The Female Lead

Author: Edwina Dunn
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 147352945X
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For girls, it can be hard to identify role models in our society. This book will help and inspire women everywhere to realize their hopes and ambitions.

A Mirror For The Female Sex

Author: Mrs. Pilkington (Mary)
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Historical Beauties for Young Ladies, Intended to Lead the Female Mind to the
Love and Practice of Moral Goodness. Designed Principally for the Use of Ladies'
Schools Mrs. Pilkington (Mary). in my pocket, I looked forward to better days. But
my happiness was of short duration ; for our ship was taken by the French, and all
my money torn from me. " Our crew was carried into Brest, and many of them died
because they were not used to live in a jail ; but, for my part, it was nothing to me,

The Song Of Everlasting Sorrow

Author: Wang Anyi
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231513097
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Director Li was a southerner, but he had spent a large part of his life in Peking
and so had become a Peking opera aficionado. He now found the local operas of
his hometown of Shaoxing extremely boring. Movies also bored him. The Peking
operas he liked were those featuring female lead roles—and among these he
delighted most in the ones where the lead was played by a man. He thought that
men in female roles were more feminine than women, because only a man could


Author: Jonathan P. J. Stock
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780197262733
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The testimony of the female singer Yang Feifei, active from the mid- 1930s
onwards, sheds some light on the other side of this coin. Yang acknowledged
that her desire was indeed to play young female lead roles. But she also pointed
out that the majority of the female singers were, like her, too young to take older
parts. Further, Yang's favourite roles were tragic ones, she said, and such parts
tended to be the young female lead roles; supporting roles allowed her less
scope for ...

The Weak Subject

Author: Serena Anderlini-D'Onofrio
Publisher: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press
ISBN: 9780838637302
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Female. Lead. to. Writer. Modern Female Actors Western culture offered either
feminine or masculine roles for muses and poets, models and artists. An artistic
endeavor was produced by a man inspired by the desire for a feminine "other."
Models did not paint their own portraits and muses did not write. But a dramatic
text is largely created in a theatrical arena, the result of a collaborative effort.
Although since the English Restoration and French neoclassicism female roles
were played ...

Performance And Cultural Politics

Author: Elin Diamond
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136165959
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model for the female lead, offered nothing innovative. The formulae for
choreographic production — flirtation and angst combined with lavish spectacle
and tour de force dancing — took on the inevitability of mass- manufactured
goods. Performances were not only stereotypic, they were socially and politically
insignificant. Capitalist marketing strategies initiated by producers in the early
1830s pitted one ballerina against another in intensive, objectifying advertising
campaigns and ...

Jet Li Chinese Masculinity And Transnational Film Stardom

Author: Sabrina Qiong Yu
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 0748689559
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For the IMDb fans, the female lead in Li's films is not a woman to be rescued or
conquered, but instead is treated as an equal by the male lead; as a friend, a
buddy. Probably because of this, the fans frequently use terms such as 'sweet', '
endearing', 'cute' and 'touching' to describe the chemistry between Li and his
female screen partners. On the basis of the fans' comments, it is reasonable to
suggest that Li's Hollywood work introduces an interracial male-female buddy
narrative into ...

Central Criminal Court Minutes Of Evidence

Author: Great Britain. Central Criminal Court
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Fourth Jury, before Mr. Sergeant Arabin. 1090. JOHN HUMPHREY and ELLEN
HUMPHREY were indicted for feloniously receiving, on the 26th of March, 281bs.
weight of lead, value 6s., the goods of Francis Milner and another; against the
Statute, &c. Mr. Phillips conducted the Prosecution. Joseph Sims. I am in the
employ of Milner and Son, lead merchants, of 49, Crispin-street, Spitalfields. On
Monday, the 26th of March, the female prisoner brought a quantity of lead to my
master's ...