Southern Slaves In Free State Courts

Author: Paul Finkelman
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Southern Slaves in Free State Courts: The Pamphlet Literature. New York: Garland, 1988. 3 Vols. 1,704 pp. With a New Introduction by Paul Finkelman. Reprinted 2007, 2013 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. Set ISBN-13: 9781584777380.

Fugitive Slaves And American Courts

Author: Paul Finkelman
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Others used cases to promote the antislavery cause or, in some instances, support or justify slavery. "These...volumes belong in every library used for research, and in particular at all law school libraries.

The Social History Of Crime And Punishment In America A De

Author: Wilbur R. Miller
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Although Ableman dealt with the authority of the Fugitive Slave Act, its holding set
a precedent that state courts must ... of 1850 had defused four years of
controversy between slaveholding southern states and the free states of the

The Color Of Wealth

Author: Barbara Robles
Publisher: The New Press
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Engraving of slave auction in Harper's Weekly, 1861 (Library of Congress) and
British textile manufacturing created an insatiable ... decide whether to be slave
or free states.23 Southern members of Congress represented slave owners'
interests at the federal level. ... in 1850, which compelled northerners to return
runaway slaves to southern states.24 The Supreme Court's decision in Dred
Scott v.

The Supreme Court In Conference 1940 1985

Author: Del Dickson
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Scott countered that he had been emancipated by his residence in free territory,
which gave him the rights of all free citizens, including the right to sue in federal
court. ... When Missouri sought admission to the Union as a slave state in 1819,
antislavery Federalists in the House passed ... the Louisiana Territories north of
36 degrees 30 minutes latitude—a line corresponding to Missouri's southern

Great Justices Of The Supreme Court

Author: Nathan Aaseng
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During Taney's first 20 years as chief justice, the Supreme Court quietly disposed
of all matters. ... The compromise called for Missouri to enter the Union as a slave
state while Maine entered as a free state in which slavery ... Further, the act
banned slavery in the western territories that lay north of Missouri's southern

Emancipating Slaves Enslaving Free Men

Author: Jeffrey Hummel
Publisher: Open Court
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But his decision elevated to supreme law of the land the extreme southern
position on slavery in the territories, first enunciated by John C. Calhoun in ...
How far away was a Court decision forbidding any state interference with slave

The Slave Catchers

Author: Stanley W. Campbell
Publisher: UNC Press Books
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Enforcement of the Fugitive Slave Law, 1850-1860 Stanley W. Campbell ...
around southern fears that antislavery juries would free runaway slaves, the
committee suggested a jury trial in the state from ... this Government to exercise
jurisdiction over State Courts of the South, enlarge their jurisdiction, assign them
new duties, ...

An Imperfect Union

Author: Paul Finkelman
Publisher: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.
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Chapter 7 The South and Comity: The Rejection and Adoption of The Slave,
Grace Doctrine At first glance it would ... Later they sued for freedom in slave-
state courts on the grounds that they had become free while living in the North
and, once ...