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It includes solid, clear information in a single volume, offering with clarity and scholarship a breadth of topics unavailable anywhere else. This book also includes many surprises readers can only find by browsing.

Encyclopedia Of Mississippi

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Natchez developed on the Mississippi River upstream from New Orleans. On the
Pearl, Simon Favre made his settlement well up the river and, later, John Ford
settled upstream from him. On the Pascagoula, the voyageurs who intended to
farm left the lower harbor to hunters and fishermen and moved above the marsh.
Of the river settlements, however, those on the Mississippi were more numerous,
more important, and wealthier. Although they were overshadowed by the
Mississippi, ...

Encyclopedia Of Mississippi Indians

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Such Cherokees also as reside at present out of the nation and shall remove with
them in two years west of the Mississippi shall be entitled to allowance for
removal and subsistence as above provided. ARTICLE 8. The United States
agree to appoint suitable agents who shall make a just and fair valuation of all
such improvements now in the possession of the Cherokees as add any value to
the lands; and also of the ferries owned by them, according to their net income;
and such ...

The Oxford Encyclopedia Of The Civil War

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Situated on a high bluff above the eastern bank of the Mississippi, and protected
from the north and south by hills and swamps, Vicksburg was vulnerable only
from the east. But the failure of the December offensive had convinced Grant that
the long supply lines needed to support an approach from the east could too
easily be broken by Confederate cavalry. Out of necessity, he established a new
base of operations at Milliken's Landing on the west side of the Mississippi.
Throughout ...

The New Encyclopedia Of Southern Culture

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In she passed the Mississippi literacy test and became a registered voter. She
then became a field secretary for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
, organizing voter registration campaigns and working to obtain welfare and other
benefits for underprivileged black families. While returning by bus from a voter
registration workshop, she was arrested and severely beaten for attempting to
use the restroom in a bus station in Winona. Meanwhile, she had worked with ...

The New Encyclopedia Of Southern Culture

Author: James W. Ely Jr.
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On 29 March 1956, with the blessing of Governor James P. Coleman, Mississippi
created the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission as part of the executive
branch of its government “to do and perform any and all acts... to protect the
sovereignty of the State of Mississippi... from encroachment thereon by the
Federal Government.” Though the State Sovereignty Commission in Mississippi
was soon to be identified as the state's “segregation watchdog agency,” neither
the word ...

The New Encyclopedia Of Southern Culture

Author: Martin Melosi
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University of Mississippi James D. Borden and Roger W. Brucker, Beyond
Mammoth Cave: A Tale of Obsession in the World's Longest Cave (2000); Roger
W. Brucker and Richard A. Watson, The Longest Cave (1976); Horace Carter
Hovey, One Hundred Miles in Mammoth Cave in 1880: An Early Exploration of
America's Most Famous Cavern (1982); Johnny Molloy, A Falcon Guide to
Mammoth Cave National Park (2006); Robert K. Murray and Roger W. Brucker,
Trapped! The Story ...

Political Encyclopedia Of U S States And Regions

Author: Donald P. Haider-Markel
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In 1540 the Spaniard Hernando de Soto was the first European to explore the
Mississippi area, and in 1682 the Frenchman René-Robert Cavelier de La Salle
claimed the region for France. By 1731 the French settlement along the
Mississippi River had destroyed the Natchez nation. Britain won the Mississippi
territory after the French and Indian War (1754–1763), and Spain seized the land
after the American Revolutionary War. The Spanish finally ceded the region to
the United ...

The New Encyclopedia Of Southern Culture

Author: Thomas C. Holt
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The Legal Educational Advisory Committee would soon be converted into a tax-
supported “permanent authority for maintenance of racial segregation” in
Mississippi. In the immediate aftermath of the Supreme Court's Brown v. Board of
Education ruling in May 1954, Louisiana joined other Deep South states by
creating the Louisiana Joint Legislative Committee on Segregation, better known
as the Rainach Committee— after an all-powerful state senator, Willie M.
Rainach. A year later ...