The Honeymoon Effect

Author: Bruce H. Lipton
ISBN: 9781781801895
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Just as important, he explains why honeymoons are so often short lived. This book describes how readers manifested the Honeymoon Effect and the reasons they lost it in their lives.

The Advanced Dictionary Of Marketing Putting Theory To Use

Author: Scott Dacko
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 9780199286003
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255 honeymoon effect in different industries and markets (e.g. computing and
business software). Explanations for the phenomenon vary and include the view
that increases in sales at the end of each quarter may be a result of managers of
firms in buying situations making purchases to avoid the loss of budget money
within their firms. KEY WORDS Buying cycle, fiscal performance IMPLICATIONS
To the extent the phenomenon of the hockey stick effect is present in a firm's
industry ...

Atlantis Rising Magazine 121 January February 2017

Author: J. Douglas Kenyon
Publisher: Primedia E-launch LLC
ISBN: 0990690458
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THE HONEYMOON EFFECT: The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth Bruce H.
Lipton, Ph.D. (author of The Biology of Belief) & his partner Margaret M. Horton (
recorded live at the Waipana Conference Center in Mount Wellington, New
Zealand, on April 2016) This presentation is based on Dr. Lipton's book of the
same title wherein he describes how the Honeymoon Effect was not a chance
event or a coincidence but a personal creation. He reveals how we manifest the
Honeymoon ...

Proceedings Of The 2007 Academy Of Marketing Science Ams Annual Conference

Author: Dheeraj Sharma
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319118064
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SPORT MANAGERS Kimberly L. Bogle, Southern New Hampshire University, US
Douglas Blais, Southern New Hampshire University, US ABSTRACT The
purpose of this case study is to examine the honeymoon effect of an AHL team in
a new arena. Data was collected over five years and analyzed to define
characteristics which ...

The Bridge To A Global Middle Class

Author: Walter Russell Mead
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781402073298
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Economists view free lunches with suspicion. In the present context, Clarida
provides a catalogue of reasons for questioning whether the honeymoon effect
will obtain." • Even in the presence of the honeymoon effect (indeed, in order for
the target-zone honeymoon to obtain), the central bank must attach priority to
supporting the exchange rate and disregard all other goals of policy when the
edge of the band is reached.34 The tradeoffbetween competing objectives may
be attenuated ...

A Competency Based Approach For Student Leadership Development

Author: Corey Seemiller
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119484073
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Similarly, leadership educators need to be aware of the problematic issues that
can affect assessment efforts. Rosch and Schwartz (2009) summarized these
issues by describing five negative effects associated with measuring change in
student leadership-related educational outcomes. The “Honeymoon Effect.” The
Honeymoon Effect is specific to the employment of a quantitative or qualitative
assessment of leadership competencies immediately following participation in a

The Post Cold War Presidency

Author: Anthony J. Eksterowicz
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9780847691593
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Approval = Approval, , + Economic Expectations + Negative Events + Positive
Events + Vietnam + Honeymoon + Postcold + (Postcold x Economic Expectations
) Our dependent variable in the analysis is the average monthly approval rating
as reported in Gallup Opinion Reports. Previous research has demonstrated ...
To capture the effects of the Vietnam War, we have included the total number of
military casualties as reported in Ostrom and Simon (I 985). To control for the
effects of ...

Activating Your Ambition

Author: Mike Hawkins
Publisher: Mike Hawkins
ISBN: 1934812412
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This early excitement is the honeymoon effect. It's a great feeling, but it doesn't
last. Once the newness wears off and the honeymoon is over, the excitement
dwindles and progress slows. What was once stimulating becomes mundane.
You become bored. To combat the honeymoon effect, plan for it. Lean on your
motivation. Stay focused on the incremental steps and milestones that give you a
sense of accomplishment. Maintain your discipline. Stay steady. A cousin of the
honeymoon ...

Baseball Between The Numbers

Author: Jonah Keri
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0465003737
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The first four are concerned with a team's success in the near term, while the
latter two evaluate its success over the medium term. Both the current and the
previous season's performance need to be considered carefully since many
baseball tickets are purchased in advance—if the White Sox win a lot of games in
2006, more people will buy 2007 season tickets as a result. Stadium Quality
Variables 1. Seating capacity 2. Stadium quality rating 3. Honeymoon effect
Although seating ...