The Practice House

Author: Laura McNeal
Publisher: Little a
ISBN: 9781503937253
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Laura McNeal's novel is a monumental love story that is, like Aldine McKenna herself, deeply human and truly unforgettable.

The Practice And Privileges Of The Two Houses Of Parliament

Author: Alpheus Todd
Publisher: Toronto ; Rogers & Thompson
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The practice , TMatedfor the" m respect has long been, not to send such bills by
the Koyal assent. Masters in Chancery, but for the Clerk of the House of . Lords to
deliver them privately (h) to one of the Clerks of the House of Commons ; and if
there be any doubt which are, or are not, bills proper for the Speaker to present,
the Clerk of the House of Lords, in delivering a list of the bills ready for the Royal
Assent, desires that the Speaker would mark in that list which of them appear to
him ...

The Practice Of Home

Author: Charles Goodrich
Publisher: Lyons Press
ISBN: 9781592284160
Size: 70.95 MB
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A refreshing look at parenting, love, and building one's own house.

A Treatise On The Practice Of Committees Of The House Of Commons With Reference Especially To Private Bills

Author: Charles Frere
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From the analogy of the practice of the House in this respect, it might be
supposed, that it would be incumbent on the Member either to retire from the
room or to record his vote. But inasmuch as in the declaration, which each
member is by order of the House bound to sign, he declares that he will not vote
on any question which may arise “without having duly heard and attended to the
evidence relating thereto,” it is clear that he is not bound to vote on every
question which may arise, ...

The Practice In The House Of Lords On Appeals Writs Of Error And Claims Of Peerage With A Compendious Account Of Dignities To Which Is Prefixed An Introductory Historical Essay On The Appellate Jurisdiction

Author: John Palmer
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No Writis issued by the House of Lords. From what Court then could it now issue?
and to whom would it be directed? It is understood that the standing Order of
December, 1661, does not apply to Scotch or Irish Writs of Error, except as to the
time for assigning Errors. Yet there can be no doubt that if there should be any
material omission or blunder in the Transcript, the House would make an Order to
have it set right; so that a Certiorari would be unnecessary. However, the practice
of ...

A Treatise Upon The Practice Of The Court Of Chancery

Author: Murray Hoffman
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(3) By an order of the House of Lords of March, 1763, a cross appeal must be
filed within one week after an answer put in to the original appeal, or the same
shall not be received.(4) (l) The suit abated by the death of the appellant, and the
scire facias to revive was served on two infants. On motion ofthe respondent, a
guardian ad Ii'lem was assigned them by the court, and notice was served upon
the person appointed. Upon proof of this service, a motion was made to take up
the cause, ...

Remaking Respectability

Author: Victoria W. Wolcott
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 1469611007
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Like the practice house for young men, this center gave young women, children
of families on relief, intensive training for eight weeks and paid no wages but
provided room and board. After the young women completed the course, wpa
workers placed them as livein domestic servants in private homes.93 This
practice house was rented from the Second Baptist Church and had formerly
been the Big Sisters' Home, where black women had held club meetings, training
programs, and ...

The Practice Of Perspective

Author: Jean Dubreuil
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Roof s of Houses in Perspečive. O OF S are made of different Heights according
to their Materials. Those of Slate are the most upright of all. Their usual Measure
is an equilateral Triangle ; i. e. their Slope, or the Declivity of the Roof, is equal to
the Width of the House. Thus, in the little Figure at the Bottom of the pré. sent
Plate, CA, or C B, is equal to A B. Others make the Breadth A B equal to the
Punchion, or middle Top, DC, which is higher. But that Pračtice is much less
usual than the ...