Prairie Fires

Author: Caroline Fraser
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45; William Benton Clulow, Sunshine and Shadows, Or, Sketches of Thought
Philosophic and Religious (London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1883). 176. See Anderson,
LIW: A Biography, p. 230. LIW to Lydia Morgan, June 13, 1954. De Smet
Collection. LIW to Mrs. Ada Keating, February 26, 1951. De Smet Collection. LIW
to Neta Seal, undated. De Smet Collection. LIW to Neta Seal, August 3, 1951. De
Smet Collection. Undated. De Smet Collection. 182. Nava Austin, interview with
the author, ...

Sotheran S Price Current Of Literature

Author: Henry Sotheran Ltd
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1 The Church and the World ' was of the nature of a manifesto by the younger,
nicknamed ' Ritualistic,' school of the Catholic Revival, though only a few of its
papers concerned ceremonial. They are in fact of great ana varied .... the
Crucifixion, post Svo. cl., 2s 6rf (p. 6s) 1910 589 CLULOW (William Benton ;
Independent, Lee!c) SUNSHINE and SHADOWS: or Sketches of Thought,
Philosophic and Religious, post Svo. c;.,3s6rf 1863 The author had to vacate his
chair at Airedale College ...

The Monthly Anthology And Boston Review

Author: David Phineas Adams
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Containing Sketches and Reports of Philosophy, Religion, History, Arts, and
Manners ... David Phineas Adams, William Emerson, Samuel Cooper Thacher.
Flit o'er the face of deluge as it shrinks, Or the transparent rain-drops,falling few
Distinct, and larger glisten. So the ark Rests upon Aratat ; but nought around Its
inmates can behold, save o'er th” expanse Of boundless waters,the Sun's orient
orb Stretching the hull's long shadow, or the Moon In silence, through the silver-
cinctur'd ...

Delphi Complete Works Of David Hume Illustrated

Author: David Hume
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be represented without incorporating it in full; and it will probably be thought that
one or two passing sketches of character, such as the above, are all that should
be taken into a work like the present, from a book accessible to every reader. ...
He talked of every thing but philosophy or religion; he seemed to enjoy every
pleasure and amusement of ordinary life, and to be interested in the most
common topics of discourse: when his knowledge or learning at any time
appeared, it was ...

The Imperial Magazine Or Compendium Of Religious Moral Philosophical Knowledge

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One shade the more, one ray the less, Had half unpair'd the nameless grace,
Which waves in ev'ry raven tress, Or softly lightens o'er her face, Where thoughts
serenely sweet express How pure, how dear, their dwelling place! ... As clouds
from yonder sun receive A deep and mellow die, Which scarce the shade of
coming eve Can banish from the sky, Those smiles unto the moodiest mind Their
own pure joy impart; Their sunshine leaves a glow behind That lightens o'er the

The Publishers Circular And General Record Of British And Foreign Literature

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THEOLOGY, including WoRKs on RELIGION: Robertson's (Rev. F. W.) Sermons
preached at Brighton, 4th series, new edit.; Bowman's (Hetty) Thoughts on the
Christian Life; Garratt's (S.) Veins of Silver; Blunt's (Rev. J. H.) Dictionary of
Doctrinal and Historical Theology, 2nd edit.; Gregory's (Robt.) The Science of
Theology; Williams' (Rev. Wm.) Welsh Calvinistic Methodism, a Historical Sketch;
Kennedy's (Rev. J.). Seven May-days; Mocatta's (I. L.) Moral Biblical Gleanings
and Practical ...

Universalist Union

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Yet something of solemn magnificence broods O'er the heart's wild desert of
rocks and woods, And the rook thai haunts it with mournful cries, Still builds its
nest where the sunshine lies! ... We notice also a series of eminently graceful and
attractive prose sketches, entitled " Lights and Shadows of Woman's Life. ... W. M.
Fernald gives an excellent paper on the" Intellectual and Emotional iu Christianity
," in which the philosophy of religion is dwell upon in connection with us living