The Wild Grasses

Author: Cheryl Freier
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781477286579
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The book was written as a second sequel and was written, of course, after my husband died. Yes, I as the writer chose to have the usage of the fantastic characters, the angels, for example, in the book. For one, I really believe in angels.

Stalking The Wild Sweetgrass

Author: Robert J. Dufault
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461459036
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Sweetgrass is in the grass family technically called the Poaceae family. Debate
has been ongoing for decades by botanical taxonomists about the correct
scientific nomenclature to name the species of sweetgrass used in African-coiled
basketry. When I started working with this plant in the late 1980s, it was accepted
by most botanists that the genus and species was Muhlenbergia filipes M. A.
Curtis. Alternative names are Muhlenbergia capillaries (Lam.) Trin. var. filipes (
M. A. Curtis) ...

Wild And Sown Grasses

Author: Alain Peeters
Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.
ISBN: 9789251051597
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With the intensification of agriculture during the last century, the number of grass species was reduced, and a small number have come to dominate the grasslands and the seed market.

Utilizing Wild Grass Biodiversity In Wheat Improvement

Author: A. Mujeeb-Kazi
Publisher: CIMMYT
ISBN: 968692308X
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Most efforts to transfer alien germplasm from wild plants into cultivated crops
have involved the Triticum grass species—with the greatest emphasis being
placed on improving bread wheat (T. aestivum L.). Over the past 15 years,
CIMMYT has been a part of this endeavor as it has vigorously pursued bread
wheat improvement not only with interspecific hybridization (crosses made
among annual grasses within the Triticum/Aegilops group), but also with
intergeneric hybridization ...

Vegetative Characteristics Of Some Wild Forms Of Saccharum And Related Grasses

Author: Ernst Artschwager
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These primitive canes reproduce only vegetatively and probably cannot survive
without the aid of man, but because of their relationships, they are included in this
study of wild forms. Of the numerous wild grasses that are related to Saccharum
those in the genus Erianthus are of interest and importance from the point of view
of relationship to the cultivated sugarcanes. The ease with which /Saccharum
and Erianthus may be hybridized (Janaki- Ammal (7), Rumke (10) ) makes it ...

Wild Lilies Irises And Grasses

Author: Nora Harlow
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520238497
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This plant shares features of cool-season and warm-season grasses, and water
will keep it growing into fall, although it tends to look rather shabby. Uncommon
in the wild, it may become quite weedy in an irrigated landscape. Plants look best
if the mass of untidy stems and dried inflorescences are removed in late summer,
and look freshest when confined to a moist meadow or pond margin. Panicgrass
self-sows and is easy from seed or by division. Phragmttes australis, common ...

Grasses Pods Vines Weeds

Author: Quentin Steitz
Publisher: University of Texas Press
ISBN: 1477306625
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And a chapter on cultivation and conservation suggests to outdoor enthusiasts
species they can grow for decorative natural materials as well as conserve and
appreciate in the wild. Grasses, Pods, Vines, Weeds is enhanced by flora
selected, collected, prepared, and dried by the author. These hand-culled
materials have been used in designs contributed by some nineteen notable floral
designers as well as the author. The text ind designs combine to reveal the fresh,
creative ...

Edible And Useful Plants Of Texas And The Southwest

Author: Delena Tull
Publisher: University of Texas Press
ISBN: 9780292781641
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Flower stalks of both species may extend above the leaves and are tipped with a
dense spike of minute greenish-white flowers with transparent paper-thin petals.
contains the most economically important plants in the world — the cereal grains
rice, wheat, and corn. Several other grains, such as rye, millet, and barley, also
have worldwide economic importance. More than five hundred species of wild
grasses ...