The Plastic Mind

Author: Sharon Begley
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1472103564
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In this groundbreaking book, highly respected science writer Sharon Begley documents how this fundamental paradigm shift is transforming both our understanding of the human mind and our approach to deep-seated emotional, cognitive and ...

The Life Of Reason

Author: George Santayana
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
ISBN: 1465523677
Size: 46.58 MB
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There would be more profit in taking one another frankly by the hand and walking
together along the outskirts of real knowledge, pointing to the material facts which
we all can see, nature, the monuments, the texts, the actual ways and institutions
of men; and in the presence of such a stimulus, with the contagion of a common
interest, the plastic mind would respond of itself to the situation, and we should
be helping one another to understand whatever lies within the range of our fancy,

The Christian Examiner And General Review

Author: Francis Jenks
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The plastic mind of infancy and childhood must be formed to the consciousness,
the love, and the belief of the truth as it is in Jesus. It has been said, that a man
should not be able to remember the time when he did not believe in a God.
Equally true is it, as it seems to us, that he should not be able to remember the
time when he did not believe in Christ as the Son of God ; when he was a doubter
of the reality, or a stranger to the conditions or the influences, of the Christian

The Press

Author: John McCreery
Size: 57.35 MB
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Aided by thee—O Art sublime! our race Spurns the opposing bonds of time and
space, With same's swift flight to hold an equal course, And taste the stream from
reason's purest source; Vice, and her hydra sons, thy powers can bind, And cast
in virtue's mould the plastic mind; Yet some there are—whose dread unhallowed
hand, To deeds of guilt thine energies command, For giddy youth's unguarded
hour prepare The luring tale—the foul immoral snare. Ye pests—whose means of

Sources Of Indian Traditions

Author: Rachel Fell McDermott
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231510926
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In Islam also, enlightenment must precede reform; and, before there can be a
renovation of religious life, the mind must first escape from the bondage which
centuries of literal interpretation and the doctrine of “conformity” have imposed
upon it. The formalism that does not appeal to the heart of the worshipper must
be abandoned; externals must be subordinated to the inner feelings; and the
lessons of ethics must be impressed on the plastic mind; then alone can we hope
for that ...

The Science Of Mind Formation And The Process Of The Reproduction Of Genius Elaborated Involving The Remedy For All Our Social Evils

Author: Robert PEMBERTON (F.R.S.L.)
Size: 32.17 MB
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... and every sound will be reproduced on their minds. Speech, oratory, and
music, are the true powers that alone can imprint upon the plastic minds of infants
all languages and harmonies, sound being the electric force that imprints all
languages on the minds of children in every nation. Hence the natural infant
university resolves into and unfolds itself rim scrsnca or MIND-FORMATION. 25.

Fundamentals Of Christian Education

Author: Ellen Gould Harmon White
Publisher: Review and Herald Pub Assoc
ISBN: 9780828011877
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... they are not fit to be brought into connection with children, and to bear the
grave responsibilities placed upon them, of educating these children and youth.
They lack the higher education and training in themselves, and they know not
how to deal with human minds. There is the spirit of their own insubordinate,
natural hearts that is striving for the control, and to subject the plastic minds and
characters of children to such a discipline, is to leave scars and bruises upon the
mind that 260 ...

Piecing The Fragments Of A Motion Picture Film

Author: Luther Burbank
Publisher: The Minerva Group, Inc.
ISBN: 1414701217
Size: 73.73 MB
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It is conceivable that one might become a good cook — a master chef, even —
without the slightest reference to, or knowledge of, the structural formation of
animal cells and vegetable cells. Or that one might succeed as a teacher of the
young — might become, even, a nation-wide authority on molding the plastic
mind of youth — without ever being assailed by the thought that the forbears of
the nimble-minded children in his care, ages and ages ago, may have been
swinging from tree ...

Flowers Of Literature For Or Characteristic Sketches Of Human Nature And Modern Manners

Author: Francis William Blagdon
Size: 35.13 MB
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... by thee, O art sublime! our race Spurns the opposing bonds of time and space;
With Fame's swift flight to hold an equal course, And taste the streams from
Reason's purest source. Yet some there are, whose dread, unhallow'd hand, To
deeds of guilt thine energies command, For giddy youth's unguarded hour
prepare The luring tale, the foul, immoral snare. May Vice, thy pow'rs, in these our
pages, find, To cast in Virtue's mould the plastic mind. ... wo THE LOVE OF OUR

Yoga Lessons For Developing Spiritual Consciousness

Author: A. P. Mukerji
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
ISBN: 1465579001
Size: 16.67 MB
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... form the variouslines of communication between theEgoand thenonego,
between the Selfand the notself, between purusha—to use the technicality of our
Sankaya Philosophy—and Prakriti. The plastic mind ofthe child, like the
photographer's sensitized plate is exposed to stimuli from the external world.
Impressions from outside— the environmental CHAPTER V. DOUBLE ...