Transnational Business Problems

Author: Detlev F. Vagts
ISBN: 9781599410845
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The Fourth Edition Transnational Business Problems combines the best aspects of a conceptual, systemic approach and a problems approach.

Making Transnational Law Work In The Global Economy

Author: Pieter H. F. Bekker
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139492144
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... between national/international,public/privateand law/politics as well as the
perceived interpenetration of these 'opposites', so that each term in a polarity
contained aspects of the other; and the trend toward greater attention to an
interdisciplinary approach to the understanding and analysis of transnational law
and problems. When Detlev started a new venture – the coursebook entitled
Transnational Business Problems, now in its fourth edition (2008, with co-authors
/editors William ...

Contemporary Issues In International Arbitration And Mediation The Fordham Papers 2015

Author: Arthur W. Rovine
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004334556
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29 Jeswald Salacuse: The Three Laws of Foreign Investment: National,
Contractual and International Frameworks for Foreign Capitalme 244–48 (2013);
Detlev F. Vagts, et al., Transnational Business Problems 422–23 (4th ed. 2014).
30 See, e.g., Tinoco Case (Gr. Brit. v. Costa Rica), 1 R. Int'l Arb. Awards 369, 377
–78 (1923), available at 18 Am. J. Int'l L. 147, 150–51 (1924); see also Odette
Lienau, Who is the “Sovereign” in Sovereign Debt?: Reinterpreting a Rule-of-Law
Framework ...

International Law In The U S Supreme Court

Author: David L. Sloss
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139497863
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He is coauthor (with Detlev F. Vagts and Harold Hongju Koh) of the casebook
Transnational Business Problems (4th ed. 2008) and has written extensively on,
among other topics, the history of customary international law in American courts
and statutory interpretation in the international context. In 2004, he wrote the
Amicus Brief of Professors of Federal Jurisdiction and Legal History in Sosa v.
Alvarez-Machain, the position of which the Supreme Court adopted. He is a
member of the ...

Recueil Des Cours 1996

Author: Academie de Droit International de la Haye
Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers
ISBN: 9789041110541
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reconceptualize the law of international business transactions as a distinctive
breed of "Transnational Legal Problem"8. In his 1979 ... As it is currently
understood, the modern law of international business transactions thus straddles
both the public and the private. ... Henry J. Steiner and Detlev F. Vagts,
Transnational Legal Problems: Materials and Text, 1968 (now Henry Steiner,
Transnational Legal Problems: Materials and Text, 4th ed., 1994 (Detlev F. Vagts
and Harold Hongju Koh).

Fifteen Years Of Nafta Chapter 11 Arbitration

Author: Emmanuel Gaillard
Publisher: Juris Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1933833769
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The author of the present contribution was of counsel to the claimants in that case
. 3 This claim has long been recognized in international law. See Rudloff Case (
Interlocutory), 9 U.N. Rep. Int'l Arb. Awards 244, 250 (1903–05) (American-
Venezuelan Comm'n). But it has also proved maddeningly difficult to define. See
TRANSNATIONAL BUSINESS PROBLEMS 560–62 (4th ed. 2008). 4 See
Azinian, supra note 2, ...

International Investment Law In Latin America Derecho Internacional De Las Inversiones En Am Rica Latina

Author: Attila Tanzi
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004311475
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... Law 193; G. Sacerdoti, 'Bilateral Treaties and Multilateral Instruments on
Investment Protection' (1997) 269 Collected Courses of the Hague Academy of
International Law 251. See also, especially, H.J. Steiner, P. Alston and R.
Goodman, International Human Rights in Context (3rd ed., Oxford University
Press 2007) 1385 ff; D.F. Vagts, W.S. Dodge and H. Hongju Koh, Transnational
Business Problems (4th ed., Foundation Press 2008); W. Benedek, K. De Feyter
and F. Marrella (eds.) ...

Transnational Business Law

Author: Rumu Sarkar
Size: 52.49 MB
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Detlev E. Vaghts, TRANSNATIONAL BUSINESS PROBLEMS (Foundation Press,
2nd ed. 1998); and. David Frisch & Raj Bhala. GLOBAL BUSINESS LAW:
PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE (Carolina Academic Press 1999). 3 See Michael J
. Bonncll, "The UNIDROIT Principles and Transnational Law," at 1, (posted Aug.
29. 2000), available at english publications/review/articles
/2000-2.htm ...

International Litigation Strategies And Practice

Author: Barton Legum
Publisher: American Bar Association
ISBN: 9781590315446
Size: 55.81 MB
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For a brief account of the episode see Detlev Vagts, Transnational Business
Problems 143-44 (2d ed. 1998). 20. Model Rules Of Prof'l Conduct R.I. 5. For a
rare example of judicial enforcement see Matter of Fordham, 423 Mass. 481, 668
N.E.2d 816 (1996). 21. Arduino v. Dessi, Bertolotto and Compagnia Assicuratrice
RAS, [2002] E.C.R. 1529. 22. Rudolf Schlesinger, Comparative Law 805-14 (4th
ed. 1980). For a state-to-state case see Morris v. Kunes, 305 S.E.2d 426 (Ga.
1983). 23.

The Future Of Investment Arbitration

Author: Catherine A. Rogers
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0195371801
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... editor of AJIL's section on contemporary U.S. practice in international law. He
received his BA summa cum laude, from Wabash College and his JD from Yale
University. William S. Dodge is a professor of law at the University of California,
Hastings College of the Law. He is the co-author (with Detlev Vagts and Harold
Koh) of the casebook Transnational Business Problems (4th ed. Foundation
Press, 2008) and the co-editor (with Charles Brower and Jack Coe) of xx