The Digest Of Roman Law

Author: Justinian
Publisher: Penguin UK
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Codified by Justinian I and published under his aegis in A.D. 533, this celebrated work of legal history forms a fascinating picture of ordinary life in Rome.

Penguin Classics Catalogue

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... Michael Jamieson 9780141441184 JOSEPHUS The Jewish War Translated by
G.A. Williamson and E. Mary Smallwood 9780140444209 JULIAN OFNORWICH
Revelations of Divine Love Translated by Elizabeth Spearing and introduced by
A. C.Spearing 9780140446739 JUSTINIAN The Digest of Roman Law: Theft,
Rapine, Damage and Insult Translated by Colin Kolbert 9780140443431
JUVENAL The Sixteen Satires Translated by PeterGreen 9780140447040 K
TheKabbalistic ...

Being A Roman Citizen

Author: Jane F. Gardner
Publisher: Psychology Press
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The Book Of Firsts

Author: Peter D'Epiro
Publisher: Anchor
ISBN: 9780307476661
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N.Y.: Image Books, 1975. Duncan. David Evving. Calendar: Humanity's Ep'u
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University of ...

Isolationist States In An Interdependent World

Author: Helga Turku
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131711194X
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110 tacitus, The Annals: Book XI, trans. alfred John Church and William Jackson
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Isolationism ...


Author: Peter D'Epiro
Publisher: Anchor
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... Ind: Indiana University Press, 1955. . Metamorphoses. 2 vols., 3d rev. ed.
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On Time Being And Hunger

Author: Juan-Manuel Garrido
Publisher: Fordham Univ Press
ISBN: 0823239357
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_7ournal ofMolecular Biology 3: 3 18-356. Jacob, F., D. Perrin, C. Sanchez, and
Monod. 1960. “L'opéron: Groupe de genes 51 expression coordonnée par un
opérateur.” Comptes Rendues de l'Acade'mie de Sciences 250: 1727-1729. ]
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Evanston, Ill.: Northwestern University Press. Justinian. 1979. The Digest of
Roman Law: Theft, Rapine, Damage and Insult. Translated by C. F. Kolbert.
London: Penguin Books.

Lincoln Law Review

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JUSTINIAN - THE DIGEST OF ROMAN LAW: Theft, Rapine, Damage and Insult,
edited by Betty Radice, translated by C. F. Kilbert, The Penguin Classics,
Penguin Books, England-New York, 1979, pp 191, $3.95. by: TERENCE
FAULKNER* The names of the Third Century A.D. Roman Pretorian Prefects
Papinian and Ulpian are hardly well-known ones to modern law scholars. In their
own times - the era of the later Caesars - these two men were among the
Mediterranean World's ...