Fifty Years On The Mississippi Or Gould S History Of River Navigation

Author: Emerson W. Gould
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February 22, Kate Putnam, sunk near St. Louis. Raised and repaired. February
29, Paragon, sunk near Cape Girardeau. March 2, M.S. Mespham, burned at St.
Louis ; Fannie Scott, burned at St. Louis ; Kate Kinney, partially burned . April 18,
George D. Palmer, partially burned. December 18, George Mc Porter, sunk at St.
Louis. 1869— Match 29, Carrie V. Kountz, Gerard B. Allen, Ben Johnston, Henry
Adkins, Jennie Lewis and Fannie Scott, burned at St. Louis. Loss nearly half a ...

Palmer S Index To The Times Newspaper

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France Restrained by the Germans from issubs a Manifesto, 6/ 9 a at
Wilhhelmshohe, 10/ 10/ Enfield Rifles in the French Army, 24/ " 1 English Ships
Sunk by the Germans. S> English Erbswurst Manufactory at Berlin, extensive
Frauds at, 16/ 10 c — — Escape of Interned French Officers and recapture, 7/ 10
c Evacuation of the Forts, &e., MiBtary Convention concerning, 16 m o d Evreux,
the Mayor of, held responsible for s Libel, 18/ 10/ Execution of a French Prisoner
for Insubordination ...

History Of Saint Louis City And County

Author: John Thomas Scharf
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Damage $5000 ; insured. April IS, 11 George D. Palmer" (stern-wheeler), partially
burned at St. Louis Levee. Damage $5000 ; insured at Cincinnati. Dec. 18, "
George MePorter," sunk in St. Louis harbor; total loss. 1869. March 29, "Carrie V.
Kounti," "Gerard B. Allen," "Ben Johnson," "Henry Adkins," "Jennie Lewis," and "
Fannie Scott" burned at St. Louis,- loss nearly $500,000. Oct. 28, steamer "
Stonewall" burned, and a largo number of lives lost. 1870. Jan. 19, steamer "Lady
Gay," one ...

History Of United States Naval Operations In World War Ii The Liberation Of The Philippines

Author: Samuel Eliot Morison
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Sunk in this operation. 1 For stories of most of these attacks, see Chaps. IV, V and
VI. ' Hovey and Palmer have been included although the one was sunk by an
aerial torpedo and the other by two bombs. Darden, Capt. T. F., 246 DASHIELL,
24, 141 Davao, town. Extent of Casualties V Time Type Ship Damage Killed
Wounded 3 0728 AO COWANESQUE Minor * i 3 1712 CVE * OMMANEY BAY
Sunk 93 «5 5 1651 DD HELM Minor o 6 5 1706 CA LOUISVILLE (l) Moderate 1
59 5 1735 ...

History Of United States Naval Operations In World War Ii

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APPENDIX IV Ships Hit or Near-missed, and Casualties Inflicted, by Kamikaze
Attacks in Lin gay en Operation1 January 1945 ^•PPPWPPPPiPPP! Index Index
Names of Combatant Ships in small capitals. * Sunk in this operation. 1 For
stories of most of these attacks, see Chaps. IV, V. and VI. .2 Hovey and Palmer
have been included although the one was sunk by an aerial torpedo and the
other by two bombs. X, 241; XI, 187, 193, 198-9; XIV, 94-6, 117, 125,. Extent of
Casualties ' Day ...

Alice Freeman Palmer

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As the years have gone on, these various aspects of her life, to which such
beautiful tribute has here been paid by those who were associated with her in
various relations, have sunk into insignificance beside two which have seemed to
me to stand out more and more as those qualities which separated Mrs. Palmer,
in a way, from every other woman it has ever been my privilege to know. And one
was, her power of living continually under the spell of great ideals. When life
pressed ...

The Wireless Age

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THE WASHINGTONIAN SUNK A rude awakening out of a sound sleep; a cry of "
all men to the life-boats ! a hurried scramble for place in the craft; then a three
miles' pull scantily clad through the chill early morning darkness in a tumbling
world ... of the experience of Albert H. Randow, Marconi wireless operator on the
Washing- tonian of the American Hawaiian Steamship Company, when she
came into collision with the five-masted schooner Elizabeth Palmer off Delaware

Adam And Cain

Author: William Henry Murray
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was sunk from a bomb within. It was strange that there was not a marine nor an
officer on the ship when it was sunk in Havana Harbor. Then they began to cry for
war. Spain denied that she sank the Maine. It was the duty upon that denial to ...
After the war was over the ship was raised and it was disclosed it was sunk by a
bomb within. ... just as Palmer, the Newspaper man, stated, what he hated most
about war was "no one is allowed to tell the truth, and no one hears the truth.

The Farmer Of Inglewood Forest

Author: Elizabeth Helme
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brother, little Agnes, you iYiadam, nor my Anna, my heart sunk in nly bosom, and
I was more ready to cry than to eat : then, as I slept in the same room -with my
father, hi the night he would sigK bitterly, when he thought I was asleep. ...
answered Mrs. Palmer. ' They rather surprised than amused me, except the
theatres,' replied Reuben ; ' for example, one morning, after pushing through
numberless crowds and narrow dirty streets, M'e came at once to that magnificent
building called St.