Southern Slaves In Free State Courts

Author: Paul Finkelman
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Southern Slaves in Free State Courts: The Pamphlet Literature. New York: Garland, 1988. 3 Vols. 1,704 pp. With a New Introduction by Paul Finkelman. Reprinted 2007, 2013 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. Set ISBN-13: 9781584777380.

Fugitive Slaves And American Courts

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Others used cases to promote the antislavery cause or, in some instances, support or justify slavery. "These...volumes belong in every library used for research, and in particular at all law school libraries.

The Color Of Wealth

Author: Barbara Robles
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Similarly, in 1854, the Kansas–Nebraska Act let Kansas and Nebraska decide
whether to be slave or free states.23 Southern members of Congress
represented slave owners' interests at the federal level.They won some
concessions before the Civil War that worsened slaves' conditions, such as a
new and stronger Fugitive Slave Act that passed in 1850, which compelled
northerners to return runaway slaves to southern states.24 The Supreme Court's
decision in Dred Scott v. Sanford ...

The Social History Of Crime And Punishment In America A De

Author: Wilbur R. Miller
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Although Ableman dealt with the authority of the Fugitive Slave Act, its holding set
a precedent that state courts must recognize the supremacy of the U.S. Supreme
Court in determining cases arising pursuant to the U.S. Constitution and laws of
the United States. The Ableman holding has had significant ... The Compromise
of 1850 had defused four years of controversy between slaveholding southern
states and the free states of the North. The Fugitive Slave Act was intended to ...

Great Justices Of The Supreme Court

Author: Nathan Aaseng
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But in the early nineteenth century, a movement to abolish slavery grew in the
northern states. The Missouri Compromise, passed by Congress in 1820, sought
to strike a balance between increasingly hostile proslavery and antislavery forces
. The compromise called for Missouri to enter the Union as a slave state while
Maine entered as a free state in which slavery was banned. Further, the act
banned slavery in the western territories that lay north of Missouri's southern

Emancipating Slaves Enslaving Free Men

Author: Jeffrey Hummel
Publisher: Open Court
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But his decision elevated to supreme law of the land the extreme southern
position on slavery in the territories, first enunciated by John C. Calhoun in
response to the Wilmot Proviso. The Republicans found their major political tenet
declared ... If the Court could rule that Dred Scott's two-year residence in Illinois
did not emancipate him, what was to prevent slaveholders from bringing their
slaves into free states permanently? How far away was a Court decision
forbidding any state ...

Southern Slavery In Its Present Aspects

Author: Daniel Raynes Goodwin
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Better meet bravely the loss or mortgaging of all the wealth we possess, and be
slaughtered by the million on the battle-field, than tamely to submit to the
degradation of having our rulers set over us at the dictation of Southern slave
masters, or of any other party or power on earth. 4th. The final — and often it was
made the foremost — demand of those who threatened rebellion, was, that the
Free States should repeal all their "personal liberty laws," and leave the free
blacks without ...

The Slave Catchers

Author: Stanley W. Campbell
Publisher: UNC Press Books
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northern demands for a jury trial, and at the same time get around southern fears
that antislavery juries would free runaway slaves, the committee suggested a jury
trial in the state from which the fugitive fled only in “cases where he declares to ...
the report dealing with fugitive slaves “would greatly embarrass, delay, and add
to the expenses of reclamation, to say nothing of the absence of constitutional
authority in this Government to exercise jurisdiction over State Courts of the
South, ...

The Supreme Court In Conference 1940 1985

Author: Del Dickson
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The Senate, however, rejected the House plan and proposed a compromise
under which Missouri would be admitted as a slave state and Maine would be
admitted as a free state. The compromise also provided that slavery would be
prohibited in the Louisiana Territories north of 36 degrees 30 minutes latitude—a
line corresponding to Missouri's southern border. Many Southerners opposed the
compromise, arguing that placing such conditions on statehood violated the
principle that ...

An Imperfect Union

Author: Paul Finkelman
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The implications of the Somerset decision — that a slave who touched free soil
became free — were understood to be part of the common law of all the
American states. Indeed, the arguments surrounding the Fugitive Slave Clause of
the Constitution reveal an implicit acceptance of the Somerset rule that free states
could free all slaves entering their domain, no matter how they arrived. Thus, in
freeing slaves who had lived in or visited the North, southern courts were simply
applying ...