A Compendium Of American Literature Chronologically Arranged With Biographical Sketches Of The Authors And Selections From Their Works

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About this time he became a political writer, and his Sketches of American Policy,
published in 1784; his writings in favor of the adoption of the Federal Constitution
; in defence of Washington's proclamation of neutrality, and of “Jay's Treaty,” had
great influence on public opinion, and were highly appreciated. In 1793, he
established a daily paper in New York, devoted to the support of General
Washington's administration,—a paper still published under the title of the
Commercial ...

A Is For American

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In 1785 he had published a pamphlet in Hartford, titled Sketches of American
Policy, that included an essay on a “ Plan of Policy for improving the Advantages
and perpetuating the Union of the American States," and later in life he claimed
that this essay contained “the first public proposition” urging “the establishment of
a National Constitution." At the time Webster wrote his Sketches of American
Policy, very many Americans were eag'er for a new plan of union. Since lT77 the
thirteen ...

The Forgotten Founding Father

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Just a month later, Webster dashed off his own pamphlet on the subject that he
entitled Sketches of American Policy. As Webster noted in the Courant ad of
March 8 that announced the publication of his Sketches, the fiftypage pamphlet
consisted of four “heads”: I. Theory of Government II. Governments on the Eastern
Continent III. American States; or the principles of the American Constitutions
contrasted with those of the Eastern States IV. Plan of policy for improving the
advantages ...

After The Revolution Profiles Of Early American Culture

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In his diary for January of 1785, Webster mentions that he was reading "Dr.
Price's excellent remarks on the American Revolution." In February he reminds
himself to "write politics." His Sketches of American Policy was finished on
February 25, 1785, and given to the printers on the same day. Notes, I, 124. 46.
Noah Webster, Sketches of American Policy (Hartford, 1785), 20-1. 47. Ibid., 11-
12, 13-18, 26-9. Webster's comments on the division of labor in manufacturing
countries is lifted, ...

American Sketches

Author: Walter Isaacson
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This relationship between moral concerns and national interest, kissinger argues,
is the dominant theme in American foreign policy. There are the idealists, who
believe that spreading American values should be the nation's motive force, and
the realists, who emphasize national interests, credibility, and power. kissinger is
unabashedly in the realist camp. kissinger casts Nixon as a realist, the first in the
white House since Theodore roosevelt. To support this contention, he quotes
from ...

The Creation Of The American Republic 1776 1787

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“The community, however represented, ought to remain the supreme authority
and ultimate judicature.” In the people alone “that plenary power rests and abides
which all agree should rest somewhere.” To someone steeped in British legal
thought this explicit reten62. Ibid., 75, 78, 80, 76, 75, 79, 75, 76. 63. Ibid., 209.
Compare Webster's thinking in 1787–88 with his earlier views expressed in his
Sketches of American Policy (Hartford, 1785), esp. 6. Webster, even as the
Sketches was ...

The Chronology Of American Literature

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Sexual Perversity in Chicago, 594, 602 Sexual Politics, 559, 586, 592, 605
Sexual/Textual Politics: Feminist Literary Theory, 660 Sexus, 483 Shadow and
Act, 556 Shadow Between His Shoulder Blades, 290 Shadow Box, The, 615
Shadow Man, The .... David Crockett, 151 Sketches of American Character, 142
Sketches of American Orators, 123 Sketches of American Policy, 85 Sketches of
History, Life and Manners in the United States, by a Traveller, 137 Sketches of
Married Life, 163 ...