The Audio Expert

Author: Ethan Winer
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1351840061
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The Audio Expert is a comprehensive reference book covering all aspects of
audio, with both practical and theoretical explanations. It is written for people who
want to understand audio at the deepest, most technical level, but without
needing an engineering degree. The Audio Expert explains how audio really
works in much more depth than usual, using common sense plain-English
explanations and mechanical analogies, with minimal math. It uses an easy to
read conversational ...

The Complete Guide To Game Audio

Author: Aaron Marks
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1136140212
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The difference between the average sound “hobbyist” and the professional
sound designer is not just that the professional gets paid, it is an intangible
quality running through their veins which allows them to create audio magic out
of thin air. If you are a musician, you already know what I mean. We share the
same passion for excellence with the expert sound designer — having spent
thousands of dollars on our “hobby” just for the sheer joy of making our own
brand ofgenuine noise.

Journal Of The Audio Engineering Society

Author: Audio Engineering Society
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Several common myths were discussed, including the audibility of high-
resolution digital audio, the audio quality differences of various capacitor types,
the need for a break-in period on new loudspeakers, and the risk of damaging a
tweeter ... This year the program was auspicious and very interesting, featuring
the following local and international keynote speakers: Eduardo Bergallo.
remarkable Argentinean mastering engineer; Mauri- cio Gargel, Brazilian sound
engineer and expert ...

American Jurisprudence Trials

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Forensic Audio § 164. In General § 165. Difficulties Facing Acceptance of
Forensic Audio as Recognized Discipline § 166. Current and Future Status of
Forensic Audio § 167. Effect of Shift to Digital Recording and Editing B.
Determining Whether to Consult Forensic Audio Expert § 168. In General § 169.
General Advantages of Consulting a Forensic Audio Expert § 170. General
Disadvantages of Consulting a ...


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The linguistic terms are those used by audio experts to describe organ pipe
sound. Similar work has recently been published in [6] (see table 2). Table 2:
Linguistic descriptors used by the expert for the description of organ pipe.
lntelligent System The intelligent system is based on fuzzy logic concepts [7][8]
and is used to process audio features using rules provided by the audio experts
to generate suitable parameters for the sound synthesis engine. A diagram of the
fuzzy intelligent ...

The Proceedings Of The Aes International Conference

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The leader cannot be recorded upon since it has no metallic surface that can be
magnetized. The action of the tape recorder corresponding to the record start and
record stop events cannot be observed via either waveform or magnetic
development analysis. Another area of authentication not considered here is
matching a tape to a specific tape recorder used to make the evidence recording.
It is on occasion useful for an attorney to have an audio forensic expert impugn
the reliability ...

The Complete Recordable Cd Guide

Author: Lee Purcell
Publisher: Sybex
Size: 27.33 MB
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This person needs to know how to take source video from camera or videotape
and convert it to the form that will be used in the production. This form can be
either QuickTime or Video for Windows. (Only the former is cross-platform.)
Obviously, the video expert must be technically proficient, as the process of going
from analog signal to digitized computer file is a complex one. He or she must be
familiar with the process and with the pitfalls. Audio Expert The addition of sound
greatly ...

Electronic Evidence

Author: Jordan S. Gruber
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Generally, if an entire magnetic audio tape or a segment thereof is erased via
record-erasure during the over-recording process, and a modern tape recorder
with an AC-bias ease head system has been used, it will not be possible to
recover ... If some audio information does still exist, it can be amplified and
enhanced through the use of equipment and techniques available to the forensic
audio expert, or through the use of advanced equipment that is not generally in
the public domain.

Digital Consumer Electronics Handbook

Author: Ronald K. Jurgen
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
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Some subsystems were not specified by the Grand Alliance (audio compression
and modulation), but were proposed to be the winner of subsystem tests to be
conducted by the Grand Alliance. The Technical Subgroup began a review of the
proposal within individual expert groups of the Technical Subgroup. The expert
groups agreed with some portions of the proposal and made various suggestions
on possible changes to other portions. The Grand Alliance, with assistance from
the ...