Transnational Tort Litigation

Author: Campbell McLachlan
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198259190
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In this timely collection of original articles a leading team of contributors assess existing legal provisions and examine the prospects for reform.

Jurisdiction In International Law

Author: Cedric Ryngaert
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191002224
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This new edition includes new material on personal jurisdiction in the U.S., extraterritorial applicatins of human rights treaties, discussions on cyberspace, the Morrison case.

Virginia Journal Of International Law

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Bhagwati and Hudec have brought together a series of important and informative
articles. Although the authors often approach the issues from different policy
perspectives — and it is therefore difficult to extract an overarching thesis from
the book — this volume provides an excellent framework for the legal debates
concerning the interplay between free trade and harmonization. Campbell
McLachlan and Peter Nygh (eds.), Transnational Tort Litigation: Jurisdictional
Principles (Oxford: ...

Torture As Tort

Author: Craig Scott
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1847316808
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Jurisdiction. in. Transnational. Human. Rights. Tort. Litigation: Universality.
Jurisdiction's. Relationship. to. Ex. Juris. Service,. Forum. Non. Conveniens. and.
the. Presumption. of. Territoriality. ANNE C. McCONVILLE1 1 INTRODUCTION W
HILE ... This is particularly so given that these public international law norms
interact with the private international law principle of comity and together they
reinforce the principle that there are territorial limits to the competence of a court
to hear cases.

Principles Of International Law

Author: Sean D. Murphy
Publisher: West Group
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Michael Hirst, Jurisdiction and the Ambit of the Criminal Law (2003). Andreas F.
Lowenfeld, International Litigation and the Quest for Reasonableness: Essays in
Private International Law (1996). Stephen Macedo, ed., Universal Jurisdiction:
National Courts and the Prosecution of Serious Crimes Under International Law (
2004). Campbell McLachlan & Peter Nygh, eds., Transnational Tort Litigation:
Jurisdictional Principles (1996). Karl M. Meessen, ed., Extraterritorial Jurisdiction
in ...

Suid Afrikaanse Jaarboek Vir Volkereg

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See also E Vitta "The impact in Europe of the American conflicts revolution' (1982
) 30 AmJCompL 1 at 6 who refers to forum shopping as 'an altogether
unwelcome development'; K Siehr '"Forum Shopping" im internationalen
Rechtsverkehr' (1984) 25 ZfRV 124 at 125-126. 'Lord Simon of Glaisdale n 6
above at 471 . 8C McLachlan 'Transnational tort litigation: An overview' in C
McLachlan & P Nygh (eds) Transnational tort litigation: Jurisdictional principles (
1996) 1-19 at 9.

Canadian International Lawyer

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Transnational Tort Litigation: Jurisdictional Principles [edited by Campbell
McLachlan and Peter Nygh, Clarendon Press, 1996) International Litigation and
the Quest for Reasonableness by Andreas Lowenfeld, Clarendon Press, 1996)
IMPORTATEURS CANADIENS, INC. Founded. Vaughan Black* Although choice
of law has traditionally attracted more scholarly ink than have other fields >f
private international law, ...

Civil Litigation Against Terrorism

Author: John Norton Moore
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... Jurisdiction and the Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments," Liber
Amicorum Georges A. L. Droz (Martinus Nijhoff 1996); "Extraterritoriality and U.S.
Foreign Trade: Lessons from Old Disputes and Sources of Potential New
Problems" Trilateral Perspectives on International Legal Issues (Transnational
Publishers 1995); "Jurisdiction of Domestic Courts over Multinational Torts
Involving Intellectual Property Rights," Transnational Tort Litigation: Jurisdictional
Principles (McLachlan ...

Collected Courses Of The Hague Academy Of International Law

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Trial Court Procedures Worldwide (1991) 77 et seq. "Jurisdiction in International
Litigation. The Issue of Human Rights in Relation to National Law and to the
Brussels Convention", Rivista di diritto internazio- nale, 1991, 3 et seq. "A New
Dimension of Human Rights' Consideration in Civil Procedure", Rivista di diritto
internazionale privato e processuale, 1996, 31 et seq. "Product Liability", in
McLachlan and Nygh (eds.), Transnational Tort Litigation, Jurisdictional
Principles, 1996, ...

Essays On Transnational And Comparative Civil Procedure

Author: Federico Carpi
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125; BORCHERS, A Few Little Issues for the Hague judgments Negotiations,
ihidem, p. 157; WEINTRAUB, How Suhstantial is our Need for a
judgmentsRecognition Convention and What Should we Bargain Away to get it?,
ihidem, p. 167. “)6 See WALTER, DALSGAARD, The Civil Law Approach, in
Transnational Tort Litigation: jurisdictional Principles, McLachlan, Nygh eds.,
1996, p. 41. “exorbitant” jurisdictional bases enumerated in art. 3 of the Lugano
International Litigation 191.