The Hello Girls

Author: Elizabeth Cobbs
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674971477
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In 1918 the U.S. Army Signal Corps sent 223 women to France to help win World War I. Elizabeth Cobbs reveals the challenges these patriotic young women faced in a war zone where male soldiers resented, wooed, mocked, saluted, and ultimately ...

Author: Clive Barker
ISBN: 9789747597684
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Author: Laurent Binet
ISBN: 9786169205265
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Women War And Work In The Ottoman Empire

Author: Yavuz Selim Karakışla
ISBN: 9789759812560
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society for the employment of Ottoman muslim women, 1916-1923 Yavuz Selim
Karakışla ... "The Hello Girls of the Army Signal Corps," in her: They Also Served:
American Women in World War I, (Colorado: University Press of ... "Women's
Military Services in First World War Britain," in: Margaret Randolph Higonnet et al.


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This was the first time women became official members of the American military.
WDTIs War I In World War I, 230 bilingual telephone operators were recruited
and trained for duty by the Army Signal Corps. They were nicknamed “Hello Girls,
” ...

Ca Te Am Anthem 2007 Mod

Author: Holt Rinehart & Winston
ISBN: 9780030433023
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American military women The vast majority of Americans who served in the
military were men, but some women also signed ... After receiving military and
Signal Corps training, the first 33 "Hello Girls" were sent to Europe in the spring of

Amazons To Fighter Pilots A Q

Author: Reina Pennington
ISBN: 9780313327070
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Sarah J. Purcell Some interesting historical facts about American women and the
military: The first woman awarded a disability pension by Congress for ... These
women, often referred to as the "Hello Girls," were later given veterans' status.

The Western Front 1917 1918

Author: Andrew Wiest
Publisher: Amber
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At a conference of his army commanders Haig explained: 'Depth in defensive
organization is of the first importance. ... merry style of greeting, American women
, known as 'hello girls', performed a vital communications role for the US military
on ...

America History And Life

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EXPEDITIONARY FORCES DURING ... during World War I. which marked the
first time that the US Army employed women in any capacity other than nursing.

The World At War 1914 1918

Author: Jean M. Cannon
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1917 “For Every Fighter a Woman Worker," 1918 LITH OGRAPH LITH O GRAPH
The American Signal Corps Female Telephone ... The women received military
training, wore uniforms, and were subject to the same rules and regulations as
male Signal Corps Soldiers. ... In 1977 President Jimmy Carter signed a bill
instating former Hello Girls as official First World War veterans, and the 50 who
were still ...