Rock With Wings

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Amazon Best Mystery of 2015 Navajo Tribal cops Jim Chee and Bernadette Manuelito, and their mentor, the legendary Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn, investigate two perplexing cases in this exciting Southwestern mystery from the New York Times ...

The Lore Of New Mexico

Author: Marta Weigle
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After all these things had happened, he found himself high on a ledge with no
way to get down. Bat Woman appeared, carried him down, and was rewarded
with a basket of down feathers that subsequently became birds.6 Shiprock was
called Needles before 1848. The Place Names Project sponsored by the New
Mexico Folklore Society, 1948- 195 1, yielded three contemporary "folk myths"
associated with the "majestic rock called by the Navajos tse bida hi, 'rock with
wings' .

Monster Slayer

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near Chaco Canyon, with the help of Talking God, the Navajo were able to defeat
the evil gambler Nohoilpi, who made slaves of men and women. Of all of these
sacred sites in the Farmington area, none became more significant or sacred
than Shiprock to the west, or as it was known to the Navajos — Tse'Bit'Ai (Rock
with Wings). Towering to 7,178 feet above sea level, a full 1,500 feet above the
plain, the "Rock with Wings" appears as some Gothic cathedral turned to stone —
a ...

Stars On The Earth

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A third example with a different nuance is Shiprock in northwestern New Mexico.
An 1,800-foot soaring volcanic neck or plug that has been likened to a galleon or
fully-rigged schooner, Shiprock is known as Tse Bi Dahi, “the Rock with Wings
by the Navajo, or Be Bit a'i, “Winged Rock” or “Wings of Rock.” It's also called the
Pinnacle or Needle and resides on the Navajo Reservation. Shiprock is visible
for many miles from every direction in the high plains country, and the Navajo say
it ...

Bells With Wings

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Rock. Fun. I went on a mission To find a rock— A rock with a chair That had a
stair. I found the rock That had a step, A rock of a chair With a step of a stair, Sat
only a step out there. Stay Alert It was almost dusk When a pack of. 90 / Eileen
Blakeman Rock Fun.

The Great Sports Documentaries

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Director: Rick Derby; Running Time: 113 minutes; U.S. In northwestern New
Mexico, near the famous Four Corners area, stands a rock formation protruding
up more than 1,500 feet from the flat landscape. White settlers named it Shiprock
due to its resemblance to a ship's mast and sail, but the Navajo who inhabit the
area call it Tsé Bit'a'í, meaning “rock with wings.” Within this portion of the Navajo
Nation, nearly 40 percent of the population currently lives below the poverty
threshold, ...

Something To Do With Wings

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We would go off together up into the hills at some of our camping sites, choose a
comfortable spot with a view, settle in and just talk about life in general. From our
perch we were able to look down and see the others moving about. Towards the
end of the journey we stopped to wade in the Imnaha River where it joined the
Snake River, and there Tim found a large, smooth lava like rock, which I later saw
and admired for its amazing beauty—its multi ringed colors, smooth texture,
shape, ...

Aesthetics And The Environment

Author: Allen Carlson
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On the one hand, this landscape feature is referred to in a number of different
aesthetically relevant ways. It is described in formal and ordinary terms as "a
towering black spire of basalt," it is characterized in scientific terminology as the
remains of "molten lava in the throat of an immense cinder cone," and it is alluded
to in one of its Navajo mythological guises as "the Rock with Wings." On the other
hand, it is also characterized in imaginative ways similar to those discussed
previously, ...

Fire On The Plateau

Author: Charles F. Wilkinson
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"Shiprock," an Anglo name, is in one sense accurate, as the monument's graceful
reach does evoke a ship's sails. It goes without saying, though, that the term is
imported, since sailing ships have hardly been the transportation of choice on the
Colorado Plateau. The original Navajo name, Tse Bit'a'i, does even more justice
to the upsweeping and inspiring formation. It means "rock with wings." Many
other images would join it, but the Rock with Wings became the first natural
structure ...

Explorer S Guide New Mexico Second Edition Explorer S Complete

Author: Sharon Niederman
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NATURAL WONDERS Four Corners Monument (928-871-6647; www ., 30 miles northwest of Shiprock off US 64 and US 160.
Open daily Oct.–May 7–5, June–Sept. 7 AM –7 PM . Erected in 1912, the Four ...
10 miles southwest of Shiprock off US 491. This signature western landmark, a
mass of igneous rock flanked by walls of solidified lava, was given its apt name
by early area settlers. Known to the Navajo as “rock with wings,” this volcanic
rock formation ...