X Rays And Extreme Ultraviolet Radiation

Author: David Attwood
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107062896
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K. Prince et al., “Coherent Control with a Short-Wavelength Free-Electron Laser,”
Nature Photon. 10, 176 (March 2016). ... G. Stupakov, “Using the Beam-Echo
Effect for Generation of Short-Wavelength Radiation,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 102,
074801 ...

Beam Wave Interaction In Periodic And Quasi Periodic Structures

Author: Levi Schächter
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783642198489
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Beams 12,061302 (2009) Sprangle, P., Esarey, E., Ting, A.: Nonlinear interaction
of intense laser pulses in plasmas. Phys ... Beams 1, 064401 (1998) Stupakov, G.
: Using the beam-echo effect for generation of short-wavelength radiation. Phys ...

Much Ado About Microbunching

Publisher: Stanford University
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Coherent Bunching in High Brightness Electron Beams Daniel Fried Ratner. [15]
A. Nause ... Suppression of shot noise and spontaneous radiation in electron
beams. ... Using the beam-echo effect for generation of short-wavelength

Synchrotron Radiation And Free Electron Lasers

Author: Kwang-Je Kim
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107162610
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In addition to the fundamental shot noise of the electron beam [20], the phase
and amplitude errors of the seed laser itself may pose some ... [13] G. Stupakov, “
Using the beam-echo effect for generation of short-wavelength radiation,” Phys.

Scientific And Technical Aerospace Reports

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... AN/TPS-43-E radar system [AD-A253166) 01 poo/6 N93-10882 Diffusion of
Echo 7 electron beams during bounce motion [DE92-018288) ... of resistive wall
effects in very short wavelength free electron lasers IDE92-018065) 02 poS15
N93-11155 Tunable, short pulse hard x rays ... O2 po436 N93-11541 Beam-
plasma interactions and radiation generation during the election of electron and
ion beams ...

Soviet Journal Of Plasma Physics

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Cyclotron excitation of Alfven and fast magnetosonic waves by passing fusion a
particles in a tokamak reactor. ... H Electromagnetic waves (e.g., electron-
cyclotron, Whistler, Bernstein, upper hybrid, lower hybrid) Effect of escape of
resonant ... Explosive generation of the second harmonic of beam space-charge
oscillations in a transverse slow electromagnetic wave. ... Temperature relaxation
in a magnetized plasma subjected to external electromagnetic radiation in the
lower-hybrid- ...

International Aerospace Abstracts

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Duct propagation of hydromagnetic waves in the upper ionosphere. ... of a strong
electromagnetic wave in electron flow in longitudinal static electrical and
magnetic fields 18 p2879 A89-42398 ... 08 p1247 A89-23234 Suppression of the
echo effect on a reconstructed antenna radiation pattern 06 p1136 A89-23647
Three different kinds of Fraunhofer approximations. ... Excitation of short
magnetostatic waves by a metal strip 19 p2953 A89-44811 Second harmonic
generation during the ...