Separate Peoples One Land

Author: Cynthia Cumfer
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 1469606593
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Exploring the mental worlds of the major groups interacting in a borderland setting, Cynthia Cumfer offers a broad, multiracial intellectual and cultural history of the Tennessee frontier in the Revolutionary and early national periods, ...

Two Peoples One Land

Author: Daniel Judah Elazar
Publisher: Univ Pr of Amer
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In this volume, edited by renowned scholar Daniel J. Elazar, eleven separate options are presented and extensively explored, and a path is suggested for bringing peace to Israel and the Middle East.

Life As It Is Or Matters And Things In General

Author: John Will M. Breazeale
Publisher: Univ. of Tennessee Press
ISBN: 1572334770
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... a Part of North Carolina, from 1788 to 1790; the Territory of the U. States, South
of the Ohio, from 1790 to 1796; the State of Tennessee, from 1796 to 1800 (
Charleston: Walker &James, 1853). 2. Cynthia Cumfer, Separate Peoples, One
Land: The Minds of Chero- kees, Blacks, and Whites on the Tennessee Frontier (
Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2007), 64–75. In addition to
Cumfer's monograph, important modern histories of early Tennessee include
John R. Finger, ...

The Southern Historian

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Separate Peoples, One Land: The Minds of Cherokees, Blacks, and Whites on
the Tennessee Frontier. By Cynthia Cumfer. (Chapel Hill: University of North
Carolina Press, 2007. Pp. xii,324. Cloth $59.95, Paper $22.50) In Separate
Peoples, One Land, Cynthia Cumfer examines Cherokees, white settlers, and
African Americans on the Tennessee frontier from 1768 to 1810. In this
intellectual history, each group underwent an ideological transformation that
resulted from attempts to ...

From The Rivers Of Babylon To The Highlands Of Judah

Author: Sara Japhet
Publisher: Eisenbrauns
ISBN: 157506121X
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Within this conceptual framework the relationship of the people to their land holds
a significant place. Contrary to modern sociological thinking, in which “land” is
but one of several elements in the definition of a “people,” in biblical thought the
concept of “land” plays a considerable role in the people's self-understanding
and relationship with their God. In order to fully understand the concepts of “
people” and “land,” these cannot be treated entirely separate one from the other;
at the ...

Human Rights Of Indigenous Peoples Comparative Analysis Of Indigenous Peoples

Publisher: Gyan Publishing House
ISBN: 9788182052765
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Indigenous peoples have explained that, because of the profound relationship
that indigenous peoples have to their lands, territories and resources, there is a
need for a different conceptual framework to understand this relationship and a
need for recognition of the cultural differences that exist. Indigenous peoples
have urged the world community to attach positive value to this distinct
relationship. It is difficult to separate one indigenous concept from another. The
relationship with the ...

America Magica 2nd Edition

Author: Jorge Magasich-Airola
Publisher: Anthem Press
ISBN: 1843312921
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Paradoxically, Europeans were both amazed by what they saw, and determined
to apply preconceived notions about the peoples and lands that must lie on the
opposite shores of the Ocean Sea. One reason for this was the assumption in the
mind of Columbus and his contemporaries that what he had discovered was a
series of islands off the shore of Asia or 'India', islands indicated in the travel
narrative of Marco Polo two hundred years earlier. Even Amerigo Vespucci's
insistence ...

Proceedings And Debates Convention Revise The Constitution Of The Satte Of Michigan

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I understood that the Secretary of the Treasury was unwilling that the State
should lay its hands upon any lands in the upper peninsula. Mr. HANSCOM said
he thought the value was uncertain— that it ... I think that gentleman must seethe
clanger of separate legislation. As one people, one organization, its claims will
be stronger upon us, and there must be very many demands upon us from that
portion of the country. Mr. ROBERTS—I do not intend to take the proposition of
either the ...

Political Miscellanies

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A nation may be defined to be, the land comprehended within certain
geoprahical boundaries, over which one government presides ; whether
indivisible, or composed of different parts, and the people inhabiting the land
within those boundaries. The term “nation” comprehends as well the lands, as the
inhabitants thereupon, within the prescribed limits of the government. Indeed, in
speaking of a “nation,” it is impossible, in our conceptions, to separate the land
from the people, or the ...

Report Of The Mildmay Park Conference

Author: Mildmay conference
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You have one nation, one land, and one book — one people, one land, one book
— standing out separate from all other nations, all other peoples, and all other
books, just as God has given us one day in every seven, and called it the Lord's-
day, though it is the same as the other days as to the relative amount of light and
darkness. ... They had a particular land, like ourselves ; but He has called it " My
land — the Lord's land — Emmanuel's land — which shall not be sold for ever.