The Legacies Of Albert Schweitzer Reconsidered

Author: Izak J.J. Spangenberg
Publisher: AOSIS
ISBN: 1928396038
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This book on the legacy of Albert Schweitzer contextualises this remarkable intellectualist, humanist, medicine-man, theologian and Nobel Prize winner.

Environmental Ethics

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Schweitzer Reconsidered: The Applicability of Reverence for Life as
Environmental Philosophy David K. Goodin* As the last great philosopher of the
will, Albert Schweitzer rejected the radical individualism of Nietzsche and the ...
and Zbigniew Liana (Lund, Sweden: Lund University Press, 2005): "Just War
Theory and Eastern Orthodox Christianity: A Theological Perspective on the
Doctrinal Legacy of Chrysostom and Constantine-Cyril," Theandros 2/3 (Spring
2005); and "The Noble ...

American Journal Of Public Health

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E. Ernst 524 Use of Nonallopathic Healing Methods by Latina Women at Midlife |
M. B. Laws and N. Carballeira 525 Bair et al. Respond | Y.A. Bair, E.B. Gold, G.A.
Greendale, B. Sternfeld, S.R. Adler, R. Azari, and M. Harkey I EDITOR'S CHOICE
526 Occupational Health, Public Health, Worker Health | M.M. Quinn I
EDITORIALS 527 Haiti's Hospital Albert Schweitzer: The Legacy of Larimer and
Gwen Mellon | S. W Nicholas 529 Community-Based Interventions | K.R.McLeroy,
B. L. ...

J S Bach

Author: Albert Schweitzer
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Albert Schweitzer. underpay German artists, and to "abandon them to the cares of
getting a livelihood", which cares prevent many of them from going on with their
musical training*. The conclusion is "therefore simple"; if the subventions are to
be ... But there were legacies and endowments which the Council * The passage
in the memorial runs: "It is moreover somewhat strange that it is' expected of
German musicians that they should be capable of at once performing ex tempore
every ...

Medicine And The Marketplace

Author: Kenman L. Wong
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
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R. Edward Freeman, cited in Wicks, "Albert Schweitzer or Ivan Boesky?" 344; and
Andrew C. Wicks, "Overcoming the Separation Thesis: The Need for
Reconsideration of Business and Society Research," Business and Society 35,
no. 1 (March 1996): 89-118. 1c. Pietra Rivoli, "Ethical Aspects of Investor
Behavior," Journal of Business Ethics 14, no. 4 (April 1995): 265-277. 16. Wicks, "
Albert Schweitzer or Ivan Boesky?" 344. 17. Ibid. Also see Novak, The Spirit of
Democratic Capitalism, ...

Adlai Stevenson

Author: Porter McKeever
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His Life and Legacy Porter McKeever. Reynolds Metals Company ... will only
increase racial consciousness and solidarity and hasten the day of reckoning
and reconsideration." Business and public ... This time, Adlai fulfilled his ambition
to visit Dr. Albert Schweitzer at his hospital in Lambarene\ where he filled twelve
pages with notes on Schweitzer's observations on theology and philosophy,
nuclear weapons, a definition of culture, and the politics of the cold war. After his
visit to the ...

Cold War Patriot And Statesman Richard M Nixon

Author: Leon Friedman
Publisher: Greenwood Pub Group
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Playhouse, South CssssfOi Moderator Fred I. Greenstein Professor of Politics and
Director Program in Leadership Studio Woodrow Wilson School of Public and
International Affairs Princeton University "Richard Nixon Reconsidered: The
Conservative as Liberal?" Barry D. Riccio Department of ... Albert Schweitzer
Professor of the Humanities The Graduate Center/CUNY CX. Sulzberger Author
and Former ...

Early Keyboard Studies Newsletter

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"^9 And Albert Schweitzer observed, "His organ chorales are worthy imitations of
those of Bach. "30 Clearly ... In Krebs's repertoire was found not one, but virtually
all of Bach's organ works, and in this light, too, one can regard him as the "most
active protector of J. S. Bach's legacy. ... This attitude, which has been particularly
prevalent in evaluating the works of Krebs, needs to be critically reconsidered, for
it makes it difficult to form an objective assessment of his interesting output.

Opera News

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"Everything was always under scrutiny; everything had to be considered and
reconsidered, discussed, thought and rethought, studied and restudied. He
talked about everything openly with everybody. ... Appia was once introduced to
Cosima (by Albert Schweitzer, no less!), but she turned aside his ideas rather
brusquely. Wieland always liked to point out that Appia's ... And Wieland's
physical productions and ideas are a tangible legacy. As his sister has said, he
destroyed — but he ...

The Philosophical Perspective On Sikh View Of Martyrdom

Author: Nirbhai Singh
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New Delhi: OUP, 1999 Lai, K.S., The Legacy of Muslim Rule in India, New Delhi:
Aditya, 1992 Lane-Poole, Stanely, Medieval India Under Muhammadan Rule (
A.D. 712- 1764). New Delhi: D.K. Publishers (Rept in LPP), 2003 ... In LPP), 2006
New Mansur Hallaj, Husain b., Ana ul-Haqq Reconsidered, trans, by Gilani Karan
. New Delhi: Kitab Bhavan, 1994 Padam, Piara ... Phoenix Schweitzer, Albert,
Indian Thought and Its Development. London: Adam & Charles, 1950 Seva Singh
, ...