Women And Justice For The Poor

Author: Felice Batlan
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107084539
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... to a variety of legal aid organizations, old and new. These programs generated
debates and contestation among politicians, American Bar Association officers,
state governors, Supreme Court justices, and even United States presidents. ... I
eagerly awaited his three-volume history of legal aid, To Establish Justice for All (
2014), which promised a comprehensive analysis of legal aid from the nineteenth
century through the 1980s. But instead it offered the standard early history of
legal ...

Judicial Administration And The Common Man

Author: American Academy of Political and Social Science
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Very often this is sufficient to take care of the individual's need. If more services
are needed, the fee may be fixed by agreement, often with the provision that if
any dispute arises the bar association will fix the fee. The association's program
calls also for furnishing legal aid to those who can pay nothing. This is a
charitable work aided in many localities by community chests or other, voluntary
contributions, as well as by the efforts of lawyers. During the past several years
the association ...

Legal Aid

Author: Law Society (Great Britain)
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B. The purpose of legal aid 30. The unique importance of the legal aid system is
that, for the majority of ordinary people, it is legal aid which transforms a
theoretical right of access to justice into a practical reality. This is recognised in
the new Legal Aid Act whose purpose is stated to be: "to establish a framework
for the provision ... of advice, assistance and representation which is publicly
funded with a view to helping persons who might otherwise be unable to obtain
advice, assistance ...

Law And The Legal System

Author: Samuel Mermin
Publisher: Aspen Publishers
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an introduction Samuel Mermin. Those who are too poor to pay legal fees at all
— the clients of "legal aid" societies traditionally funded in a limited way by local
charities, bar groups, or municipalities — have in the last several years been
getting much more access to legal services in civil cases as a result of a massive
infusion of federal funds. The War on Poverty program of the 1960s had
established the Office of Economic Opportunity, which included a Neighborhood
Legal Services ...

Congressional Record

Publisher: Government Printing Office
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Madam Speaker, l rise today to honor CPT Daniel J. Santoro, a member of the
Tampa Bay community for receiving the 2008 Cheney award for distinguished
service in the United States Air Force. Captain Santoro is a ... In 1974, Congress
established the Legal Services Corporation ("LSC") to operate as a private, non-
profit corporation to promote equal access to justice under the law and to provide
grants for high-quality civil legal assistance to low-income persons. LSC
distributes ...

Columbus City Bulletin

Author: Columbus (Ohio)
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Philadelphia Follows Columbus' Lead in Establishing Municipal Bureau of Legal
BULLETIN Official Publication of the City of C um us. Published weekly under
authority of the City Charter and direction of the City Clerk. Contains official report
of proceedings of Council, Ordinances passed and resolution: adopted; civil
service notes and ...

The Brief Case

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SEPTEMBER 1972 CONTENTS/Volume 22/No. 5 Pro Whose Bono? The
Experience of the Civil Assistance Panel of the San Francisco Barrister's Club 3
The State Appellate Panel A Devotion to Justice 8 Who's Afraid of Public
Advocates? 13 Observations on the Future of Public Service Law 18 Introduction
Regardless of political philosophies, lawyers have generally agreed with the
necessity of assuring that legal services will be available to the poor. Historically,
the organized bar ...

The Student Lawyer

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Not until 1919, when a young Boston lawyer, Reginald Heber Smith, then
attorney for the Legal Aid Society in that city, completed his monumental study, "
Justice and the Poor," did organized Legal Aid arouse the general concern of the
... Largely through his efforts during a tenure of service lasting until 1940, Legal
Aid was able to establish minimum standards to guide the work locally; to secure
uniform statistics as to cost and volume; to evaluate the effectiveness of forms or ...

The Professional Career Of Robert J Sheran Life Legal And Judicial Career

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There are two other areas that have been of special interest to Chief Justice
Warren Burger of the United States Supreme Court, which the Conference of
Chief Justices supports through its committee work. One area, lawyer
competence, is addressed through a committee headed by Chief Justice Norman
M. Krivosha of Nebraska. Programs are under way in cooperation with the
American Bar Association and other groups to establish means by which the
general level of competence of ...