James Baldwin

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The essay collection Nobody Knows My Name (1961) sold over two million
copies, and the sale of a second collection, The Fire Next Time (1963), reached
the million mark. The novel Another Country (1962), despite its generally
unfavorable critical reception, sold four million copies. With the exception of ...
The emphasis in the first chapter is on Baldwin's artistic philosophy as it relates to
his conception of a writer's "business" and the recurrent themes in his works. The
second chapter ...

The Critical Reception Of James Baldwin In France

Author: Rosa Bobia
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172 Cousin, P. "The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin." Livres et lectures (
November 1969), p. ... The reader finds in Baldwin's first novel a "rather
surprising detour" to the theme of "the meeting of culture." As Baldwin presents
the Black world, it is one for which the white man feels nostalgia. His description
of the church contrasts with "Euro-American society." In Another Country
Baldwin's framework is not confined as in Go Tell It on the Mountain. Here, the
wider sphere of interracial ...


Author: Toni Morrison
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Economic And Political Weekly

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It is possible to mention one or two others who have come close to mastering the
externality of James Baldwin's style. But the externality is just that. He still
remains unique; the alchemy of technique and attitude is totally personal, and
non-rep licable. Time and again, Baldwin warns of the fire next time, the fire is
however right here, now, in the belly of his prose, it burns, but does not hurt.
Should it have ... We cross over to another genre, but not exactly to a different
theme. Cricket was ...

Annals Of Borno

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ENG 86074 SOLANKE, Olusola Fadaunsi. Dramatic techniques in Ola Rotimi's
The Gods are not to Blame and Kurimmi. ENG 86075 TENDE, Agnes Yotiti. The
difficulties of Jukun speakers in pronouncing certain English ... ENG 86078
VAKARON, Zawaira Demuno. The theme of segregation as depicted hi Alex La
Gurma's The Stone Country and James Baldwin's The Fire Next Time. ENG
86079 WUNDUH, Elizabeth M. Voice and viewpoint in Okot p'Bitek's Song of
Lawino and Song ...

Critical Survey Of Drama Kobo Abe Albert Camus

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Although Blues for Mister Charlie advances Baldwin's belief that imposing
dichotomies on experience leads inexorably to emotional and physical violence,
it nevertheless perpetuates a dichotomy between abstract statement and
concrete ... 1955; Nobody Knows My Name: More Notes of a Native Son, 1961;
The Fire Next Time, 1963; Nothing Personal, 1964 (with Richard Avedon); No
Name in the Street, 1971; A Rap on Race, 1971 (with Margaret Mead); A
Dialogue, 1975 (with Nikki ...

St James Reference Guide To English Literature 20th Century Fiction

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Narrowly fulfilling, but in the final analysis life-denying, religion must be
abandoned, Baldwin implies, if the self is to be realized Many of Baldwin's best
early essays and stories - "Autobiographical Notes," "Notes of a Native Son," "
Stranger in the Village," "The Discovery of ... The Fire Next Time is an eloquent
statement of militant intergrationism, but the play Blues for Mister Charlie
expresses a deeper racial outrage and a diminished but not entirely abandoned
hope for improvement.

The World Book Encyclopedia

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Others prefer hair weaving, a technique in which the sides of a hairpiece are
sewed into the remaining hair. In a process called ... At the Constitutional
Convention of 1 787, Baldwin's decision to vote with the small states in the
dispute over representation in Congress brought about a tie among the
delegates. He then helped draft the ... My Name (1961). Two other works of
nonfiction, The Fire Next Time (1963) and No Name in the Street (1972), further
express Baldwin's attitudes on the ...

Book Review Digest

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David Dorraan Library J 1)2:3631 O IS '67 160w BALDWIN. JAMES. Tell me how
long the train's been gone. 484p $5.95 Dial press 68-1S639 In this novel by the
author of Go Tell It On the Mountain (BRD 1953) and The Fire Next Time (BRD
1963) ... America 118:817 Je 29 '68 460w Reviewed by Philip Toynbee Atlantic
222:91 Jl '68 950w Reviewed by J. J. Murray Best Sell 28:138 Jl 1 '68 750w "You
get, in Baldwin's new novel, the sense of a man rummaging in his trunk for a