Social Media Law

Author: Ursula Furi-Perry
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Social Media Law examines social and new media issues through the lens of law and policy, reflecting new case law and legislative developments.

The Social Media Handbook

Author: Nancy Flynn
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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Rules, Policies, and Best Practices to Successfully Manage Your Organization's
Social Media Presence, Posts, and Potential Nancy Flynn ... To help minimize
legal risks and maximize compliance, 30 percent of organizations in 2009
established formal policies governing texting use and content, with another 26
percent banning texting while driving, according to the 2009 Electronic Business
Communication Policies and ... Case law has not kept pace with social media

Social Media Electronic Commerce Law

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[W]ith increased use and understanding about Facebook in the community and
the adoption by more employers of social networking policies, some of these
factors may be given less weight in future cases. The claim of ignorance on the
part of an ... The employee had access to the employer's Employee Handbook
and the Employee Code of Conduct and had attended an induction at the
commencement of his employment three years earlier. Clause 7.9 of the
Employee Handbook ...

Handbook Of Research On Emerging Business Models And Managerial Strategies In The Nonprofit Sector

Author: West, Lindy Lou
Publisher: IGI Global
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The question was asked as follows: “To what extent do you agree with each of
the following statements as being a barrier (or risk) for the use of social media for
business purposes”. The questions and the ... Approximately half of the
respondents agree (agree and strongly agree) with “Legal issues that may arise
related to social media.” (50.8%); “Concerns about ... media for employees.” (62.3
%), “No strong business case to use social media because of the nature of our

Routledge Handbook On Information Technology In Government

Author: Yu-Che Chen
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1317406796
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In the majority of cases studied, the number of people responsible for social
media posts increased during an emergency. ... The limitations for using social
media as an engagement tool have generally included staffing issues, time, and
the fear of legal/liability repercussions (Bennett, 2015b). The EMAs that use
social media as an engagement tool have used the transparency of platforms as
a way of complying with the open records requirement of many government

Routledge Handbook Of International Sport Business

Author: Mark Dodds
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317486528
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There are several privacy directives to explain the right of privacy in the EU, but
none of these laws applies directly to regulating privacy in the workplace (Binder
& Mansfield, 2013). Privacy is considered a fundamental right in the EU, which
means that the rules meant to avoid state intrusion into private matters will apply
to private organizations as well. To develop a comprehensive look into what is
necessary to have a successful social media policy in the EU, existing case law
can ...

Handbook Of Social Media And The Law

Author: Laura Scaife
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1317754794
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Ellison, N., Steinfield, C. and Lampe, C., 2007, 'The benefits of Facebook “friends”
: social capital and college students' use of online social network sites', Journal of
Computer-Mediated Communication, 12(4): 1143–1168. European Commission,
factsheets/3_en.pdf. European Court of Human Rights, Research Division, 2011,
Internet: Case-law of the European Court of Human Rights. Council of Europe/
European ...

Handbook Of Research On Technology Centric Strategies For Higher Education Administration

Author: Tripathi, Purnendu
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 1522525491
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Even when no recordings occur, student use of personal technological devices in
the classroom can produce potentially problematic situations” (p. 1). There are
multiple cases that have resulted in legal arbitration because of the use of social
media. These cases range from secret video recordings made public; audio
recording instructors without prior approval; and display of questionable
comments (Becker, 2013). Whereas each social network has an established
code of conduct for ...

The Cambridge Handbook Of Surveillance Law

Author: David Gray
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 110850938X
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Elonis provided it freely and openly to the public.42 The case illustrates the
importance of social media to cyber harassment investigations. No permission or
court order is required to ... A recent study of law enforcement's use of social
media revealed that almost 80 percent of law enforcement responders planned to
use social media more in the coming year.43 Almost 70 percent felt “social media
monitoring is a valuable process in anticipating crimes.”44 It is important to
recognize the ...

The Oxford Handbook Of Law Regulation And Technology

Author: Roger Brownsword
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199680833
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employees' use of social media to air complaints about their jobs? To what extent
will government regulators use the new information technology to conduct and
speed elections and administrative proceedings? ... This precedent was short-
lived, however, as a later Board overturned Sturgis in the 2004 H.S. Care case
where the Board held that 'units of solely and jointly employed employees are
multiemployer units and are statutorily permissible only with the parties' consent' (
H.S. ...