The Propeller Under The Bed

Author: Eileen A. Bjorkman
Publisher: University of Washington Press
ISBN: 0295741457
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A Personal History of Homebuilt Aircraft Eileen A. Bjorkman. part-time, either for
pleasure or professionally, piloting jump planes for skydivers, towing gliders into
the air, or instructing students. It's much harder to be a full-time pilot and an
engineer on the side; few businesses hire part-time engineers, although some
pilots design airplanes in their spare time. Even for a person with enough time
and talent, engineering an airplane isn't a process that goes in a straightline, from
the ...

Aviation Week Space Technology

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As a member of the Experimental Aircraft Association (E. A. A. #13237), I have
been pursuing a similar design for use as an STOL private light plane. In August
of 1963 I had the pleasure of visiting Mr. Zimmerman while he was director of
aeronautical research at NASA and personally discussing the development and
flight test program of the Chance- Vought V-173, the flying test bed ... This project
represents a most remarkable and unfinished chapter in the history of aviation. I
am sure ...

Aviation News

Author: Robert Hudson Wood
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Capital Drive Airport, Inc., Milwaukee, to operate airports, manufacture and sell
airplanes, with 100 shares of $100 preferred stock, and 500 shares no par
common stock, incorporated by L. A. Kern. Alfred J. Sweifel and Mary H. ... FIRST
QUIET PROPELLER—The first propeller manufacturer who comes out with a
multi-bladed slow-turning quiet propeller for personal planes, even if it costs a
little more than present-day propellers, may very likely pocket himself a very neat
profit. The little ...

The Aopa Pilot

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Keep those cards and letters going LIMITED. The Derringer prototype, first flown
in 1962, had fixed-pitch propellers and 115-hp engines. TO ASSURE PROPER
WARRANTY PROTECTION. NARCO ... Type certification under Civil
Aeronautical Regulation (CAR) Part 3 was accomplished in December 1966. The
base ... It was used as a test bed for more than 1,400 hours and is now Wing's
personal aircraft.

Aircraft Aerospace Asia Pacific

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The Atmotic, which was to cruise at 100 kph, was a zeppelin-like craft, under
which would be slung an iron car carrying the boilers for stream-driven propellers
on the sides of the hydrogen-filled balloon. In 1853 Sir George Cayley sent his
coachman aloft on the first manned flight in history in a fixed-wing aircraft, one of
his larger experimental gliders. After an erratic flight of several hundred feet it
settled back to earth, with the servant resigning on the spot. In 1874 a steam -
powered ...

Journal Of Aircraft

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... diverse history [1]. Having played a test-bed role for solving challenging
problems at early stages of the rotary-wing development (for example, an
introduction of flap hinges to make possible a stable and controllable vertical
flight), the ... Notwithstanding that this airworthiness standard provides simple
requirements for dynamic stability mainly due to the nature of the autogiro
community (homebuilt aircraft), it does not specify any direct handling qualities
criteria. It is worth noting that ...

Vickers Armstrongs Wellington

Author: Ken Delve
Publisher: Crowood Press (UK)
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Ken Delve. Trials Use Wellington llI BK461 was used by Dunlop for tests on their
Compacta tyre (right) at Honiley in 1945; one of many trials uses of the
Wellington that we have not had time to cover in this history. Harry Holmes One of
a number of Wellingtons used as engine test beds, W5389 is seen here with an
experimental Whittle W2B engine in the tail and with four-bladed propellers on its
Merlin 62s. Peter Green Collection WWiVTM"' (Below) A Wellington X of 201 AFS
out of.

Sport Aviation

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The test bed for the PIK-20E was a non-motorized sailplane called the PIK-20D.
The "D" and the Mosquito are comparable ships. When Herr Hanle and his team
created the Mosquito some ten years ago, they had no idea that his Mosquito
would someday really buzz. And buzz it does. In some 50 hours of flight (10
hours engine time, 40 hours sunpower), the project remains not only successful
but a tremendously creative and rewarding challenge. $3100 in engine, prop and
materials ...

Japanese Technical Abstracts

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Sawamoto, Masaki; Yamashita, Toshihiko; Akiyama, Yoshinobu (To- hoku Univ.)
Coast Eng Jpn 29 : 119-128,1986. English. The authors of this article study the
stability of a sand bed under wave actions, theoretically. They analyze over
rippled beds, by introducing Oseen approximation which enables them to
evaluate the bed shear stress distribution. In order to evaluate the nonequilibrium
sand transport rate, the authors adopt a stochastic approach, based on the
mechanism of sand ...