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Kt 1. P o #kton h) 21. #o B Q takes K P (ch) - l o 6th (ch) 22. R. 11. K to Q 2nd to K
sq Q to o 8th (If K to B sq. Black takes the Q Kt with his 23. K to Q 2nd 24. K to Q B
3rd Rook, and wins easily.) 11. B to Q 3rd 25. K to Kt 2nd And White resigns. ...
CELEBRATION of THE PRINCEss Royal's Wedding Ar BraMINgh A.M.–The
festivities in this town on Monday in honour of the Boyal marriage were on an
extensive scale, and were carried out with gro spirit and success; A dinner, was
given by ...

The Youth S Companion

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With a splintering sound the top of the box at last yielded to Robert's tugging, and
then they saw underneath it a letter addressed to Lois. “It's godmother's writing !”
she cried, as she opened it. She read it aloud: “Dear Lois and Robert. Perhaps
you think that boxes are busy only at Christmas time, and that the expressman
takes a vacation during the rest of the year. That is not so. Perhaps you will laugh
when I explain that I am a vacation box. "With best wishes for a happy summer, I
am, ...