Saving Desire

Author: F. LeRon Shults
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
ISBN: 0802866263
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Grounding their work firmly in the experiential realm of human life, the eight eminent theologians contributing to this volume celebrate together the positivity, the sociality, and the physicality of saving desire that is, humankind s ...

Saving Beauty A Memoir Of Love Desire And Multiple Sclerosis

Author: Harvey A. Kaplan
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
ISBN: 1608605728
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This worked for a while, but then the dragon attacked again. The poor people had
to give up what they thought would rid the animal from their town: a virgin
princess. They sought help and it was George who slew the dragon with the
lance he had in his hand while charging with his huge steed. Because of this
heroic deed, other Christian Knights sought out to save damsels in distress from
dragons, and that is how dragons eventually got slaughtered and became just a
myth. My hope is ...

Killing And Saving

Author: John P. Reeder
Publisher: Penn State Press
ISBN: 0271024887
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desires of the same individual for an entity that does not have the capability to
desire to continue to exist, and thus for continued existence to be in that entity's
interest, the entity must conceive or have the capability of conceiving of itself as a
continuing self. 9. The unborn and the newborn do not conceive or have the
capability of conceiving of themselves as continuing selves (subjects of
experiences), and hence it cannot be said that they have an interest in continued
existence. 10.

Body Of Christ Incarnate For You

Author: Adam Pryor
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 1498522696
Size: 63.66 MB
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See, for instance, her essays “Paradise and Desire: Deconstructing the Eros of
Suffering,” in Saving Desire: The Seduction of Christian Theology, ed. F. LeRon
Shults and Jan-Olav Henriksen (Grand Rapids, MI: Wm. B. Eerdmans, 2011), 55–
72; and Rita Nakashima Brock and Rebecca Ann Parker, “Plundering Paradise,”
Union Seminary Quarterly Review 59, no. 1–2 (2005): 40–62. 50. Brock,
Journeys by Heart, 63. 51. Brock, Journeys by Heart, 68. 52. Wendy Farley, The
Wounding ...

Saving Behavior And The Asset Price Bubble In Japan Analytical Studies

Author: Ulrich Baumgartner
Publisher: International Monetary Fund
ISBN: 9781557754622
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... household behavior, views saving as being motivated by the desire of
households to smooth lifetime consumption in the face of uneven income flows.
The saving rate of the workingage population is positive, whereas that of the
retired population is negative. An increase in the ratio of the retired population to
the working-age population thus lowers the aggregate saving rate. The second
view follows from evidence suggesting that the saving rate of the elderly is not
significantly lower ...

A Text Book Of I S C Economics Vol Ii

Publisher: Pitambar Publishing
ISBN: 9788120913950
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However, it should be remembere,d that most of these harmful effects of taxation
could be neutralised bv the favourable effects of public expenditure (which is
financed by t,axes) on ability to work, save and invest. 2. Effect of taxation on
desire to work, save and invest : Taxation affects production by influencing the
desire, to work, save and invest in the following ways : (a) Direct taxes particularly
income tax, discourage people from working hard. Since the income, which the
taxpayer ...

God S Will And God S Desire

Author: Jamie Dech
Publisher: PublishAmerica
ISBN: 1462615678
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sense of 1 Timothy 2:4 and 2 Peter 3:9 (as well as other passages) regarding the
passion of God's heart to seek and save the lost. His passion is that He desires to
save all of them. Some theologians have explained this problem as a paradox—
two ideas that appear to be contradictory, and yet must both be true. In this case,
some passages say, "Whosoever will may come," while others say, "No one can
come unless God chooses them." Some passages seem to indicate that God ...

Saving Faith

Author: Israel Chamberlayne
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If the One Condition implies the above mental state, then does it, according to this
authority, plainly imply saving faith. But it does the one; therefore it does the other
. The fervid Saurin, as if intending a descrip tion of the faith in question in the very
terms by which the General Rules prescribe the One Condition, after speaking of
a desire which unbelievers have to share the ultimate benefits of Christ's
redemption, says: “There is also another kind of desire to share the benefits of the
death ...

Hartford Puritanism

Author: Baird Tipson
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190266341
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Only then would he turn desperately to God's promise of eternal life for anyone
who trusted that promise. When that trust finally did arise, it was Perkins's “weak
faith.” The texts of Hooker's sermons seldom contain explicit references to his
theological forebears, but when he came to speak of the beginnings of faith, he
not only incorporated Perkins's notion of “weak faith” but even mentioned Perkins
by name: “There is a saving desire, by which God brings in and breeds faith in
the soule, ...

Who Am I

Author: Steven Reiss
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781101218471
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Spender “Not getting it” may occur between savers and spenders, who
experience the basic desire of saving at very different intensities.
Misunderstanding occurs because savers and spenders view themselves
differently from how they view each other. Savers think of themselves as frugal,
but spenders criticize them as being tightwads. In contrast, spenders think of
themselves as being deserving of good things, but savers criticize them as
irresponsible and wasteful. Selfhugging ...