The Internal Coherence Framework

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"This book provides a compelling call to action for educators to focus improvement work on the 'instructional core' the interactions among students, teachers, and content in classrooms.

Connecting Research And Practice For Educational Improvement

Author: Bronwyn Bevan
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351975668
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Organization Science, 13(2), 128–146. Fishman, B., Penuel, W. R., Allen, A., &
Cheng, B. H. (Eds.) (2013). Designbased implementation research: Theories,
methods, and exemplars: National Society for the Study of Education Yearbook.
New York: Teachers College, Columbia University. Forman, M. L., Stosich, E. L.,
& Bocala, C. (forthcoming). The internal coherence framework: Creating the
conditions for continuous improvement in schools. Cambridge, MA: Harvard
Education Press.

Using Data In Schools To Inform Leadership And Decision Making

Author: Alex J. Bowers
Publisher: IAP
ISBN: 1623967880
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Do respondents understand the meaning of each survey item? • Are respondents
able to answer appropriately, given the response anchors? • What is the factor
structure of each of the survey domains? The significance of this work lies in
developing a valid and reliable tool for collecting data on school IC to inform
continuous improvement efforts. I begin by describing the relationship between
IC and continuous improvement. I discuss the need for advancing the
development of the IC ...

Oecd Reviews Of Evaluation And Assessment In Education Oecd Reviews Of Evaluation And Assessment In Education Luxembourg 2012

Author: Shewbridge Claire
Publisher: OECD Publishing
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In Luxembourg, rewards and sanctions related to (the improvement of) teaching
and learning of students could be targeted at teachers, while directeurs and
inspecteurs could be rewarded or sanctioned for improving school-level
conditions such as creating a coherent curriculum throughout the school.
Rewards can for example include financial bonuses for high performance, or
merit-based salaries. Other sanctions may include increased external monitoring
and follow-up of schools ...

Improving School Leadership Volume 2 Case Studies On System Leadership

Author: OECD
Publisher: OECD Publishing
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The process of improvement, like all developmental processes, is neither
continuous nor linear; it looks more like a process of punctuated equilibrium:
periods of significant increases in performance, followed by periods of
consolidation. Leadership, in this context, is primarily about (a) managing the
conditions under which people learn new practices; (b) creating organisations
that are supportive, coherent environments for successful practice; and (c)
developing the leadership skills ...

Creating Capacity For Learning And Equity In Schools

Author: Mary A. Hooper
Publisher: Routledge
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influence 9 informative assessment 36–7 informing decisions 127 innovation 76
innovative thinking 14 input decisions 127 instructional coherence 26–7, 30, 41–
4; mind map 43 Instructional Leaders 10; CapacityBuilding Feedback 50–1; CR
... Data Informed Continuous Improvement for Learning Inequity 151 learning:
adult 132; commitment to 131–3; as social process 48 learning and equity 4;
changes required for 15; logic of creating capacity for 5–6; requisite cultural
conditions for ...

Managing School Districts For High Performance

Author: Stacey Childress
Publisher: Harvard Education Pr
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The work of systemwide improvement is a continuous process, not an event. It
takes time to develop an improvement strategy; it takes time to test that strategy
against the realities of classrooms, schools, and communities; it takes time to
discover the limits of a strategy and make necessary adjustments; and it takes
time to adapt a strategy to the ever-changing context of accountability systems,
demographic shifts, and new knowledge. The work of ... The PELP Coherence
Framework ...

Strong Performers And Successful Reformers In Education Lessons From Pisa For Korea

Author: OECD
Publisher: OECD Publishing
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Integrated policies have enhanced the systemic development and
interconnectedness of these sectors and have thus promoted more sustainable
and coherent political leadership for their successful implementation. • Strategic
framework ... co-operation in schools. Less competition, more collaboration A key
Finnish lesson is that to prepare themselves for a more competitive economy,
schools and students must compete less. Instead, schools should increase
internal collaboration.

Innovations Through Information Technology

Author: Information Resources Management Association. International Conference
Publisher: IGI Global
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Centre de Recherche en Informatique 90. rue de Tolbiac 75634 Paris cedex 13
France and IAE de Paris (Sorbonne Graduate Business School), Universite"
Paris 1 -Pantheon - Sorbonne, 21, rue Broca 75005 Paris France, Phone : 33 - 1-
53 55 27 13 ; Fax : 33 - 1 - 53 55 27 01 The Nature of Consumer ... Companies
change to better satisfy customer requirements, address increasingly tough
competition, improve internal processes and adapt the products and services
they offer [13].

Bulletin Of The Atomic Scientists

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"Peacebuilding" refers broadly to establishing support structures, such as
fostering social conditions and local institutions that could strengthen peace. "
Peace enforcement" reflects the need to use some amount of armed force in the
pursuit of peace. Finally, "peace support" was a broader term that emerged in
military circles. While peace support more comprehensively refers to the variety
of operations, it lacks the coherent framework that would facilitate its sought-after