Louis Johnson And The Arming Of America

Author: Keith D. McFarland
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government, tried to explain that a new policy toward China could not be
developed until the dust and smoke of the Chinese civil war had settled.1 After
this supposedly private meeting, some of the congressmen leaked a report to the
press suggesting that Acheson had characterized U.S. policy toward China as "
waiting till the dust settles." The phrase became a Republican slogan and was
used against the Truman administration and the State Department to
demonstrate that they had ...

English Amharic Context Dictionary

Author: Wolf Leslau
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7f*?-fl i h^ahl « 14. Ji+T. Who settled Canada? WW i i settle (vi.) 1. +<t>aom i (\
d.d.. Our uncle settled in California. hT-^J " JlA^CCW " ^oom Many Germans
settled in Missouri. 'ttH' '• j£C 2. hdd.. The bird settled on a branch overhead. :
hnAfr : JlAO»- : ^C7«4¥ * A£ I 3. +i\alal. He settled with his creditors. hn^dfp^ " ,?c
•□ +A<^°7 They settled on me as the new chairman. hX.fr i A.+ » <^7nc " hi. '
JilJtif? ' +ft"7o»- 4. Ah*. Wait until the coffee has settled! 5. hAd.. Wait until the dust
settles! h ...

G L Liman Oteli Icekler Inde

Author: Debbie Macomber
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Een jonge weduwe met een bed & breakfast in een kustplaatsje bij Seattle leeft volop mee met haar gasten zoals een ouder echtpaar voor wie een feest wordt georganiseerd en een vrouw die haar vroegere geliefde weer ontmoet.

Outlook Profit

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Dust. yet. to. settle. on. Dalal. Street. Indian. markets. have. taken. a. badgering,.
but. the. worst. is. not. over. yet. 32 lars for three months jumped the most since
1999 at 3.06 per cent as banks hoarded cash amid worries that more financial
institutions ... While the big names of the US financial industry are biting the dust,
there is consolation for the Indian stock markets if fund managers and analysts
are to be believed. ... Till the dust does not settle down on Wall Street which will
take ...