Professional Liability Third Edition

Author: Robert Wickins
Publisher: Hong Kong University Press
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The text is divided into numbered paragraphs, and the main points are summarized at the end of each chapter, for easier comprehension and study.

Introductory Scots Law Third Edition

Author: Sean Crossan
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1471863719
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Following on from the advice given by the solicitor, the client later attempts to
submit the claim to tribunal but is informed by letter from the Office of Employment
Tribunals that the potential action is time-barred. The claim ... Clearly, the client
will have suffered harm as a result of the solicitor's incompetence or negligence.
... Even solicitors (and other service providers) can be liable to third parties for
carrying out their duties negligently or carelessly as the following case

Unlocking Contract Law Third Edition

Author: Chris Turner
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 144417150X
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In fact,KenyonBrown had indicated to his wife that shewould be bankrupted if she
would not agreeto theremortgage, andthus had applied undue influence. The
solicitor hadfailedtoaskthe wifewhy she was willing to enter the transaction but
had merely established that she was prepared to go through with it. The Court
ofAppeal held that the solicitor could be liable in negligence for hisbreach ofhis
duty tothewife. Nevertheless, inmeeting the O'Brien and now the Etridge criteria,
the bank ...

Professional Liability Of Lawyers

Author: Center for International Legal Studies
Publisher: L L P
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In the Canadian case of Smith v. Mclnnis,17 the Supreme Court held that
experienced counsel called upon to advise on the preparation of proofs of loss by
a solicitor was not negligent in failing to advise about periods of limitation. The
view is, however, put forward in Jackson & Powell on Professional Negligence (
Third Edition) that a finding of negligence might be made in circumstances where
it is obvious that instructing solicitors are acting under a misunderstanding, even
though ...

Landmark Cases In The Law Of Tort

Author: Charles Mitchell
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1847315674
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Brett's broad formulation of a general principle of negligence liability was not to
find supporters for another 50 years, but his shifting of the focus of analysis of
George v Skivington is reflected in the way in which the case came to be treated.
... The list of professional men who owed duties independently of contract, with
the inclusion of chemists in the third edition of the text and 'chemists etc' in the
fourth,78 disappeared completely from the fifth edition of the work (1879), now in
the hands ...

Tolley S Professional Negligence

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It is commonplace for banks to be requested by their customers to pay monies to
third parties. Indeed, every ordinary cheque drawn on a bank in favour of a
named payee is such a request. If the bank wrongly fails to pay the cheque, it
may incur a liability to its customer, the drawer. But, I do not think it has ever been
suggested that the bank would also incur a liability to the named payee of an
ordinary cheque in the tort of negligence, even if the bank had previously told the
customer ...

Professional Negligence

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Richard Morris Professor of Accounting University of Liverpool The Modern
Cases on Negligence First Supplement to the Third Edition by Richard Bingham
and David Harris [Sweet and Maxwell, 1985. vii and 99pp. £11.50]. Bingham's
Modern Cases on Negligence is a ... Other sections, for example, those on the
duty of care and damages also contain much that will be of interest to those who
are concerned with professional liabilities. Bingham is clearly the best available
index of ...

The Canadian Abridgment Second Edition A Digest Of Reported Decisions Of All Courts Of The Common Law Provinces Of Canada Including Appeals To The Privy Council And Decisions In Federal Matters From The Courts Of Quebec

ISBN: 9780459226800
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2939. ( VII.9.d.i) Extent of risk - Liability insurance - Professional liability - General
- Collapse of building due to faulty design - Insured admitting partial
responsibility Tor collapse - Insured seeking indemnity from insurer under
general liability policy - Exclusion in respect of "claims for third party liability
assumed by the Insured under contract for construction" - Exclusion applied to
professional negligence of insured in failing to supervise construction of building.
F. assumed by contract ...

The New Law Journal

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Tort Flenley and Leech: Solicitors' Negligence Flenley and Leech: Solicitors'
Negligence focuses on the substantive law relating to solicitors' negligence and
breach of duty, including solicitors' undertakings and their liability in contract, tort
and under the law of trusts and fiduciary duties. This book ... Grubb: Medical Law
- Text with Materials Third edition "...a weighty, comprehensive and impressive
tome, drawing on tort, crime and family law in its consideration of the issues."
New Law ...

The Solicitors Journal

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The book also considers in concise but sufficient detail, the applicability of
relatively new and general law that may have an impact on the landlord and
tenant relationship, for example the Contracts (Rights of Third ... Apart from the
standard works on tort, the recent explosion of professional negligence claims
has spawned a clutch of titles, Jackson & Powell on Professional Negligence,
Professional Negligence and Liability (supervising editors Simpson & Hoffmann)
Flenley & Leech ...