The Swamp

Author: Michael Grunwald
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0743251075
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A history of the Everglades traces its emergence from the sea after the last ice age to its modern role as the world's largest ecosystem restoration project, an account marked by such events as Napoleon Bonaparte Borward's 1904 ...

Summary The Swamp

Author: BusinessNews Publishing
Publisher: Primento
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The must-read summary of Michael Grunwald's book: “The Swamp: The Everglades, Florida, and the Politics Paradise”.


Author: Anne Ake
Publisher: Pineapple Press Inc
ISBN: 1561644102
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Journalist Award in 2003, focuses on the role Florida politics has played in the
degradation and now the restoration attempt in the Everglades. Levin, Ted. ...
Levin writes about the Everglades history, ecology, and politics, with emphasis
on the conflicts inherent in the current restoration plan. Pimm, Stuart L. The World
... The 60th anniversary edition has an update by Michael Grunwald, author of
The Swamp: the Evergaldes, Florida, and the Politics of Paradise. Douglas,
Marjory ...

Southeastern Geographer

Author: David M. Cochran Jr.
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 1469609010
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Although distracting from its potential for popular digestion, the academic
analysis of the landscape patterns created by the actions of alligator hunters, and
alligators themselves, occupies a literary space as untrammeled as the
Everglades these characters inhabited. references Grunwald, M. 2006. The
swamp: the Everglades, Florida, and the politics of paradise. New York: Simon
and Schuster. Ray, J. 1999. Ecology of a cracker childhood. Minneapolis, MN:
Milkweed Editions.

Southeastern Geographer

Author: Robert Brinkmann
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 0807882879
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Florida Senate (Committee on Environmental Preservation and Conservation).
2009 (September). Chapter 373, F.S., Water Resources Interim Report 2010-114.
Tallahassee: Florida Senate. Gleik, P.H. 1998. Water in crisis: Paths to
sustainable water use. Ecological Applications 8:571–579. Green, D. 2007.
Managing Water: Avoiding Crisis in California. Berkeley: University of California
Press. Grunwald, M. 2006. The Swamp: The Everglades, Florida and the Politics
of Paradise.

Sej Journal

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The definitive tale of human miscues in Florida's swamp The Swamp: The
Everglades, Florida and the Politics of Paradise by Michael Grunwald Simon &
Schuster, $27 Reviewed by CRAIG PITTMAN Although it's been around for
centuries, you could argue that the Everglades started with a book. When it was
published in 1947, Marjory Stoneman Douglas' classic "The Everglades: River of
Grass" stirred nationwide interest in saving South Florida's boggy wilderness.
These days ...

21st Century Geography

Author: Joseph P. Stoltman
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 141297464X
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Finding the political “sweet spot”: Sectional interests, consensus power, and the
Everglades Restudy (1992–2000). Environment and Planning A, 40, 766–784.
Gerber, J. (1997). Beyond dualism—the social construction of nature and the
natural and social construction of human beings. Progress in Human Geography,
21, 1–17. Grunwald, M. (2006). The swamp: The Everglades, Florida, and the
politics of paradise. New York: Simon & Shuster. Harvey, D. (1973). Social justice
and the ...

Book Review Digest

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Florida, and the politics of paradise; Michael Grunwald. 45 Op il maps 2005
Simon & Schuster 1. Everglades (Fla.) — Environmental conditions ISBN 0-
74325-105-9 LC 2005-56329 SUMMARY: "Mr. Grunwald, a reporter for The
Washington Post tells three intertwined stories in "The Swamp.1 [He begins with]
... the creation of the Everglades, the unique 'river of grass' whose exotic wildlife
and vegetation held naturalists like John James Audubon spellbound, and traces
the. . . efforts to ...

Water Earth Fire Louisiana S Natural Heritage

Author: Paul A. Keddy
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781465316684
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Advance Praise This is an impressive guide to the magical and bountiful world of Louisiana nature, and an excellent primer in why we should save itnot only for the sake of pelicans and woodpeckers and tupelos, but for the sake of ourselves.

U S News World Report

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Today, half the Everglades is gone, thanks to a massive mid- 20th-century flood-
control and drainage project by the Army Corps of Engineers and a booming
agricultural economy, which together with other changes brought 7 million
residents to south Florida. As the state's restoration project continues— and
Louisiana struggles with its own plans to restore wetlands— Grunwald's new
book, The Swamp: The Everglades, Florida, and the Politics of Paradise, offers
plenty of cautionary ...