Rethinking Water Management

Author: Caroline Figueres
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113655825X
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The 'eternal tomorrow' is based on a belief in the superiority of current ideas over
older ones, and the ability of today's newer approaches, such as innovative
technology and free trade, to improve efficiency, productivity and our lives. This
view assumes that to retain ... Socially, many activists worry that, due to growing
economic interdependence, social issues will become subordinate to economic
ones and that the market will become more important than human rights. Yet, with
some ...

Nafta S Impact On North America

Author: Sidney Weintraub
Publisher: Center for Strategic & International studies
ISBN: 9780892064519
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Mexico and the North American Free Trade Agreement: Who Will Benefit? New
York: St. Martin's Press. . 1994b. Who Will ... NAFTA and the Politics of Regional
Economic Integration in North America. Latin American Politics and Society 44,
no. 3: 141-57. Cerna, Christine M. 1997. International Law and the Protection of
Human Rights in the Inter-American System: Rethinking Sovereignty in an Age of
Regional Integration (in Spanish). In Elpapel del derecho international en
America: ...

Beyond Sovereignty

Author: Tom J. Farer
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NGOs perceived that economic integration would force Mexico to accept the rules
of the international game and to rethink its politics, its human rights practices, and
its sovereignty accordingly.39 In the aftermath of the turbulent 1988 election, the
international human rights network began to devote even more energy and
attention to Mexico. In collaboration with recently formed domestic human rights
groups, foreign NGOs such as Amnesty International and Americas Watch placed
the ...

Justice For All

Author: American Center for International Labour Solidarity
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"The Multilateral Agreement on Investment and International Labor Rights: A
Failed Connection." Cornell Journal of International Law 31 (1998): 683. "Works
in Progress: Constructing a Social Dimension of Trade in the Americas." The
Social Dimension of Economic Integration. Ed. U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau
of Internatíonal Labor Affairs. Washington, D.C.: GPO, 2000. "Ensuring a Decent
Global Workplace." Washington Post Aug. 1, 2001: A17. "Free Trade, Fair Trade,
and the ...

Democratic Governance

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General Recommendation The democratic nations of the Americas are in the
process of implementing initiatives for economic integration within the framework
of the accelerated globalization of the world economy. The North American Free
Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR), the
Group of Three — Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela — (G3), the Caribbean
Community and Common Market (CARICOM), and the Andean Pact, among
other bilateral ...

World Trade

Author: Jo Marie Griesgraber
Publisher: Pluto Pr
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Focusing on the newest global financial institution, the World TradeOrganisation (WTO), this controversial book provides an apt conclusion to the Rethinking Bretton Woods series.

Literary Cultures Of Latin America A Comparative History Institutional Modes And Cultural Modalities

Author: Mario J. Valdés
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780195175417
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The other development that profoundly affected the cultural and political climate
of these years was the process of economic integration into the regional free-
trade block, the Mercosur, a process that posed a significant challenge to the
future of the country. Although the Mercosur would affect the country as a whole,
it had a particular impact on Montevideo since it was declared the administrative
headquarters of the trading block; the old Parque Hotel, where Amado Nervo had
died in ...

America History And Life

Author: Eric H. Boehm
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... human rights, the advancement of democracy, control of drug trafficking,
hemispheric security, and economic stability. The successful US-Canadian
relationship in the OAS attests to the mutual trust and respect between the
nations. Based on interviews with Canadian and American officials, other primary
sources, and secondary sources; 39 notes. B. S. Shlevin 38:409 1830's-1980's
Turbeville, Daniel E., Ill and Bradbury, Susan L. FROM FUR TRADE TO FREE

Rethinking Imperialism

Author: Ray Kiely
Publisher: Palgrave MacMillan
ISBN: 9780230201064
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Evans, T. (2001) 'If Democracy, Then Human Rights?', Third World Quarterly 22(4
), pp.623^»2. Fanon, F. ( 1 967) Black Skins, White Masks (New York: Grove).
Feenstra, R. (1998) 'Integration of Trade and Disintegration of Production in the
Global Economy', Journal of Economic Perspectives 12(4), p.31-50. Feinstein, C.
... an Empire: A New Atlantic Initiative Debate', Washington: American Enterprise
Institute for Public Policy Research, available at Fieldhouse,