Key Terms And Concepts In Iias

Author: United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
Publisher: United Nations Publications
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Transfer pricing A key aspect of the centralized financial strategy of TNCs
concerns the determination of the prices at which goods, services knowledge and
intellectual property are transferred across borders between foreign affiliates and
the parent corporation. ... of a number of possible costing criteria, to which a
percentage mark-up is added allowing a margin of profit to accrue each seller in
the chain.

International Intellectual Property And The Common Law World

Author: C. E. F. Rickett
Publisher: Hart Pub Limited
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... and foreign manufacturing of innovations generated in the home country,
carried out by profit-seeking organisations and ... enterprises, which develop R &
D strategies to create innovations across borders by building up research

Global Strategy

Author: Andrew C. Inkpen
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
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creating and sustaining advantage across borders Andrew C. Inkpen, Kannan
Ramaswamy ... In the London firms, profit is allocated based on partner seniority.
... areas such as environment, shipping, aviation, antirust, corporate governance,
employment law, pensions, international arbitration, and intellectual property are

Burning The Ships

Author: Marshall Phelps
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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Transforming Your Company's Culture Through Intellectual Property Strategy
Marshall Phelps, David Kline ... The company is still in business to make a profit,
and—trust me—it remains a tough and able competitor. As LauraDiDio,
aresearcher atthe Yankee Group, put it: “They're not Doctors Without Borders.
They're not pulling lepers out of thegutter.” True. But what Microsoft has doneis
forge important new partnerships with companies all over the world and gain
access The Media ...

Journal Of Public Policy Marketing Jpp M

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Costa, Maurlcio Edwardo Cortes (1988), “A View from Brazil,“ in Intellectual
Property Rights and Capital Formation in the Next ... Dubey, Suman (1993), “
Coca-Cola Resumes Presence in 1ndia, Expects Profit in Two or Three Years,“
The Wall ... Ehrbar, Thomas J. (1992), Business Intemational 's Guide to
International Marketing: Building a Licencing Strategy for I4 ... Foster, Dean Allen
(1992), Bargaining Across Borders: How to Negotiate Business Successfully
Anywhere in the World.

Protecting The World S Children

Author: Sidsel Roalkvam
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 019164451X
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To this end, and to enable the companies to make a profit, control over
intellectual property rights and appropriate licensing agreements become crucial.
So too ... Perhaps unsurprisingly, GAVI strategy and priorities are also subject to
considerable criticism. ... Organisations like Oxfam and Médecins Sans
Frontières (Doctors without Borders; MSF) are critical of pharmaceutical company
influence on GAVI ...

Addressing Base Erosion And Profit Shifting

Author: OECD
Publisher: OECD Publishing
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... competitiveness and the impact these developments have on the rules for the
taxation of cross-border activities. ... and the ever-increasing importance of
managing risks and of developing, protecting and exploiting intellectual property,
... of the economy, and of digital products that often can be delivered over the
Internet, has made it possible for businesses to ... the individual group companies
undertake their activities within a framework of group policies and strategies that
are set by ...

International Investment Agreements

Author: United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
Publisher: New York : United Nations
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One issue that arises in this context is how to establish prices for these cross-
border transfers. ... as transfer pricing methods directly affect the amount of profit
reported in host countries by corporations, which in turn affects the tax ... to
establish prices for goods, services, know-how and intellectual property
transferred across borders within corporate networks ... Understanding a TNCs
FDI strategy is also important "because appropriate transfer pricing policies can
sustain and guarantee ...

The Foundations Of Entrepreneurship

Author: Scott Andrew Shane
Publisher: Edward Elgar Pub
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Teece / Profiting from technological innovation 305 [3] Journal. likely to benefit
from research and development activities occurring across borders. ... However, it
must be recognized that there are inherent limits to the legal protection of
intellectual property, and that business and national strategy are therefore likely
to the ...