River Of Blood

Author: William W. Johnstone
Publisher: Pinnacle
ISBN: 0786036044
Size: 63.62 MB
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... with J. A. Johnstone The Mountain Man Preacher: The First Mountain Man Matt
Jensen, the Last Mountain Man Luke Jensen, Bounty Hunter Those Jensen Boys!
The Family Jensen MacCallister Flintlock The Brothers O'Brien The Kerrigans: A
Texas Dynasty Sixkiller, U.S. Marshal Hell's Half Acre Texas John Slaughter Will
Tanner, U.S. Deputy Marshal Eagles The Frontiersman AVAILABLE FROM
PINNACLE BOOKS The Frontiersman River of Blood William W. Johnstone with J

The Frontiersman

Author: William W. Johnstone
Publisher: Pinnacle
ISBN: 0786036028
Size: 57.68 MB
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William W. Johnstone, J.A. Johnstone. America's most popular Western novelists,
WILLIAM W. JOHNSTONE AND J. A. JOHNSTONE, continue their bold new
series featuring Breckenridge Wallace, a big, strong, fierce kid fighting for a home
in the towering Rocky Mountains . . . Keep reading for an excerpt of THE
FRONTIERSMAN River of Blood Click here to get your copy. Chapter One
Breckinridge Wallace.

A Line In The Sand River Of Blood

Author: Richard Brighton
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781456752224
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Nevertheless, this spectacle would allow the frontiersman, who was going from
location to location, to make some money. When the frontiersman would be
recognized, he would simply use the excuse, “Oh that was my cousin. We look
alike,” or they would use other excuses with such a certainty that they would be
believed. Regardless of their suspicions, the party representatives would list their
names and use that list for a future return on their investment; and the
frontiersman would ...

Finn Burnett Frontiersman

Author: Robert Beebe David
Publisher: Stackpole Books
ISBN: 9780811724838
Size: 50.86 MB
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Horseshoe station: 48, 57, 71, 218, 219 Horse thieves: 23, 26, 225 Howitzer: 48,
52, 57, 71, 83, 85, 157- 158; tee also Powder river IDAHO: 314, 315 Illinois
soldiers: 17 Independence (Mo.) ... Anton: 62 Lajeunesse, Nick: 62 Lander: 304,
322; location of, 130, 255; see aim Popo Agie river; Camp Brown Lander county:
290-291 Lander road: 365 Lane, George: 345, 348-350 LaPrele creek: 216
Laramie: 223 Laramie Peak: 40 Laramie river; 67, 219 Larimer, Mrs: 35-36
Lawrence (Kan.) ...

Frontiersmen In Blue

Author: Robert Marshall Utley
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 9780803295506
Size: 60.55 MB
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controversy, 12, 19, 120, 128; boundary survey, 122; Sumner campaign in, 122-
25; and Plains war of 1864, 285 passim Kansas River (Kans.), 67 Kansas
Volunteers, 282, 289; in Plains war of 1865, 312, 318-22, 324-32; see also
specific regiments Karok ... 136-38 Leavenworth, Agent Jesse H., 311-15, 337
Leavenworth, Kan., 215 Lee, Lt. Fitzhugh, 29, 126, 134 Lee, Lt. Col. Robert E., 30
, 126, 341 Left Hand, Arapaho, 291 Leg-in-the- Water, Cheyenne, 301 Limpia
Mountains (Tex.) ...

The Final Frontiersman

Author: James Campbell
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1416591214
Size: 66.84 MB
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On another bar, large trees, torn from their roots and manhandled by the river
during breakup, lay scattered among the stones and sand. Next spring, when the
river is again transformed into a wild, rushing torrent, these trees will be gone,
rolling and splashing their way to the Porcupine. Heimo creeps up the river in his
canoe, hardly making any progress against the current with his three-horse
engine. ... killed by marauding mosquitoes, that have been completely drained of

Buck Barry Texas Ranger And Frontiersman

Author: James Buckner Barry
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 9780803270138
Size: 26.53 MB
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Oak Creek, 189 Oakland Reserve, Tonkawas placed on, 1884, 165 Oau, 75
Obenchain, Alfred T., Lieutenant Colonel, Texas Frontier Regiment, death of, 144
ff., 229 Odoni, a teacher, 6 Oil, 31 O'Neil, John, fights alligator, 49 O'Neil's racket,
62 Onslow County (N. C.)> Barry visits kinsmen in, 46 Osage Indians, report
Northern Comanches above Canadian River, 150 Otter Creek, 150 Oxen, 73, 97,
90 ) hauling with, from Houston and Galveston, 75 ) used to pull road drag, 80
Pack ...

The Frontiersman S Daughter

Author: Laura Frantz
Publisher: Revell
ISBN: 9781441204547
Size: 13.92 MB
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She found Asa Forbes in the process of reloading, and she boldly stepped into
his position, her eyes sweeping Hackberry ridge and then the river. Asa swore
under his breath as ... She saw plainly the canoes that lined the beloved banks of
the river, the painted, near-naked men who'd brought them there crouching low in
the thick brush just out of rifle range. But the ridge? At first glance ... one, he was
unconscious. She sighed with relief though blood 157 The Frontiersman's

The Frontiersmen

Author: Allen W. Eckert
Publisher: Jesse Stuart Foundation
ISBN: 1931672814
Size: 60.71 MB
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Eighteen years ago, when he was just fifteen, his entire family had been captured
by the French-led Indians who seized and burned Fort Granville on the Juniata
River of Pennsylvania near its junction with the Susque-hanna. His stepfather,
John Turner, had been tortured ... What it meant, he explained, was that their
blood became one and they were brothers and would vow to forever help and
protect one another at all times, regardless of risk. There weren't many people a
man could ...

Franciscan Frontiersmen

Author: Robert A. Kittle
Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press
ISBN: 0806158395
Size: 10.79 MB
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Most were hunter-gatherers who moved their villages from place to place in
pursuit of the seasonal food supply.17 But tribes along the Colorado River, the
New River, and the Alamo River planted crops that were irrigated by annual
floodwaters. In contrast to the docile ... “At the first shot he darted into my hut,
spouting so much blood at the mouth and from his temples that I had hardly time
to absolve him and help him to meet his end,” Serra wrote in a letter to a
colleague in Mexico City.