Transitional Settlement

Author: Tom Corsellis
Publisher: Oxfam
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UNDRO (1982) Shelter After Disaster, Guidelines for Assistance, principal
consultant I. Davis, UNDRO, New York Although out of print, this book is
available for free download from the website of UN/OCH A Online. Analysing
shelter issues from the perspective of the survivor, rather than through the
traditional perspective of donors and other assisting groups, Shelter After
Disaster provides policy and programme guidelines on emergency shelter and
post-disaster housing. It aims to ...

Architecture In Motion

Author: Robert Kronenburg
Publisher: Routledge
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In 1982, the United Nations Disaster Relief Coordinator (UNDRO) published the
influential report Shelter After Disaster in which it summarised current practice
and areas for improvement in the field. Though it was positive about
improvements in the areas of medicine, health and nutrition response, it reported
that 'there remains one particular sector in which too little progress has been
made, and in which many conservative and obsolescent attitudes survive, that is:
emergency shelter, ...

Humanitarian Architecture

Author: Esther Charlesworth
Publisher: Routledge
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This book documents and analyses the expanding role for architects in designing projects for communities after the event of a natural disaster.

Living In Shelters

Author: Bobbie Kalman
Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company
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Meeting basic needs Many people do not realize how difficult it is to meet
people's basic needs after a disaster. Supplying shelter clients with food and
water may require effort from people all over the country After disasters, the water
supply in a community sometimes becomes contaminated. When water is unfit to
drink, relief agencies must not only find food for hundreds or thousands of people
, they also need to bring water quickly. Food and water are transported in trucks
or by train.

Reconstruction After Disaster

Author: Adenrele A. Awotona
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15th Session of the Commission on Human Settlements. Unpublished draft
theme paper. UNDRO. (1982a). Disaster prevention and mitigation: a
compendium of current knowledge, Vol. 8, UN: New York. UNDRO. (1982b).
Shelter After Disaster: Guidelines for Assistance, UNDRO: New York. UNDRO. (
1991a). 'Editorial.' UNDRO News, Sept/Oct. UNDRO. (1991b). Mitigating Natural
Disaster: Phenomena, Effects and Options. A Manual for Policy Makers and
Planners, UNCHS: Geneva.


Author: Mateo Kries
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Office of the United Nations Disaster Relief Coordinator, Geneva Shelter after
Disaster. Guidelines for Assistance UNITED NATIONS, NEW YORK I982 General
Conclusions The most significant finding of this study is that the emergency
shelter problem in developing countries is fundamentally different from that in
industrialized societies, for in the third world the question of emergency shelter
cannot be dissociated from the prevailing housing problem as a whole. (...) The
process of ...

The Disaster Survival Bible

Author: Junius Podrug
Publisher: Forge Books
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However, local officials are unlikely to recommend the public shelter in a sealed
room for more than two to three hours because the effectiveness of such
sheltering diminishes with time as the contaminated outside air gradually seeps
into the shelter. At this point, evacuation from the area is the better protective
action to take. Also, you should ventilate the shelter when the emergency has
passed to avoid breathing contaminated air still inside the shelter. After a
Hazardous Materials ...