Trying Not To Try

Author: Edward Slingerland
Publisher: Crown
ISBN: 0770437621
Size: 76.92 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Trying Not To Try is mind-expanding and deeply pleasurable, the perfect antidote to our striving modern culture. From the Hardcover edition.

Trying Not To Try

Author: Edward Gilman Slingerland
ISBN: 9780857863478
Size: 69.53 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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A deeply original exploration of the power of spontaneity - and why it's essential to our wellbeing, both as individuals and as a society.

A Philosophy Of Criminal Attempts

Author: Bebhinn Donnelly-Lazarov
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 110702983X
Size: 14.61 MB
Format: PDF
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Ann, we are led to believe, sets out to offend Bob in a manner that involves not
setting out to offend Bob. She tries not to try for trying will be intentional. Can she
try not to try? Naturally, sometimes trying hinders success. To someone who tries
to please others and consistently fails, we might advise, 'stop trying'. We might
give the same advice to Ann: stop trying. Notice, we would not usually say, 'try,
not to try'; perhaps we recognise that this is not the absence of trying; it is trying

Does Santa Exist

Author: Eric Kaplan
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0698161394
Size: 51.63 MB
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The paradoxes of theoretical reason resemble those of practical reason. If
someone tells you, “This sentence is a lie,” your mind will shuttle back and forth
between thinking that it's true and thinking that it's false. If somebody tells you, “
The only way to be happy is not to try,” your mind will shuttle back and forth
between nottrying and trying, at least insofar as you need to evaluate your
nottrying to see if it's working or not. Tarski and Russell tried to neutralize the
paradoxes of the intellect ...

The Awakening West

ISBN: 9781610595186
Size: 18.17 MB
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Relax and notice that when you are trying to get to anything great stress is
occurring, because it means that where you are is not okay. I've heard that
forever, right? So, I thought, "Oh, I've got to try not to try." Now the chemicals of "
trying not to try" are going to move through my system. There they are. "Oh now I'
m being interviewed and there are chemicals of vulnerability going through." "Oh
look, there's my voice getting higher and talking faster." If I added to that, "Jesus, I'
m not ...

The Spontaneous Self

Author: Paul Breer
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1477159703
Size: 75.57 MB
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Superficially, I was convinced of the spontaneity of all experience, but my
continued steering and clinging indicated that I did not yet believe it completely.
In those see-saw days, I could not see that if letting go is a relinquishing of the
feeling that we have to make things happen, trying to let go is the equivalent of
trying not to try. Obviously it cannot be done. The very attempt to let go creates a
kind of mental and physical tension which guarantees that no real letting go will
occur. It is well ...

Suspect Race

Author: Jack Glaser
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190253053
Size: 10.95 MB
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However, once the instruction was no longer operative, they exhibited even
stronger stereotyping than those given no suppression instruction. This is based
on a more general phenomenon of thought suppression brought to light by
psychologist Daniel Wegner, who showed that thoughts we try to suppress
actually tend to become more active in our minds. Wegner (1994) found, for
example, that people are more likely to think of a white bear when they are trying
not to. (Try it ...

Forgiving Our Parents Forgiving Ourselves

Author: Dr. David Stoop
Publisher: Revell
ISBN: 1441225927
Size: 10.69 MB
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If so, we need to learn how to remember it in ahealing way,not try to forget it.
Trying to forget what has happened to us is virtually impossible anyway.It is like
trying not to think about something. Try this: For the next 30 seconds, do not think
about pink elephants. Think about anything else you like, but no pink elephants.
Could you do it? Ifyou are like many people, you spent the entire 30 seconds
saying to yourself, “I will not think about pink elephants. I will not think about pink

Brief Cognitive Hypnosis

Author: Jordan Zarren, MSW, DAHB
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780826115010
Size: 67.59 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The “Harder You Try Not To” Reframe Trying too hard not to think of or do
something makes it harder to not think of it or do it. On the contrary, it makes it
more likely that you will in fact continue to think of it or do it, and thus make the
situation worse. “Trying not to” forces the thought or act to the conscious mind so
that it becomes a preoccupation, a compulsive thought or act. Reframe: The
harder you try not to think of or do something, the more difficult it becomes. Try
not to think of a pink ...

Keep Calm And Carry On

Author: Kurani Marsters
Publisher: Kurani Marsters
ISBN: 0987662937
Size: 14.29 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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... need to breathe, do so, and when you try again, instead of trying not to breathe
in, just swallow, then breathe in. Do this for five to six breaths. Notice how your
face feels? Is your brow furrowed, are your cheek muscles relaxed? Smile to
yourself, and imagine something in your mind's eye that makes you happy. How
do you feel now? Are you feeling relaxed? If not, return to scanning for tension
and release it. If you are feeling relaxed, then have a good stretch then go about
your day.