The Cosmic Race La Raza Cosmica

Author: José Vasconcelos
Publisher: JHU Press
ISBN: 9780801856556
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Latin America this concept had already been forgotten and had lost prestige.4 It
is not strange that this should be so. ... For others, however, "la raza cosmica" is
the universal race, the race of the future, as explained by Vasconcelos: The race

Theorizing Race In The Americas

Author: Juliet Hooker
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190671270
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Didier T. Jaén, “Introduction,” in The Cosmic Race/la raza cósmica, xxiii. 50
Vasconcelos, Indología, 147–48, emphasis added. 51 José Vasconcelos,
Bolivarismo y Monroísmo: temas Iberoamericanos (México, D.F.: Editorial Trillas,
2011), 76.

Rise And Fall Of The Cosmic Race

Author: Marilyn Grace Miller
Publisher: University of Texas Press
ISBN: 0292778538
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The Cult of Mestizaje in Latin America Marilyn Grace Miller ... La raza cosmica:
Mision de la raza iberoamericana, Argentina y Brasil. Mexico City: ... In Jorge I.
Dominguez, ed., Race and Ethnicity in Latin America, 13-27. New York: Garland


Author: Don M. Coerver
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
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Eccentric or not, La raza cós- mica's rewriting of European racial theory
suggested new, more inclusive alternatives. ... would come a “cosmicrace: “In
Spanish America . . . is going to emerge . . . the definitive race, the synthetical
race, the integral race, made up ... blood of all peoples and, for that reason, more
capable of true brotherhood and of a truly universal vision” (Vasconcelos, La raza
cósmica, p.

Popular Religion And Liberation

Author: Michael R. Candelaria
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 0791498425
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The cosmic race, the synthesis of human culture, exemplified by mestizos
suggests the unity of all races and true universal fraternity. The idea ... La Raza
Cosmica does not fall into a nationalist pit glorifing the Mestizo people of Latin

La Raza C Smica

Author: José Vasconcelos
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Latín America mis concept had already been forgotten and had lost prestige.4 It
is not strange that this should be so. ... As if "La Raza" (that is, the Chicano)
already were the Cosmic race, that is, the race that for its qualities of mixture or ...

Constructing Colombian Indigeneity 1920 1946

Author: Igor Argelino Rodríguez Calderón
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José Vasconcelos's influential La Raza Cosmica (published in Mexico in 1924) is
the most salient example of this international expression. Vasconcelos ... ''José
Vasconcelos, The Cosmic Race - La Raza Cosmica, trans. Didier Tisdel Jaén,
Race in the Americas (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1997). 28, also
: ...

Encyclopedia Of Race And Racism A F

Author: John H. Moore
Publisher: Macmillan Reference USA
ISBN: 9780028660219
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THE COSMIC RACE In The Rise and Fall of the Cosmic Race (2004), Marilyn
Grace Miller introduces the hubris of the ... the figure of speech la raza cosmica (
the cosmic race) to refer to the hybridized and whitening peoples of Latin

Journal Of Hispanic Latino Theology

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... La raza cosmica ("The cosmic race") outlined in a book of the same name.9 It
behooves us, therefore, to understand the basic tenets of Vasconcelos' racial
theory. Jose Vasconcelos believed that there were four races in the world: white,
red, ...