Author: Dayne Edmondson
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The long-time soldier must employ every trick in his arsenal to contain the emergence of the enemy and stave off the destruction of humanity.Emergence is the first installment of a high-octane science fiction series set in the Saga of the ...

The Ohio River Trilogy The Purple Sage Saga The Lone Star Ranger The Border Legion 7 Western Classics In One Volume

Author: Zane Grey
Publisher: e-artnow
ISBN: 8026848713
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Oh, why did I taunt him!" It was indeed a wild place, that southern border of Idaho,
and that year was to see the ushering in of the wildest time probably ever known
in the West. The rush for gold had peopled California with a horde of lawless men
of every kind and class. And the vigilantes and then the rich strikes in Idaho had
caused a reflux of that dark tide of humanity. Strange tales of blood and gold
drifted into the camps, and prospectors and hunters met with many unknown men

Star Wars Labyrinth Of Evil

Author: James Luceno
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448164176
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II The Bounty Hunter Wars: The Mandalorian Armor Slave Ship '7 Held Merdwa
ndise The Truce at Bakun 18 6.5-1.5 YEARS AFTER STAR WARS: A New Hope
X~W1ng: Rogue Squadron Wedges Gamble '9 The Krylcs Trap The Bacta War
Wraith Squadron Iron fisl Solo Command 22 YEAR! AFTER STAI MRS A
Newhope The Courtship of Princess Leia A Forest Apan' Talooine Ghost YEARS
AFTER STAR WARIIA NewHope The Thrown Trilogy: Heir to the Empire Dark
Force Rising ...

Star Wars Jedi Trial

Author: David Sherman
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 144816415X
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from your local bookshop, or have them delivered direct to your door by Bookpost
Rebel Stand Aaron Alston Traitor M.W. Stover Star By Star Troy Denning
Remnant Williams & Dix Trilogy Reunion Williams & D 0 09 941034 6 O 09
941035 4 0 09 941038 9 O 09 941036 2 ix 0 09 941039 7 Dark Tide Onslaught
R.A. SalvatoreO 09 940993 3 Dark Tide Ruin M Stackpole Rogue Planet Greg
Bear Shatterpoint Matthew Stover Balance Point Kathy Tyers 0 09 940994 1 O 09
941030 3 O 09 ...

Star Wars Dark Nest I The Joiner King

Author: Troy Denning
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448164192
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The Bounty Hunter Wars: The Mandalcrian Armor Slave Ship '7 Hard
Metrhandise The Truce a! Bakura 1B 6.5-7.5 YEARS AFTER STAR WARS: A
New Hope X-Wing: Rogue Squadron Wedges Gamble '9 The Krylos Trap The
Sada War Wraith Squadrw Iron Fist 50k) Command 1; YEAESA'FYER STAR
WARS A Newldope The Courtship of Primess Leia A Power Apart' Tamolne
Ghost YEARS AFTER STAR WARS. A New Hope The Thrown Trilogy: Heir to the
Empire Dark Forte Rising ...

The Dark Tide

Author: Dennis L. McKiernan
Publisher: Roc
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7 ® Great Science Fiction from SIGNET E1 El El D El D E] U El El (0451) THE
ALIEN TRACE #1 by HM. Major. (130634--$2.95)' ALIEN TRACE #2: TIME ... (
CALACTIC CLUSTER by lame: Blisll. (121481—42.95)' 'Prices slightly higher in
Canada Buy ... llp Code _._.___i._, Allow 4-6 weeks for dellvery. Thls offer is
subiect to wlthdrawal without notlce. ,— Book One of the Iron Tower Trilogy THE

The Complete Liveship Traders Trilogy Ship Of Magic The Mad Ship Ship Of Destiny

Author: Robin Hobb
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0007514468
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With curses and sweat they dragged him free, and on the highest tide of that
month, they winched him as far ashore as they could. The retreating tides left him
completely aground. All could see then that it was not just the crew of Paragon
that had suffered a harsh fate. For the figurehead itself was mutilated, hacked
savagely with hatchet bites between brow and nose. Of the ship's dark and
brooding glance, nothing remained but splintered wood. A peculiar star with
seven points, livid ...

Science Fiction And Fantasy Literature 1975 1991

Author: R. Reginald
Publisher: Gale / Cengage Learning
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Inherit the stars. (1977) 2. The gentle giants of Ganymede. (1978) 3. Giants' star. (
1981) 4. Entoverse. (1991) 1-3. The Minervan experiment. (1981) 1-3. The giants
novels. (1991) MlNNBTELD (J.N. Williamson) 1. Ghost mansion. (1981) 2. ...
Fortune of fear. (1986) 6. Death quest. (1987) 7. Voyage of vengeance. (1987) 8.
Disaster. (1987) 9. Villainy victorious. (1987) 10. The doomed planet. (1987)
MrrHGARlAN SERIES (Dennis L. McKieman) Iron Tower Trilogy 1. The dark tide.
(1984) ...