Man Of Clay

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Humans have much in common with frogs. Metamorphosis parallels the reactions of mud and glaze in a kiln. Man of Clay is about family, frogs and art. The kiln fires hotter than the crematorium.

The Red Clay Desert

Author: Joe Allen
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595479863
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Someone has been usin' this place.” The man at the top of the stairs had slipped
on a heavy coat, and he slide a revolver inside one sleeve. “Who are you people,
” he said. “We are your neighbors,” Temple said. “We didn't know there was
anyone here. We will move on as soon as we can get everyone back in the
wagons.” “Where's your men?” “They're huntin' deer.” “Have you got food?” “We
have,” Temple said. “I'll get you some bread and cheese if you're hungry.” “I hear
voices from ...

Mable S Place

Author: Jon Bever
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
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Clay took off early for lunch, stopped at the florist to buy his beautiful wife some
flowers, and continued home to surprise her. Clay was the one who got the
surprise. There was his wife in bed with another man while the kids were in
school. Clay flew into a rage and literally beat the snot out of him. The next day,
the police showed up at work and hauled Clay off to jail for assault. His wife and
her lover concocted a story that made Clay appear to be the abuser. The
evidence was clear ...

Staggering Secrets In The Clay Tablets

Author: Noel Stevens
Publisher: iUniverse
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We sat down at a place five kilometers from the city, which today is called
Mayuam-i-issa, which means in Latin, “The place where Jesus sat down.”
Translator's Note: The place still bears this name today. 4. Jesus said, “A man
named Paul in Jerusalem, with every breath threatens my disciples with death.
He has gone to the high priest and asked him for letters of authority for the
Hebrew synagogues in Damascus, to seek out all of the Christian persuasion,
men and women, and carry ...

The Little Clay Cart

Author: Arthur Llewellyn Basham
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791417256
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No, they are really asleep! [He looks around.] A drum, a lute, a flute, some books.
This must be the house of a music teacher! I decided on this job because from
outside it looked like a rich man's place, but they're really quite poor, or perhaps
they've buried their valuables for fear of the government or of burglars. maitreya [
talking in his sleep] I say old man, there's a hole in the wall. Look, there's a thief.
You take this golden box! śarvilaka I wonder whether he's seen me and is making
fun ...

Clay Allison

Author: John A. Truett
Publisher: Sunstone Press
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"Good to see you again, Doctor Colbert," John said, "The Doc's on his way back
to Cimarron and stopped to see our place," Clay told him, "You can tell we have a
ways to go, Doctor," John said and dismounted, holding the reins. "Well, Clay,
looks like ... After the last wagon had been emptied, Clay gave the remaining
payment to the driver and the wagons started back to Elizabethtown, A man on
horseback passed them and rode over to the Allisons and Ben Colbert, reigning
to a stop.

The Man Of Clay

Author: Hiram Wallace Hayes
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"And I presume they are here, too, if you could only place your fingers upon them,
" replied its male escort. "Human nature, I fancy, has not greatly changed since
the time of Bizet. Hey, Armstrong?" "Since Bizet?" replied a third of the party of
some half a dozen persons, which just then emerged from the door of the hotel. "
Not since the days of Cain." "Oh, come now, Armstrong, can't you start the day in
a better frame of mind than that?" asked his companion. "I suppose I could, but
what's ...

Creation Out Of Clay

Author: Brother Thomas
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
ISBN: 0802838707
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The place is named Peniel, the place of seeing or turning to God - the source of
inspiration. Brother Thomas has devoted more than forty years to wrestling with
the materials, with the spirit within his soul, with the search for the divine and the
beautiful, and has presented us with these gifts of splendor and transformation.
Through his encounter with the "man", the "angel," and the presence of the divine
, Brother Thomas has enabled us to share in these creations of clay. It is our hope
that ...