Power On The Job

Author: Michael Yates
Publisher: South End Press
ISBN: 9780896084971
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This book effectively deals with the legacy of the Reagan-Bush era: unemployment, underemployment, and the diminishing legal rights of union organizers.

Why Unions Matter

Author: Michael D. Yates
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 1583671919
Size: 65.23 MB
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5; Feldacker, Labor Guide to Labor Law, chap. 5; Robert M. Schwartz and Nick
Thorkelson, The Legal Rights of Union Stewards, 4th ed. (Cambridge, Mass.:
Work Rights Press, 2006), chap. 4. Schwartz, who is a labor law attorney, has
written many other useful and practical books for working people. See them at <
http://www.workrightspress.com/index.html>. Service Employees International
Union, Contract Campaign Manual, parts 2 and 4. For a good description of a
corporate ...

Embedded With Organized Labor

Author: Steve Early
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 1583671889
Size: 24.36 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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It's the latest in a series of easy-to-read guides from Work Rights Press, which
also publishes the author's best-seller, The Legal Rights of Union Stewards. As in
his previous books, Schwartz provides useful sample letters, legal notices, and
answers to commonly asked questions—in this case, about the many different
types of union picketing and strike activity. There are also relevant case citations,
tracking the development of labor law in this area over the past twenty-five years.

Save Our Unions

Author: Steve Early
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 1583674276
Size: 14.39 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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... not just a few.” —NICHELE FULMORE, Teamsters Local 391 and member,
Labor Notes Policy Committee “No observer of the current labor scene writes with
the cutting edge lucidity of Steve Early. His many years of experience as a
national union representative make his work essential reading for anyone trying
to build a new type of labor movement.” —ROBERT M. SCHWARTZ, labor
attorney and author, The Legal Rights of Union Stewards “Unions once had high
hopes that the ...

Nalc Activist

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The following books will be useful for stewards, and anyone else who wants to "
work union." Schwartz, Robert M. The Legal Rights of Union Stewards. 4,h
edition. Cambridge, MA: Work Rights Press. $15.00. The union steward's job is
defined not just by the NALC collective bargaining agreement with the US Postal
Service; every steward operates within the framework of the many federal laws
which cover labor relations in the United States. As the author states in his
preface, this book ...

The Navajo People And Uranium Mining

Author: Doug Brugge
Publisher: UNM Press
ISBN: 9780826337795
Size: 44.47 MB
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Schwartz, R. M. The legal rights of union stewards. 1988. Boston, MA: Work
Rights Press. Sievers, M. L. 1968. Cigarette and alcohol usage by southwestern
American Indians. AJPH 58:71-82. Smith, B. E. 1987. Digging our own graves:
Coal miners and the struggle over black lung disease. Philadelphia, PA: Temple
University Press. Stern, J. 1992. Archival and ethnographic investigations relating
to ten Priority II and eight Priority III project areas associated with the Navajo
Abandoned ...

Union Labor Report S On The Line

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In The FMLA Handbook, a guide for union members and stewards, Schwartz,
who teaches at the Labor Guild of Boston School of Industrial Relations, stressed
the importance of the law and urged that unions secure collective bargaining ...
He pointed out that the law confers "affirmative" benefits in the areas of leave, the
right to return to an original or equivalent job, the use of part-time schedules, and
continued payment of medical insurance during the FMLA leave, among other

Union Of Parts

Author: Kathleen Ann Thelen
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 9780801425868
Size: 50.12 MB
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comparable plant-level powers less directly, and the legal rights of works
councils there if anything now compensate for the weaker political position of the
central unions. ... Between 1972 and 1976 several new laws signif1cantly
extended labor's plant-level rights in Sweden.16 Legislation in the early 197os
established union representation on company boards of directors, strengthened
the rights of union health and safety stewards (and empowered them to halt work
considered ...

The Practice Manager S Law Handbook

Author: Arthur Brown
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470698306
Size: 60.95 MB
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0 Employees have the right to take part in union activities at an appropriate time (
not necessarily with pay): 0 the appropriate time may be either inside working
hours if an arrangement has been made and consent given, otherwise the activity
must be outside working hours. O industrial ... His terms of employment were not
affected, and the only result of the employer's action was to deprive him of his
status as a shop steward and his ability to represent his fellow workers. The Court
of ...