The R B Indies E To L

Author: Bob McGrath
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... of the information herein by genuine researchers and compilers; a full and
correct credit to this book should be given in any other published work. to include
the main title. compiler and publisher. Ahhough every effort has been made to
provide correct information the author and publisher ac cept no responsibility
whatsoever for any errors in this book. Side effects may include eyestrain. light
headed ness. dizziness and nausea. McGrath. R. J. (Roberl. James) The R&B
Indies. second ...

Hortus Cantabrigiensis

Author: James Donn
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E. Indies. 1793 July. S. l. Nephrödium auriculátum, H.s.l. Aspidium auriculátum, w
. 21 rhomboideum, schott. ye. rhomboid. E. Indies. ...... Apr.-J' S. l. Aspidium
rhomboideum, wall. 22 discrétom, J.s Mith. ye. heat. Nepaul. ...... May-A. S. li.
Aspidium ... Aspidium proliferum, HookER et GREv. 92 MESOCHLENA, R.B.Row
N. MESOCHLAETNA. N. O. POLYPODIA'CEAE. 1 javánica, R.B.RowN. ye.
Javanese. Java. ...... May-A. S.N. 2 asplenioides, J.s Mith. ye. Asplenium-like. E.
Indies. ...... S. l.

Encyclopaedia Of Plants

Author: John Claudius Loudon
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Sp. is-19. _ 3!icom<'~sa J . close.-piked Q [Z§]or 1 Caraccas 1752. R ml JL 113-
Tll'- V- 3 41) Galfinga I . loose-flowered f [Zflclt 6 oc.t' \'V.\' E. Indies R s.l R"-_l"1< 5
- L 33 41 racemf-sa Ros. ... Roxb. cardamoms f_ [E clt 8 an W.|> I-L Indies 1815.
R s.l 3. mil 11- 1-4» 5 49 spicata Rorb. spiked f [Kim 9 Sumatra 1822. R r.m 50
iiibulita bill tubular i [Ear 2 R Ix-m.-miraiseo. R s.\ Bot reiz.'/'77 51 Allfighas W.
Ceylon Q [Kjor 9 f.m R E. Indies 1796. R s.l Bot. Np. 501 9. HELL!-YNIA. RB. Hiii.

The United Service Magazine

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Com. R. Owen, West Indies. Thunderer, 84, Capt. W. F. Wise, C.B. Mediter.
Tribune, 24, Capt. J. Tomkinson, Mediter. Trinculo, 16, Com. J. R. Booth, coast of
Africa. Tyne, 28, Capt. Visc. Ingestrie, C. B. Medit. Vernon, 50, Capt. J. M'Kerlie,
Medit. Vestal, 26, Capt. W. Jones, West Indies. - Victor, 16, Com. R. Crozier, East
Indies. Victory, 104, Adm. Sir T. Williams, G.C.B.,Capt. ... E. R. Williams,
Portsmouth. Viper, 6, Lieut. L. A. Robiuson, Plymouth. volage, 28, Capt. G. B.
Martin, C.B. Mediter.


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... 'Jjii P.O. BOX 048 • WALNUT, CA 81788 • PH. (808) 505-2144 • FAX (800) 508-
7028 ^N t N f £k [hi H.h\ E N r COMPANY Indies New Sounds TOP ADULT
1 RAP-A-LOT (11) 2 3 4 5 6 7 PRIORITY (3) TOMMY BOY (10) RUTHLESS (4)
DEATH ROW(l) LUKE (5) WRAP (2) 8 PROFILE (5) 9 SIC WID IT (6) 10 TMR(l)
Top Indie R&B Album Distributing Labels Pos. LABEL (No. Of Charted Albums) 1

Sweet S Hortus Britannicus

Author: Robert Sweet
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W. Indies. 29 diversifolius. Dc. (y.p.) different-leav'd. E. Indies. 30 heterophy'llus.
Dc.(w.p.)various-leaved. N. S. W. 31 cannabinus. Dc. (y.p.) Hemp-leaved. E.
Indies. 32 vitifolius. Dc. 35 esculéntus. L.en.(y.p. 36 longifolius. Dc. 37
moscheutos. ... Indian. (y.r.) fingered. 64 digitätus. pc. {3 Kerriànus. Dc.(w.r. 65
tricaspis. Dc. (ye. (st.p.) Bladderketmia. Italy. - - (y.p.) hispid. 60 africanus, R.B. (st.
p.) African. C. B. S. Africa. N. S. W. Africa. E. Indies. Brazil. Ker's. Rio Janeiro.
sharp-pointed. Society ...

Sweet S Hortus Britannicus

Author: Robert Sweet
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1108079202
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Е. Indies.. 52 phœníceus. B.R. (cr.) crimson-Howl S.America. 53 hirtus. L. sc.)
hairy. . E. Indies. 54 Rosa malabárica. (se.) Malabar Rose. -~ -55 rliombifò
(wh.) rhomb-leaved. ————-——— 56 gossypìnus. Dc. (re.) cottony. C. B. S. 57
micránthus. DC. (ye.) small-ñowered. E. Indies. 58 Triònum. Dc. (зим)
BladderKetnńa.Ita1y. 59 hispidus. B.R. (y.p.) hispid. C. В. S. 60 africanos. R.B. (
stp.) African. Africa. 61, Richardsônî. (st.) Richardson's. N. S. W. 62 vesicàlius. DC
. (stp.) African.

Women Writing The West Indies 1804 1939

Author: Evelyn O'Callaghan
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134440960
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(l994) Gendered Testimony: Autobiographies, Diaries and Letters by Women as
Sources for Caribbean History: The l994 Elsa Goveia Memorial Lecture,
University of the West Indies, Mona: Dept. of History. — (l995) "Text, Testimony
and Gender; ... Brodber, E, (l 980) Jane and I jouisa Will Soon Come Home,
London: New Beacon. (l982) Perceptions of Caribbean Women: Towards a ...
Cassidy, F. G. and R. B. LePage (eds.) (l980) Dictionary of Jamaican English,
2nd edn., Cambridge: ...

An Encyclop Dia Of Plants

Author: John Claudius Loudon
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328 47 matica Rorb. spurless Y: AJ or 5 au W .E. Indies 1811, R s.l 48
Cardamómum Rorb. cardamoms Yo [A] clt 8 au W.P. E. Indies 1815. R. s.l. R. mal
. 11. t. ... or 2 Sumatra 1822. R r.m. 50 tubuláta B.R. tubular Y: [ZN) or 2 R
Demarara 1820. R s.l. Bot. reg. To 51 Allāghas W. Ceylon y: [A] or 2 fim R E.
Indies 1796. R s.l. Bot. rep. 501 9. HELLE/NIA. R.B. HelleNiA. Scitaminear. Sp. 1.
52 carrúlea Br. blue y: [ZN or 2 ... Sp. 6—13. 61 arábicus L. Arabian y usal or 2 all
both Ind. 1752.

Stati Uniti On The Road 99 Itinerari Tematici Attraverso Gli Usa

Publisher: EDT srl
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... il blues e il jazz affondano le loro radici in luoghi che distano al massimo 500
miglia (800 km) l'uno dall'altro. Non esiste al mondo un luogo che possa vantare
un universo sonoro di tale importanza da influenzare il resto del mondo quanto il
Sud degli Stati Uniti: è qui che affondano le radici di blues, rock'n'roll, country e
jazz; per non parlare di gospel, bluegrass, soul, funk e R&B, che qui sono
cresciuti; o ancora l'alternative e l'indie rock, che qui hanno studiato per diventare
grandi; ...