Sacred Serenity

Author: Audrey Carlan
Publisher: Waterhouse Press
ISBN: 1943893659
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You can't help but be captivated." –Meghan Quinn, Bestselling Author "Ms. Carlan looks at all this and more, mixing the story in with gorgeous scenes of passion, angst, need—and yes, her trademark mix of humor and heart!—making this ...

The Sunday Magazine

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The sacred serenity, that comes of God's presence felt in mountain solitudes, may
well have been in the mind of the nameless poet of the Book of Job when he
wrote : " He makcth peace in his high places." As spiritual moods are reflected on
physical scenes, so these again become symbols and figures of spiritual moods.
A lofty soul, that dwells apart even when mingling in dearest charity with men, is
like the mountain with its head encircled by the heavens, while populous valleys

Thorndale Or The Conflict Of Opinions

Author: William Smith
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N 0 wonder that they cannot bear it—that it crushes them to the earth. I am glad to
regain my own retreat—this elevated and beautiful sanctuary of mine. How still it
is! what a sacred serenity l I can understand how ecstatic visions and mysterious
voices may visit the lonely imagination. A very little more, and I too could hear the
whisper of some spirit in the air, whispering to me my own thoughts. It is in such a
calm as this that the voice of the angel becomes audible. This calm, that seems ...

The Fruits Of The Spirit

Author: John Thornton
Size: 61.35 MB
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I. I shall show wherein spiritual peace consists. It includes that sweet and sacred
serenity in the conscience, ON srmrTu.u. rmoz. 95 On Spiritual Peace.

Sunshine And Shadows Or Sketches Of Thought Philosophic And Religious

Author: William Benton Clulow
Size: 30.10 MB
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Imbue us with the meekness and patience, the gentleness and forbearance of
Christ ; and diffuse a sacred serenity through our hearts, that, drawing near to
thee in spirit under the pressure of outward things, we may drink of those streams
of refreshment and solace which thou providest for thy children in the sultry and
often rugged path of life ; that so they may be sustained under trials, and
animated in the performance of duty, and enabled to anticipate the
consummation of their ...

World Religions

Author: Thomas Arthur Robinson
Publisher: Hymns Ancient and Modern Ltd
ISBN: 9780334040149
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The sense of sacred serenity illustrated by these religious examples contrasts
with the equally prevalent perception of Tokyo's pulsing modern technology. Both
extremes reinforce ideas, within Japan and from abroad, of Japanese
distinctiveness. However, cultural influxes from the Chinese mainland and
Korean peninsula have significantly influenced Japanese religion and culture.
The two major religious traditions from the beginning of Japan's historical period
in the sixth century ...

Memoir Of The

Author: Henry MARTYN
Size: 39.89 MB
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The first Sabbath morning I have had to myself this long time, and I spent it with
comfort and profit. Read Isaiah chiefly, and hymns, which, as usual, brought to my
remembrance the children of God in all parts of the earth ; remembered,
especially, dear * * *, as he desired me, on this his birth-day." The day following
this happy, though solitary, Sabbath, formed a contrast to its peaceful and sacred
serenity — being the day of Mr. Martyn's first public controversy with the

Asian Style Hotels

Author: Kim Inglis
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 1462909078
Size: 78.27 MB
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... is of sequestered ease. Thoughtful touches include a yoga mat and meditation
chair as well as excellent reading lights bed side. As befits both location and the
hotel's aesthetic, artworks by young Thai talent Natee Utant feature various
interpretations of the lotus. The lotus is revered in Buddhist Thailand as a symbol
of purity: here Utarit's compositions imbue both private and public spaces with a
special, one may even say sacred, serenity. There's no doubt that brand-zealous
guests ...


Author: Shiela Scott
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 149316158X
Size: 76.28 MB
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Shiela Scott. Sacred Serenity genesis gazing into the sky, starlight, harvest moon,
walking on.

Enjoying The Diamond Light Body

Author: Jayne Mason
ISBN: 1312429739
Size: 31.19 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Breathe In the Serenity & Shine the Diamond Light of Creative Consciousness in
Joyous Harmony Let Go of all thoughts to be present with Infinite Free Attention
Be Infinitely Free Now Close your eyes and sit relaxed with your back straight ...
of Our Creative Potential Being At One With Infinite Free Attention - Infinite silent
space for Originating Joyous Creative thoughts – sacred sounds in Serenity
Allow the Infinite free attention to form creative thoughts as the sacred sound of
life, of you ...