Solving Statelessness

Author: Laura Van Waas
Publisher: Wolf Legal Publishers
ISBN: 9789462403468
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The first part of the book has a thematic focus, exploring perspectives, tools and techniques for solving statelessness which are relevant across different countries and regions.

Statelessness And Citizenship

Author: Brad K. Blitz
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 1849808996
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... economic and political instability. It is precisely this gap that the proposed
research seeks to address. The central premise of this research is that elements
of discrimination and inequality are common to all forms of statelessness, and it is
therefore necessary to develop an understanding of the mechanisms that not
only create statelessness but also perpetuate deprivation as well as those
common elements found in solving statelessness and restoring nationality.

In Search Of Home

Author: Stephanie Hanes
Publisher: Pulitzer Center
ISBN: 0985674504
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In 1961, the United Nations went further and drafted the Convention on the
Reduction of Statelessness. This document outlined provisions for preventing
and solving statelessness, such as giving nationality to those who would
otherwise be stateless, granting citizenship at birth, and resolving disputes
between territories that could result in stateless groups. The convention also
prohibits countries from denying nationality to someone living within its borders if
the result of that ...

Children And Migration

Author: Marisa O. Ensor
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230297099
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developments, the cavernous gap at the crossroads of rights and reality offers
real opportunities for solving statelessness. The global problem of statelessness
All people, adults and children alike, have the right to a nationality (United
Nations General Assembly, 1948). Nationality1 is an essential component of
contemporary life. However, stateless infants, children, and youth face undue
hardship at an early age and are at a comparative disadvantage when they
become older.

Applied Cryptography And Network Security

Author: John Ioannidis
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 354031542X
Size: 79.53 MB
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The cost of solving the puzzle shall be easy to adjust. – It shall not be possible to
... SPAKA protocols. Note that statelessness, which is a common requirement of a
client puzzle system aiming to prevent TCP SYN flood attack [8] is not a concern
in our scheme, because our puzzle is ... Suppose a server requires a client to
solve a puzzle, the server computes puzzle = h(z, Y, IPc), where z ∈R Z2n is a n-
bit random number (0 ≤ n ≪ N), n controls the hardness of the puzzle. Y is a
random ...

Contemporary Jewish Record

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Even Lawford Childs, expert of the International Labor Office, who complained
bitterly that the Covenant of the League contained "no charter for political
refugees, no solace for exiles," knew of no more practical solution than "
transitional centers"— i.e. internment camps, run with the help of private and
mainly Jewish organizations, to which a sovereign state could deport its stateless
people. Whereas hope had already been abandoned of solving statelessness by
repatriation, the war ...

Rule Technologies Research Tools And Applications

Author: Jose Julio Alferes
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319420194
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2. run the external solver's numerical optimisation algorithm IF the solver reports
failure then clear the solver database and return fail 4. ELSE retrieve real values
of the solution from the solver and assign to the spatial variables' value attributes;
clear the solver database; return success 3. Importantly, the use of the external
solver is stateless, i.e. all spatial constraints are maintained on the Prolog side.
This guarantees that the integration with the external solver does not interfere
with ...

Nationality And Statelessness In International Law

Author: Paul Weis
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9789028603295
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... towards solving the conflict for a specific purpose of municipal law and not in
general.48 The decisions of municipal courts on questions of plural nationality
have to be viewed in this light. For these reasons the question will be examined
here mainly in the light of the decisions of international tribunals. The Reports of
the Special Rapporteurs of the International Law Commission on nationality,
including statelessness, Professor Hudson49 and Professor Cordova,50 and the
Survey of ...

The Citizenship Law Of The Ussr

Author: George Ginsburgs
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9401511845
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Judged solely by objective criteria of success in countering the incidence of
statelessness in such instances, the policy is plainly praiseworthy. Note, however
, that these gains have been achieved by means of expansion of the role of
legislative fiat in solving citizenship problems matched by a proportionate decline
in the space alloted to personal preference in these affairs. Stylistically, the
technique of prescribing a cure for statelessness by medium of “peremptory
operation of the law” ...

The Legal Status Of Stateless Persons

Author: Mark Venʹi︠a︡minovich Vishni︠a︡k
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Conversely, the rule of the basic principles of justice and law would result in the
elimination of the present restrictions on the rights of the stateless persons. It
would be utopian to assume that there is a panacea against statelessness, or that
there is one means of solving this difficult and tormenting problem. Only those
who do not fully realize its essentials will advance a monistic solution. It may be
dealt with in different ways, for there are various kinds of statelessness, and the
aspects of ...