The Lilac Bouquet

Author: Carolyn Brown
Publisher: Montlake Romance
ISBN: 9781503943551
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Come hell or high water, Emmy Jo Massey will have a wedding.

Formulary Of Perfumery

Author: Gattefosse
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113621979X
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bouquets should be accompanied by the so-called “head” odours, the lighter and
more volatile ones—to accord with the olfactory mechanism—as well as by
heavier and less volatile bouquets, the bases or fixatives. Cedrat bouquets and
those of complexes similar to those used to prepare eau-de-Cologne are
examples of the lighter odours. The bouquets of white flowers such as orange-
flower, jasmine, bouvardia, hawthorn, narcissus, or those of red flowers or roses,
purple lilac, ...

Susella S Legacy

Author: Sharon Tate
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 144978867X
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Four distinct flowers say “Mother” to me. The first one is a rose, especially the
pink one. When planting the memoriam rosebushes I chose a pink for her, yellow
for my favorite, and red in honor of Daddy (red was his favorite color. I recall
many gifts of red dresses from Daddy including some even after I was grown).The
second flower that says “Mother” is the lilac. Each spring when I glimpse or smell
lilacs, I go back in time when there was always a fresh lilac bouquet in the living

Then Sings My Soul

Author: Philip D. Smith
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 149083589X
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She's too little to be talking like that.” Bobby chuckled. “Probably from Sarah.
Sarah's always worried about her privacy and who's interfering or invading it.”
Cora stepped up to the lilac bush and bent to sniff one of the blooms. “Goodness,
these smell delicious. I think tomorrow I'll make a lilac bouquet and put them in
the living room.” Bobby watched as his mother doodled with the flowers. She was
a pretty woman; he knew that. His friends were always telling him that he had the
prettiest ...

Winning Bouquet Combinations

Publisher: Florists' Review
ISBN: 9780971486072
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Lilac Syringa Design Tip: Begin this hand-tied bouquet by clustering lilacs for the
center, Arrange Veronicas, Frees/as, Ageratum and heath around the lilac cluster
to create a fringy collar of blossoms. Bind the stems with waterproof tape, and
cover the binding with ribbon. Create an eight-loop "ribbon candy" bow with
progressively smaller loops. Simultaneously secure the loops and attach the bow
to the bouquet with a cluster of pearl-headed corsage pins. Speedwell Veronica
Freesia ...


Author: Diane Wagner
Publisher: Hearst Books
ISBN: 1588166317
Size: 78.85 MB
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flowers. supplies. 10 stems cream roses 8 stems pale peach roses 5 stems
champagne sweetheart roses 3–4 stems white lilac, all greens removed 10 white
stephanotis flowers 25 stems lily of the valley 15 galax leaves 28-gauge floral
spool wire small floral foam bouquet holder lace-trimmed cone to fit back of
holder (these come commercially prepared with lace or you can add your own
trim) 10 premade white stephanotis stems hot glue gun ...

Amateur Barbarians

Author: Robert Cohen
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781439165119
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Hard to believe this shrunken wreck was the great and powerful Don, who strode
honking down the corridors like an SUV. Fortunately he was asleep at the
moment. At least that was how he looked from the doorway, where Oren was still
standing, clutching the lilac bouquet he'd bought downstairs at the gift shop for
$12. Of his own money! When the tulips were only $8! Oh, selfless and charitable,
that was Oren Pierce! Downstairs, entering the lobby, he'd had an intuition of
crossing 97 ...

The Road Home

Author: C.A. Portnellus
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1491770589
Size: 54.30 MB
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... following her directions they rode in near companionable silence, sometimes
with Elise commentating on the scenery like a tour guide. He glanced at her, the
convertible top was down, the breeze played in Elise's hair, throwing it up and
making wild curling waves of it. She looked happy as she sniffed the lilac
bouquet and watched the scenery. He took her hand and put it on his leg. “
Thanks for going out with me tonight, Elise. I am glad you gave me another
chance.” “Thank you too.


Author: E. Landon Hobgood
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 9781449050856
Size: 45.49 MB
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The sight of a man finding such luxuriance to his liking made him uncomfortable.
Harding was clothed in a black silk robe emblazoned with crimson dragons with
matching slippers imported, as was the crimson silk handkerchief he toyed with,
from China. Robert could not help but be amused to watch Harding thread the
delicate cloth through his fingers. The lilac bouquet with which Harding had
perfumed his handkerchief was pleasant but seemed out of place. Robert
considered that ...