Selected Works Of Paul J Flory Volume I

Publisher: Stanford University Press
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Contents VOLUME I Autobiographical Note 1 Honors and Awards 4 The Nobel
Prize Lecture, 1974 5 Part 1. Polymerization 31 Part 2. Frictional Properties 245
Part 3. Thermodynamics of Polymer Solutions 409 VOLUME II Part 4. Chain
Configuration and Dependent Properties 719 VOLUME III Part 5. Rubberlike
Elasticity 1679 Part 6. Crystallization 1963 Part 7. Liquid Crystals 2267 Part 8.
Miscellaneous Papers 2475 The Publications of Paul J. Flory 2621 Selected
Works of Paul J.

The American Synthetic Rubber Research Program

Author: Peter John Turnbull Morris
Publisher: Chemical Heritage Foundation
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"Paul John Flory" in Morris, Polymer Pioneers, 70-73. Also see Walter H.
Stockmayer, "The 1974 Nobel Prize for Chemistry," Science 186 (1974), 724-726;
and the "Autobiographical Note" at the beginning of Leo Mandelkern, James E.
Mark, Ulrich W. Suter, and Do Y. Yoon, Selected Works of Paul J. Flory, volume 1
(Stanford, California, 1985). 51. Private communication from Leo Mandelkern, 11
August 1987. 52. P. J. Flory and T. G. Fox, Jr., Journal of the American Chemical
Society ...

Polymer Pioneers

Author: Peter John Turnbull Morris
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Vol. I: Macromolecular Science: Retrospect and Prospect. New York: Plenum
Press, 1978. . "Autobiographical Note." In Leo Mandelkern. James E. Mark, Ulrich
W. Suter, and Do Y. Yoon, eds., Selected Works of Paul J. Flory, Vol. I. Stanford:
Stanford University Press, 1985. An updated version of the preceding
autobiography. . Autobiography. McGraw-Hill Modern Scientists and Engineers,
Vol. I. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1980. Herman Mark. "An Architect of Polymer
Science." Journal of ...

Paul John Flory

Author: Gary D. Patterson
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1466595779
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This book covers the span of Flory’s life, including a family history and reflections on the marks he left on the lives of various individuals within the scientific community.

Notable Twentieth Century Scientists F K

Author: Emily J. McMurray
Publisher: Gale Research International, Limited
ISBN: 9780810391833
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According to Seltzer, at Flory's memorial service in Stanford, James Economy,
chair of the American Chemical Society's division of polymer chemistry,
expressed the view that Flory was "fortunate to depart from us while still at his
peak, not having to suffer the vicissitudes of ... Selected Works of Paul J. Flory (
three volumes), Stanford University Press, 1985. ... Seltzer, Richard J., "Paul Flory
: A Giant Who Excelled in Many Roles," Chemical and Engineering News,
December 23, 1985, pp.

Nobel Laureates In Chemistry 1901 1992

Author: Laylin K. James
Publisher: Chemical Heritage Foundation
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Mandelkern, L.; Mark, J. E.; Surer, U W.; Yoon, D. Y. Selected Works of Paul J.
Flory; 3 Volumes; Stanford University Press: Stanford, CA, 1985; includes an
autobiographical sketch, Flory's Nobel lecture, and all the original papers cited in
the text. Mark, H. "An Architect of Polymer Science"; Journal of Polymer Science
1976, 54, 1-2. McMillan, F. M. The Chain Straighteners; Macmillan: New York,
1979. Morawetz, H. Polymers: The Origins and Growth of a Science; John Wiley
& Sons: ...

Electric Field Induced Structural Dynamics In Near Critical Polymer Solutions

Author: Denis Wirtz
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44 PJ. Flory, "Selected Works of Paul J. Flory", vol. I, eds L. Mandelkern, J.E. Mark
, U.W. Suter, and D.Y. Yoon, Stanford University Press, Stanford, (1985). 45 J.
Goulon, J.-L. Greffe and D.W Oxtoby, "Droplet Model for the Analysis of the
Dielectric Properties of Critical Binary Mixtures", J. Chem. Phys. 70 (10), 4741-
4750 (1979). 46 A. Onuki and I. Oppenheim, Phys. Rev. A24, 1520-1523 (1981).
47 P. Debye and K. Kleboth, "Electrical Field Effect on the Critical Opalescence",
J. Chem.

Current Research In The Thermo Mechanics Of Polymers In The Rubbery Glassy Range 1995

Author: American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Applied Mechanics Division
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... torsional oscillator made by using a rubber torsional spring and reported by
Kolsky and Pipkin (1980). The anomalous response in the torsional oscillator
was reproduced in Negahban (1994). REFERENCES Arlman, J. J., 1948, " On
the Degree of Crystallinity in Natural Rubber: III. Correlation Between X-Ray and
Density Measurements," Appl. Sci. Res., vol. Al, pages 347- 352. Flory, P. J.,
1985, "Selected Works of Paul J. Flory," Volume III, Part 6, Edited by L.
Mandelkern, J. E. Mark, ...

Contemporary Topics In Polymer Science

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4. Flory P. J. J. Am. Chem. Sco., 1965, 87, 9. 5. Patterson, D.; Robard, A.
Macromolecules, 1978, 11, 690. 6. Trask, C. A.; Roland, C. M. Polymer Comm.,
1988, 29, 332. 7. Chahal, S. R. ; Kao, W. P.; Patterson, D. Faraday Trans. , 1973,
1, 1834. 8. Trask, C. A.; Roland, C. M. Macromolecules, in press. - Roland, C.M.;
Trask, C. A. Polymer Bull . , in press. 10. 'Selected Works of Paul J. Flory' (Eds. L.
Mandelkern, J. E. Mark, U. W. Suter, and D. Y. Yoon), Vol. I, Stanford Press, 1985,
p.409. 11.