-4). Smithmark. Black Beauty. Anne
Sewell 1988. 2.98 op. (ISBN 0671-92200-9). S&S Trade. Black Beauty's Clan. ...
1988. (ISBN 0-916098-29-X). Creat Black Bk. - Black Box. R. G. Austin. (Which
Way Bks.). 1983. pap. 1.95 op. (ISBN 0-685-07450-1, Archway). PB. Black Brant
Sea Goose of the Pacific Coast. Arthur S. Einarsen. LC63-10796. (Illus). 160p.

Collier S

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I could. Put me out of the serri July 6, 1.918 Drain out used oil Drain out the. 34 (.'(
)I.I.IF.'R'.S' II'I'.'E'I\'l.l' ii Chateau Lake Louise In the Canadian Pacific Rockies
Among the Luke! In the Cloud: "Willi windows framing million-dollar pictures“
c0DlIlD(II0lll'—R¢lIIllI—I-IIXIIIIOIII Set face to lace with Mighty Vicimi-.i Glacier,
Swiss and Canadian Guides. Mountain Climbinz. Coaclilniz. ... corns, bunious,
blisters or calouses. Why not order a dozen or more 251:. boxes to-day from your
Druggist or ...