The Gospel Treasury Christian Philosophy Sketches Of Ecclesiastical History Several Pieces Of Natural History Spiritually Improved And Miscellaneous Fragments

Author: William Collier
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But I shall soon pass from this changing world, and enter the Paradise above,
where there is no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to give the ... Think then,
O saint, how swift are the wheels of time, and how soon the sun makes the circuit
of the skies. ... as they alternately return, they remind you of your own passing
existence below, and that soon that day will dawn, or the shadows of that night
collect, ...

Christian Worldview And The Academic Disciplines

Author: Deane E. D. Downey
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1606085298
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Plato implies that art distances the individual from reality, whereas philosophy (
thinking or contemplating) takes one closer to reality and ... My experience of the
drawing process is that it is a honing of the gaze, but this gaze is very different
from the objectifying gaze ... the wall of a cave, then turning to see the fire that
generates the shadows, and then eventually ascending out of the cave to see the
sun ...

The Imperial Magazine Or Compendium Of Religious Moral Philosophical Knowledge

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We look on Mr. R.'s mind as a verdant landscape, rich with variegated scenery of
thoughts, images, and recollections; over which, however, are darkly cast the
shadows of melancholy. ... Of Life's deceitful Morn;–ere fell Regret With her
malignant mildews coldly wet The blooms of early joy;-when in the bowers Of
Innocence and ve, 'mid sweet springflowers, They little dreamed the Sun of Hope
would set !—. ... The first, entitled, “A Soldier's Dream'— is a sketch of
considerable power.

The Presocratic Philosophers

Author: G. S. Kirk
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107268214
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75 Some think he was the first to study the heavenly bodies and to foretell
eclipses of the sun and solstices, ... 24, 1, DK 11A17a), then Eudemus was guilty
of drawing a wrong conclusion from the undoubted fact of Thales' prediction. The
Babylonian priests had made observations of eclipses of the sun, both partial and
total, for religious purposes, at any rate ... Alternatively a gnomon or stable
vertical rod, by which the length of the sun's shadow could be exactly recorded,
would suffice.


Author: Mohandas Gandhi
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486117510
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Renaissance artist's practical advice on drawing and painting techniques covers
anatomy, perspective, composition, light and shadow, and color. ... This
extraordinary primer offers a superb survey of Jeffersonian thought. It features
writings on political and economic philosophy, morals and religion, intellectual
freedom and progress, education, ... Handy reference clearly demonstrates
principles of light and shade by revealing effects of common daylight, sunshine,
and candle or ...

The Immeasurable Equation

Author: Sun Ra
Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand
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Sun Ra's poetry leaves everything behind what's called contemporary, and flings out pictures of infinity into the outer space. These poems are for tomorrow. This is the only edition of Sun Ra's complete poetry and prose in one volume.