Spanish Visual Phrase Book

Author: DK
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd
ISBN: 1409383717
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The perfect survival guide for everyday situations, with all the essential phrases interspersed with illustrated word lists, making it easy to learn and remember key words.

The Best Travel Writing

Author: James O'Reilly
Publisher: Travelers' Tales
ISBN: 1609520580
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And when he was diagnosed with terminal emphysema and advised that he
could buy himself six more months by moving to a lower elevation, my father
immediately chose Tucson—he wanted to go to the Mariachi Festival. I spend my
first Alamos afternoon in one of the old Mother Hubbard rocking chairs outside
my room, reading and writing in my journal. Finally around dusk I venture out to
find food. In the town square I buy a book called See It and Say It in Spanish from
a woman ...

World Understanding

Author: United Nations Association of the United States of America
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Workbooks, Recordings, Filmstrips, and Sound Motion Pictures, developed at
Harvard University by I. A. Richards; Christina Gibson and associates, can be
used in conjunction with the text, and can be purchased (Moton pictures can also
be rented), by writing to: Educational Services, 1730 Eve St., N. W. Wash. 6, D. C.
SEE IT AND SAY IT IN SPANISH, Margarita Madrigal (Signet, Third Printing,
1963). 255 pp. 50^. Ages High School and Adult. One lesson to a page, using a
basic word ...

Say It In Spanish

Author: Marianne Mitchell
Publisher: Libraries Unlimited
ISBN: 9781563084348
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This is a Spanish version of "Simon Says." It's a good way to practice vocabulary
for parts of the body. "Simon dice, ;toca la cabeza!" students touch their heads "
Simon dice, ;toca la boca!" students touch their mouths BUT... ";Toca la mano!"
calls for no action because there was no "Simon dice" at the start. The teacher
can say: "Simon no dijo, 'toca la mano'." Simon didn't say. ... Pick a student and
pin a strip of colored paper (green, for example) on his back, but don't let him see

Say Learn

Author: Luis H. Paez
Publisher: Say & Learn ® Spanish-Inglés
ISBN: 1598009478
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Espa??olFran?ºaisDeutschµùѵ£¼?¬? (By Google)Say & Learn ?« Say & Learn ?« Say & Learn ?« Two books in oneSay & Learn ?« can be considered a dual resource for students and teachers of Spanish and/or English.

Say It In Spanish

Author: Joyce Puebla
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486173852
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98. 99. 100. 101. 102. 103. 104. (Not) very well, thanks. (No) muy bien, gracias. (
noh) mwee bee-EHN, GRAH-see-ahs. Please sit down. Por favor siéntese. pohr
fah-BOHR see-EHN-teh-seh. I had a wonderful time. Me he divertido mucho. meh
eh dee-behr-TEE-doh MOO-cho. I hope to see you again (soon). Espero verle
otra vez (pronto). ehs-PEH-roh BEHR-leh OH-trah behs (PROHN-toh). Come to
see me (to see us). Venga a verme (vernos). BEHN-gah ah BEHR-meh (BEHR-

Paperbound Books In Print

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75c Dov Say It in Polish. Victor Raysman . 75C Dov Say It in Portuguese . M . M .
Mlckle & F . da Costa . 75C Dov Say It In Russian . N . C . Stepanoff . 754 Dov
Say It In Spanish. Leon Cohen & A. C. Rogers . 604 Dov Say It in Swedish . Ake &
Birgit Leander. 75e Dov Say It In Turkish. Jeanne Miles Blackburn & Refah Seniz.
75$ Dov Say It in Yiddish . Uriel & Beatrice Welnreich . 75c Dov Second
Workbook of Spanish. Richards, Metcalf & Gibson. (Orig.) 45c W33-WSP See It
and Say It in ...

Options For The Teaching Of Foreign Languages Literatures And Cultures

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AGRIBUSINESS Amarillo C; Cont Ed; Amarillo, TX 79178. Clair Mayes 1-new; 2-
3x15; 3-c; 4-ng; 5-0; 6-a, special groups; 7-b; 8-b; 9-b; 10-none; 11-mechan- ics,
sound system, basic grammatical structures, special terminology, oral drills; 12- a
,b,d,f; 13-records; 14- See It and Say It in Spanish. 228. CONVERSATIONAL
SPANISH FOR RETAIL TRADE Amarillo C; Cont Ed; Amarillo, TX 79178. Clair
Mayes 1-18; ...