Author: Dieter Grimm
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231539304
Size: 60.90 MB
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Dieter Grimm’s accessible introduction to the concept of sovereignty ties the evolution of the idea to historical events, from the religious conflicts of sixteenth-century Europe to today’s trends in globalization and transnational ...

The Scaffolding Of Sovereignty

Author: Zvi Ben-Dor Benite
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231171870
Size: 22.75 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Howard, General Editor Columbia Studies in ... Lederhendler (2013) Dieter
Grimm, Sovereignty: The Origin and Future of a Political and Legal Concept,
translated by ...

Archaeology Of The Political

Author: Elías José Palti
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 023154247X
Size: 10.83 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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... Democracy (New York: Columbia University Press, 2013), part of the Columbia
Studies in Political Thought / Political History series. Like Palti's, Breckman's
study belongs to the domain of conceptual history, and the books share many
themes and analyzed authors. ... (New York: Columbia University Press, 2012),
published as part of Columbia's Political Thought / Political History series. ... See
Dieter Grimm, Sovereignty: The Origin and Future of a Political and Legal
Concept, trans.

Popular Sovereignty In Historical Perspective

Author: Richard Bourke
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107130409
Size: 60.48 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Recchia, Stefano. 'The Origins of Liberal Wilsonianism: Giuseppe Mazzini on
Regime Change and Humanitarian Intervention'. ... 'Toward a Concept of Political
Illegitimacy: Bonapartist Dictatorship and Democratic Legitimacy'. Political Theory

The Hidden History Of International Law In The Americas

Author: Dr. Juan Pablo Scarfi
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190622369
Size: 14.52 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Advocates: American International Law and U.S. Foreign Relations, 1898– 1919”
(PhD diss., Columbia University, ... and Wilsonianism, see John A. Thompson, “
Wilsonianism: The Dynamics of a Conflicted Concept,” International Affairs 86, no
. ... Legal Struggle over the Monroe Doctrine,” in Spatiality, Sovereignty and Carl
Schmitt: Geographies of the Nomos, ed. ... and Political Imagination: Studies in
European and SpanishAmerican Social and Political Theory, 1513–1830 (New ...

Whose Will Be Done

Author: John Dyck
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 0739199641
Size: 23.98 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Essays on Sovereignty and Religion John Dyck, Paul Rowe, Jens Zimmermann
... Multiculturalism: Examining the Politics of Recognition, Amy Gutmann, ed.,
Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, ... “Philosophy and its History” in
Richard Rorty, J. B. Schneewind, and Quentin Skinner eds., Philosophy in History
, ... A Study in the Development of Reformed Social Thought, Emory University
Studies in Law and Religion, Grand Rapids, ... “A Better Concept of Freedom”
First Things, no.

Political Science Quarterly

Publisher: [New York
Size: 71.81 MB
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Hubert F. Havl1k, Columbia University. The translation by Bernard Freyd of The
Development of Political Theory (New York, W. W. Norton & Company, 1939; 364
pp. ... Part II, written later, traces the historical development, before and after
Althusius, of the characteristic ideas of that writer ... work is especially valuable in
showing the medieval origin in religious doctrines and practices and in legal
concepts ...

European Foreign Policy

Author: Walter Carlsnaes
Publisher: SAGE Publications Limited
Size: 79.65 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Struggle for 'Europe': French and German Concepts of State, Nation and
European Union. Walker, R. B. J. (1987). Realism, Change and International
Political Theory. International ... Security, Sovereignty, and the Challenge of
World Politics. ... The Rise and Future Demise of the World Capitalist System:
Concepts for Comparative Analysis. Comparative Studies in History and Society,
16 (September), 387-415. ... The Origins of Alliances. ... New York: Columbia
University Press.

Environment Political Representation And The Challenge Of Rights

Author: Mihnea Tanasescu
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137538953
Size: 64.30 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Origins of Totalitarianism. Philadelphia: ... Historical Dilemmas of Democracy
and Their Contemporary Relevance for Citizenship. ... Ecuadorian Studies, 1, pp.
1–23. ... The Great Work: Our Way Into the Future. ... Lexicon, [online] Available at
: Crutzen, P.J. and Stoermer,
E.F., 2000. ... The Beast and the Sovereign: The Seminars of Jacques Derrida. ...
The End of Human Rights: Critical Legal Thought at the Turn of the Century.