The Digest Of Justinian

Author: Alan Watson
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
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This paperback edition presents a corrected English-language text alone, with an introduction by Alan Watson. Links to the three other volumes in the set: Volume 1 [Books 1-15] Volume 2 [Books 16-29] Volume 4 [Books 41-50]

The Second Amendment And Gun Control

Author: Kevin Yuill
Publisher: Routledge
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32 The Digest of Justinian, Vol. 1, transl. and ed., Alan Watson (Philadelphia, PA:
University of Pennsylvania Press, 1985) (book 1, ch. 1, § 1, item 3). 33 Ibid., book
9, ch. 2, § 4. 34 Justinian's Institutes, trans. Peter Birks and Grand McLeod (Ithaca
, New York: Cornell University Press, 1987), book 4, ch. 3. 35 The Digest of
Justinian, Vol. 2, book 43, ch. 16, § 1, item 27. 36 Coside Penale art. 52 (It.); see
also art. 53 (legitimate use of arms as a justification). 37 The Digest of Justinian,

The Morality Of Self Defense And Military Action The Judeo Christian Tradition

Author: David B. Kopel
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
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Ibid., vol. 1, bk. 9, ch. 2, §4. 185. Justinian's Institutes, trans. Peter Birks and Grant
McLeod (Ithaca, N.Y.: Cornell University Press, 1987; first published 533 ce), bk.
4, ch. 3. 186. The Digest of Justinian, vol. 2, trans. and ed. Alan Watson (
Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1985), bk. 43, ch. 16, “Forced
and Armed Force,” §1, item 27. 187. Ibid., vol. 2, bk. 48, ch. 6, §11. See also
Institutes, bk. 4, ch. 18 (“Next, the Cornelian Act on Assassins. This puts to the
sword murderers ...

Human Rights And Personal Self Defense In International Law

Author: Jan Arno Hessbruegge
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 019065502X
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For references, see Kopel, supra note 3, pp. 109 & 115. 69. Marcus Tullius Cicero
, For T.A. Milo, in: C.D. Yonge (trans.), The Orations of Marcus Tullius Cicero, vol.
3, Henry G. Bohn: London (1852), 390–437, at p. 394 [Mil. IV]. 70. Digest. 1.1.3 (
Florentinus, Institutes 1), as translated in Charles Henry Monro, The Digest of
Justinian, vol. 1, Cambridge University Press: Cambridge (1904), p. 4 (emphasis
added). See also Haggenmacher, supra note 20, at pp. 19–20 with further
references ...


Author: Ruth Evans
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 1784996084
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Salvatore Riccobono, vol. 1 (Florence: S. a. G. Barbèra, 1941), p. 381. Digest,, 43.11.2; Digest of Justinian, ed. Mommsen and Krueger, vol. 4, pp. 575
, 578. Bracton, ed. Woodbine and Thorne, vol. 3, pp. 60–1; this passage is
identified by Woodbine as being an addicio from the later thirteenth century; see
Bracton, ed. Woodbine and Thorne, vol. 1, editor's introduction, p. 394; the
equating of public and royal roads may have been based on the Digest, which
quotes Ulpian's ...

Acts An Exegetical Commentary Volume 3

Author: Craig S. Keener
Publisher: Baker Academic
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... 1359n645, 2237n298 3.62 2500n2078, 2501n2091 4.25 1359n645, 2237n298
4.38 931n776, 2956n72 Steph./Against Stephanus 1–2 1.53 3310n1576 Tim./
Contra Timothetum/Against Timotheus 55–58 1920n642 Timocr./Against
Timocrates 151 3302n1512 Zenoth./Against Zenothemis 6 761n268, 1052n94 29
2558n2605 Dicaearchus “On the Life of Greece” in toto: 61 Digest of Justinian (
see also Justinian) 1.16.4–13 2015n347 1.18.13–14 3298n1483 12.48.3 2498

A New Law Dictionary And Institute Of The Whole Law

Author: Archibald Brown
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Bentham, by Dumont, 3 vols. Brown's Savigny on Obligations, 1 vol. Gaius'
Commentaries, 1 vol. Justinian's Institutes, 1 vol. „ Digest and Code, &c, 8 vols.
Ortolan's Justinian, 3 vols. VI. International Law. Clarke on Extradition, 1 vol
Guthrie's Savigny's Private International Law, 1 vol. Ortolan's Diplomatic de la
Mer, 2 vols. Westlake's Private International Law, 1 vol. Wharton's International
Law, 1 vol. Wheaton's International Law, 1 vol. „ History of same, 1 vol. Wolsey's
International Law ...

Canon 1096 On Ignorance With Application To Tribunal And Pastoral Practice

Author: Girard M. Sherba
Publisher: Universal-Publishers
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Si filius familias miles a commilitone heres institutus nesciat sibi etiam sine patre
licere adire per constitutiones principales, ius ignorare potest et ideo ei dies
aditionis cedit”(MOMMSEN and KRUEGER, The Digest of Justinian, vol. ... iuris
civilis: The Civil Law, vol. 3, p. 239). Anyone who was not aware of the Imperial
Constitution was seen as an “inexperienced rustic person”since inhabitants of the
city would have been aware of the Constitution, as well as the other applicable

Paul S Political Strategy In 1 Corinthians 1 4

Author: Bradley J. Bitner
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107088488
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Iversen JBL JRA JRS JSNT JTS Kent Lampe Catholic Biblical Quarterly Corpus
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1895–1997 Mommsen, Th., Krüger, P., Watson, A. (eds.), Digesta. The Digest of