Third Euforgen Meeting On Social Broadleaves

Author: Simone Borelli
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Forest trees, conservation theory and methods. Pp. 71-78 in Genetic resources in
farm animals and plants. TemaNord 603. Nordic Council of Ministers,
Copenhagen. FAO, 1993. Ex situ storage of seeds, pollen and in vitro cultures of
perennial ...

International Journal Of Forest Genetics

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Suszka, B., Muller, C. & Bonet-Masimbert, M.: Seeds of Forest Broadleaves from
Harvest to Sowing. INRA Editions, Paris, 1996, 294 pp., price FFR 310, ISBN 2-
7380-0659-0 G. Miiller-Starck, editor, I997: Biodiversitiit und nachhaltige ...

Quarterly Journal Of Forestry

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J.W. Seeds of Forest Broadleaves: From Harvest to Sowing by B. Susz.ka, C.
Muller and M. Bonnet-Masimbert. Translated by A. Gordon from the French. INRA
Editions, France, 1996. Pp 319, numerous tables, figures and black and white ...

Issues In Life Sciences Molecular Biology 2011 Edition

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“In forest broadleaves from the temperate zone, a large number of species exhibit
seed dormancy phenomena. Tree seeds show some of the most pronounced and
complicated forms of dormancy in the plant kingdom,” scientists in Poland ...

Forest Genetics

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SEED MANAGEMENT Suszka, B., Muller, C. & Bonet-Masimbert, ML: Seeds of
Forest Broadleaves from Harvest to Sowing. ... Jaroslav burkovid, Zvolen (
Slovakia) Publication dealing with generative propagation of broadleaves has
originated ...

The Klamath Knot

Author: David Rains Wallace
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520236592
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Cycads had flowerlike reproductive structures and ginkgoes had broad leaves
and fruitlike seed coverings. It is not hard ... eking out a humble existence
between the rivers of the Dinosaur Age and the lush conifer, cycad, and seed-
fern forests.

First Euforgen Meeting On Social Broadleaves

Author: J. Turok
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natural regeneration is supported in all forests; if seedlings are used, they should
be derived from adequate seed sources/provenances, and only adequate
species can be used. Additionally, about 135 000 ha of forests are protected
under ...

Natural Regeneration Of Broadleaves

Author: J. Evans
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All broadleaved species produce many heavy seed crops (mast years) during the
period they are reproductively mature; ... For beech the years 1911, 1921, and
1945 have passed into forest lore, for oak 1919, and even for ash, which seeds ...